We at Mobile Cuisine Magazine are very excited to provide our readers with new content daily, and North of the Border has helped us do that by covering a segment of the mobile food industry that extends beyond the US border. In todays installment of North of the Border, James introduces us to a new Iphone application that will provide Vancouver visitors and residents a way to find the local mobile food vendors in that area.

After seeing New York Street Food‘s iPhone app last year, I decided that I would make my very own app for Vancouver’s food cart scene.

I got on the phone told people the exciting news. “But you don’t know C+” and “I didn’t realize that you are fluent in AppDev” were common responses.

AppDev…uh, what? Anyway, Those haters weren’t going to take my dream away that easily.

Determined and excited, I opened a new window in Chrome, typed ‘how to make an iphone app’ into Google and got down to business.

Buoyed by a false sense of coding prowess (possibly brought on by a half-assed attempt at making my own level in Little Big Planet while killing time at Best Buy), I signed on at Apple as an ‘iOS Developer’ and started reading.

15 minutes later, I realized that I indeed DO NOT know ‘App Dev’.

Luckily for myself and the rest of the city, Tatlow Park Software had a similar idea and the coding skills to execute it flawlessly.

A couple of weeks ago we got a peek at some screen shots of the new app catering to Vancouver street food lovers.

Find the entire article <here>

James Tabbert is a writer, musician and co-founder of vancouverstreeteats.ca. A lover of all things street food, he worked in film and television in Toronto before making Vancouver his permanent home in 2008.