Learn How To Start A Food Truck Business

Learn the ins and outs of how to start a business in the fastest growing sector of the mobile food industry. From concept development to creating your business entity, we have you covered.

Startup Basics

  • new food truck marketing

3 Steps To New Food Truck Marketing

With Spring approaching there are a lot of food trucks planning their grand openings. Not only is a grand opening exciting but it can also be terrifying. A new food truck is full of potential [...]

  • starting a new food truck

Starting A New Food Truck? Ask These Questions First

Have you ever wondered about starting a new food truck? Before you spend a dime, or any of your valuable time you need to understand if entering the mobile food industry is right for you. [...]

  • Funding Your Food Truck

Top 6 Things To Purchase After Funding Your Food Truck

So, you’ve got funding for your food truck (loans, crowdfunding, etc.…) Congratulations! We know how stressful funding your food truck can be, so we wanted to give you a few ideas on how you can [...]

  • grand opening

Grand Opening Your Food Truck The Right Way

If you’re planning to open a new food truck, throwing a grand opening event is one of the best ways to introduce yourself to your local market and welcome guests who will hopefully become regular [...]

  • startup mistakes

5 Common Food Truck Startup Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

I’ve worked with a lot of new food truck vendors over the years, and I’ve seen many of them find success while others have found failure. Among those who have struggled the most, I have [...]

  • life plan

Create A Life Plan Before Your Business Plan

Some of the most successful and happy people we know are food truck vendors who created a mobile food business that works perfectly with what they want out of life. If you do what you [...]

  • smart risks

6 Smart Risks New Food Truck Vendors Should Take

I am often told by food truck owners that “no risk” is equal to “no reward.” In reality, all risks are not the same. Many risks can be managed to improve growth or provide your [...]

  • buying a food truck

What To Consider Before Buying A Food Truck

Are you in the market to begin the process of buying a food truck? Before you jump in a lay down a deposit for a custom food truck or start looking for finance options, the [...]

  • answer before launch

4 Questions Food Truck Owners Must Answer Before Launch

You only have one chance for your food truck’s grand opening so you don’t want to miss your shot by aiming at the wrong target. Launching a food truck business without doing thorough market research is [...]

  • startup myths

5 Startup Myths To Ignore When Developing Your Food Truck

Every new food truck owner has heard these warnings such as 8 out of 10 businesses fail in the first 18 months. Some others are, food truck vendors have to work 80 hours a week [...]

Business Plan

  • food truck business plan tips

10 Important Food Truck Business Plan Tips

Thinking about starting a new food truck and need a business plan for yourself or possible lenders? You’ve come to the right place.  Compiling a business plan takes time and effort, but the process can [...]

  • business plans

3 Components Of Great Food Truck Business Plans

So you have a great concept for a food truck that you’re stoked to start up. It can be an exciting and thrilling opportunity to get your own food truck on the road, but it’s [...]

  • Market Analysis Section

Food Truck Business Plans: Market Analysis Section

The market analysis section of your food truck business plan illustrates your knowledge of the mobile food industry. Here, you present general highlights and conclusions of any marketing research data you’ve collected. The market analysis [...]

  • business plan

20 Reasons You Need A Food Truck Business Plan

I've said it once and I'll say it a million times. If you want the best chance of success in the mobile food industry, you MUST have a food truck business plan. To back up [...]

  • business concept section

Food Truck Business Plans: Business Concept Section

The business concept section for a food truck business plan is one of three primary elements that potential investors will actually take time to read because it answers their primary question, "What am I investing [...]

  • Food Truck Financial Expenses

Food Truck Financial Expenses For Your Business Plan

Even though it may be at the end of your food truck business plan, the financial plan section is the section that determines whether or not your mobile food business idea is viable, and will help prospective [...]

  • food truck business plans

Food Truck Business Plans: The Key Sections To Focus On

A business plan is vital for most new businesses but it is an absolute must imperative for a prospective mobile food vendor. By creating food truck business plans, you do two things: Show prospective investors [...]

  • Why write a business plan

Why Write A Business Plan For Your Food Truck?

When the idea of starting a food truck business envelopes your thoughts for weeks, one of the first things you must do to convert your dream into a rolling restaurant is to draft up a [...]

  • Start Your Food Truck Business Plan

Updating Your Food Truck Business Plan for Higher Sales

Today we'll discuss the importance of updating your food truck business plan and how this can increase the sales of your food truck business. One thing almost all food truck business owners around the country [...]

  • Start Your Food Truck Business Plan

How To Start Your Food Truck Business Plan

So you've decided you want to start a food truck but you don't have the start up capital to do it on your own. A business plan for your mobile food business is going to [...]


  • moving your food truck

Legalities Of Moving Your Food Truck To Another State

Food trucks aren’t typically stationary. They move from city to city selling their delectable menu items. For trucks that work within colder climates, a growing trend is relocating to warmer climates during the winter months. [...]

  • copyrighting recipes

Copyrighting Recipes: Can You Protect Your Food Truck

The topic of copyrighting recipes is common in the mobile food industry. It's a topic I am often asked about, and due to not being attorney myself, I have always recommended speaking with an attorney. [...]

  • food truck laws

Learn Local Food Truck Laws Before Opening

Opening a food truck requires a lot of work and preparation. As a part of the preparation, you must become familiar with and adhere to the local food truck laws that govern the mobile food [...]

  • food truck tip laws

Food Truck Tip Laws

Food truck tip laws, or "guidelines," are established by the U.S. Department of Labor through the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act). Essentially, the Department of Labor establishes standards that all food trucks and restaurants must [...]

  • Food Handling Permits

What You Need To Know About Food Handling Permits

Deciding to open a mobile food business is rarely an overnight inspiration. For some food truck owners it has been on their mind for years but for others it is something that developed over a [...]

  • top-secret

Are Your Food Truck Recipes Really Your Own?

Did you start your food truck up with a family recipe or that special way of preparing an ingredient that sets your mobile food business apart from the competition? To be able to maintain that [...]

  • Break Up Your Food Truck Partnership

Is It Time Break Up Your Food Truck Partnership?

Much like a marriage, a food truck business partnership may start out with the best of intentions, but constant disagreements or financial woes can bring even the strongest partnership to its knees. Sometimes it's best to cut [...]

  • food truck llc

Forming A Food Truck LLC

Are you planning to open a food truck business in the future? After you have developed your concept and menu, you will need to start thinking about spending money to get your mobile food business [...]

Avoid Food Truck Partnership Mistakes

For a food truck business that is formed as a partnership learning how to nurture these business relationships is critical to the businesses growth. You need to be committed to these relationships so doubt doesn't creep in. [...]

  • food truck legalities

Food Truck Legalities

Just as any other business, food trucks must follow federal, state and local laws in order to operate and protect the health of their customers and employees. Here are the top food truck legalities every [...]

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