Food truck vendors are around their trucks all day long, but how often do you think to photograph them? They’re so much part of your daily lives that you often forget they are excellent subject matter for your social media and marketing photography. With their vibrant colors, dynamic shapes and endless diversity, food trucks are extremely photogenic. In this article we’ll share a few great tips for taking unique and creative food truck photos.

4 Tips To Taking Creative Food Truck Photos

Shoot From Different Perspectives

One of the characteristics of great photography is that the viewer tends to visually linger a bit longer on a really good image. If you can get your viewers to pause on your photo a bit longer than the hundreds of others that they scroll through each day, then you’ve done your job.

An effective way to get viewers to “stop” on your food truck photos is to take your pictures from unusual perspectives. So rather than always shooting from eye level at standing height, think about other angles that you could shoot from.

Find A Great Background

Another way to create visually powerful photographs of your food truck is to actually search out a good background first, and then park your truck into the scene.

Look for a very cool, abnormal, colorful or interesting background, and then frame your shot. Use symmetry, leading lines, framing, etc. to create a strong composition that draws the viewer into the image.

Shoot Your Truck In Bad Weather

Most people don’t venture out when the weather is bad. This down time is a great time to take some dramatic photos of your food truck.

Rain, fog, snow and high winds make for very dramatic scenes, and your food truck photos will stand out in the crowd because everyone else is inside staying warm. Night time can be an especially good time to shoot. On a foggy night, the light from your truck will create wonderful beams of light.

If you’re shooting in daylight, go out after the rain and capture close-up photos of water droplets on your truck. This will create wonderful abstract images and you might even capture some interesting reflections in the droplets.

Convert To Black & White

While the eye is often drawn to food trucks because of their vibrant colors, sometimes converting a color photo into black and white can improve the overall look of the image. Converting an image of your truck to black and white can provide a vintage feel.

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The Bottom Line

Food trucks are a lot of fun to photograph. And the best thing about them is that there more and more around the country. Think about the story you want to tell. Then use the most appropriate composition and photography techniques to turn your vision into an amazing image. By thinking carefully about your composition and shooting angle, you can make the most of their color, shape and intricate details.

An unlimited supply of colorful and interesting subjects is a photographer’s dream. So food trucks really are the perfect subject for your photography.

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