Thanks to propane-powered patio heaters, fire pits, fireplaces, and fire tables, food trucks and grilling now extends well beyond Labor Day. But since it’s tough to tell how much gas is in a propane tank, the fire often goes out just when you least expect it – which, on a chilly fall night, means the outdoor fun is over.

So how can food truck owners avoid running out of propane gas on a frigid fall evening? Moscap Engineering proudly releases a new product to accurately determine liquid propane levels.

gas check moscap

The GasCheck from Moscap Engineering, is a new device that allows users to determine exactly how much gas is in a propane tank before it runs dry. To operate, the rubberized tip of the pen-sized GasCheck is simply pressed against the outer wall of the tank at a 90-degree angle. It emits a high-tech ultrasonic signal to determine the liquid levels in the tank, signaling with a red light that there is no liquid at that level or a green light to indicate liquid is present at that level.

“As people use more and more propane-fueled products on their patio, it becomes impractical to keep a spare filled tank for each one,” says Thomas Tarantin, president/CEO of Moscap Engineering. “Shaking your tank or banking on temperature based products to determine the level of gas in your tank is not a reliable way to determine your gas level. The Gas Check liquid level indicator lets you monitor the propane level of all your tanks to prevent unexpected run-outs.”

GasCheck is powered by only two watch batteries. Intrinsically safe, GasCheck can be used in conjunction with flammable gases and complies with EU EMC Directive 2004/108/EG. Its readings are consistent regardless of external temperatures or weather conditions. GasCheck, which comes in a sleek cyan blue finish, has a suggested retail price of $49.95 – half the price of similar propane-level testing products in the marketplace. GasCheck is manufactured in Germany and distributed in the USA by Moscap Engineering, an affiliate of Tarantin Industries, Inc.

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