ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Lavu Inc., makers of POS Lavu restaurant point of sale for iPad, has developed new features and hardware bundles for mobile food truck businesses. These new features were designed specifically for the mobile food service industry, with solutions for inventory tracking, mobile payment processing, and line busting.

pos lavu-ipad-itouch“Food trucks and other mobile food service business models have unique requirements that differ from typical restaurant POS solutions,” said Camille du Fou of the Lavu Specialist sales team. “We took the time to consult with these business owners to learn about their needs, and even put together a bundled package that removes the guesswork from the POS decision-making equation.”

“The Lavu system is adapted perfectly for any food truck. We do high volume and therefore need a system we can navigate through very quickly and efficiently,” said Chef Kristin Frederick, owner of Le Camion Qui Fume food truck in Paris, France. “Lavu has cut my inventory management and accounting hours in half. I have been working in the restaurant industry for 15 years and Lavu is as good, if not better, than the big POS providers at a fraction of the price.”

POS Lavu is iOS based, with iPad point of sale terminals. Other Apple devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad mini can also be used as terminals or for line busting during busy periods. Wireless access to the cloud database enables multiple mobile and POS terminal devices to remain in sync, keeping track of sales and inventory in real-time. An internet connection is necessary for syncing, but integrated system backups are included to bridge gaps of weak internet coverage or temporary connection interruption.

Zephyr Hardware has partnered with Lavu to provide specific hardware bundles including Star printers, APG cash drawers, cables, routers, iPad enclosures, and card swipers that are needed to run a successful food truck or mobile food service. Due to the mobility factor inherent to this industry, Lavu mobile food truck hardware bundles include 3G/4G Cellular modems and routers which allow for cloud data access similar to cell phone coverage.

The Lavu system can accept cash, credit card, coupons, and loyalty promotions. Integrated Lavu marketing and management tools are accessed in the Lavu Control Panel (CP). Receipts may be printed with customized promotions, or emailed to customers who prefer paperless transactions. Compounding email lists can be accessed privately by the business and used to send promotions and notices of times and locations for future food truck service.

New features added to POS Lavu, such as the “86” menu item countdown and Passbook coupon and payment integration, are tailored to benefit the food truck industry. “86” is an industry slang term used when a menu item is no longer available. A countdown will appear on the POS Lavu order screen as a menu item’s count approaches zero, and will be grayed out when the item is no longer available.

Special routers and other networking pieces are important to the Lavu food truck iPad POS, and a reliable internet connection is needed to properly operate POS Lavu. Interested business owners are offered a free initial consultation and a POS Lavu free trial to ensure the solution is right for their needs.