Street Food Tycoon is a new, fun, innovative mobile game released by Kuyi Mobile. It is currently one of the top-rated free apps in the Apple’s app store, and if you are a fan of the mobile food industry you are going to love this.

Street Food Tycoon

The game starts off by giving you some options to get money in order to start your own street food business. You can get a loan, ask your parents for some cash, Break your piggy bank, or pawn your childhood toys to acquire the required funds. From these funds you buy the needed items to start your business (e.g., Food cart, legal permits etc.) and then, the actual game starts. As customers walk up to your cart, they provide you with their order and it’s up to you to match their order with the food you assemble.

Should you improperly prepare their order, the customer will walk away unsatisfied (hope this scenario doesn’t sound familiar to any current food truck owners). Oh yeah, when you have an unsatisfied customer they don’t pay. Over time your food supplies run out, it is up to you to replenish it (this takes time and money). To make sure the health department players aren’t forgotten, you also have to clean your cart throughout the shift.

As the game progresses various upgrades become available to purchase. You can choose to move to other cities or even downtown. You will also be able to upgrade your cart multiple times (the final upgrade is to a food truck) to serve more and better quality food (aside from corn dog and fries) such as kwek kwek and fishballs.

These upgrades allow you to expand your business and earn even more.

At this time the game only supports iOS devices, which makes it difficult to play for those of you who have Android phones.

When all is said and done, this is a very well designed and addictive game. Street Food Tycoon can be downloaded using iPhone/iPad with iOS 4.03 or higher. To download, go to the iTunes App Store.