We are continually looking for products to make the food truck operators job easier. For those of you who work with meat on a daily basis, we feel we have found a tool for you. Bear Paws handle everything from full size hams to steaming turkeys. The Bear Paws are the easiest to use meat holders and handlers.

Grizzly Bear Paws

Even though Bear Paws are widely recognized by Pitmasters and World Champions as the best tool for pulled pork, and has passed the rigorous tests to become recommended by America’s Test Kitchen, Bear Paw has been working behind the scenes to go from good to great. They have developed an FDA approved, proprietary nylon material that is harder, denser, stronger, tougher, more heat-resistant and will stay sharper in use.

Firmly hold and lift heavy meats from the pan to the platter n- they provide a strong grip even on slippery meats. Hold cooked meats in place while carving – the handles never get hot.

Or use the bear paws to shred. Useful for Roasts, Turkey, Chicken, Beef, Meatloaf, Steaks, Ham, Pork and more. Toss and serve pasta, slaw, and salads of every variety. Shred pork shoulders and butt roast into tantalizing PULLED PORK ! …SHRED BEEF, PORK, CHICKEN WITH EASE!


Named the “Grizzly”, it comes in a sleek black color with “Bear Paws” engraved on the handle to serve as a strong grip surface. These are REALLY tough. These awesome ‘Paws work with a heat deflection temperature rating up to 400 degrees and with a new patent to boot they have exceeded every customer’s needs. With this new product targeted to the BBQ market, the brown color is being replaced by the black. So, if you have a previous version it’s time to upgrade. They also work for all kinds of stationary and mobile kitchen uses including handling turkeys, hams, roasts, large fruit and vegetables, and for tossing salads and pastas. They are a necessity in every kitchen as an extra set of hands for unique uses.

  • Natural grip
  • Stay-Cool handles
  • Super Sharp
  • Extra Strong
  • Top Shelf Dishwasher Safe

Grizzly Bear Paws are available at select BBQ shops and retail outlets as well as Amazon.com.