Many new food truck owners tend to think that branding is something only large restaurant chains need to worry about. However, branding is crucial for food trucks to be able to stand out and attract customers to their service window. No matter how amazing your food is, only a minimal amount of consumers will hear about it until you create an identity that is recognizable among your competitors. Today we’ll discuss five branding tips that will help your food truck business stand out from the crowd.

5 Food Truck Branding Tips For The Beginner

Define Your Food Truck Brand

The first of our food truck branding tips is to define your brand. How do you want your customers to describe your food truck brand? What is the one thing that you want your truck to be known for? What differentiates your food truck from others? Answering these questions will give you a clearer idea of your brand’s vision, purpose, and value proposition.

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Create a Simple Branding Message

It’s likely that the consumer won’t understand the nuances and intricacies of your cuisine. Even though food television programming has increased consumer thoughts on food, only a few will say, “Wow, this (insert your food) has (insert ingredients), and (insert cooking technique)! I have to get it!” What matters more is how the food will taste. In short: when it comes to your brand, skip the features, and get to the point.

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Develop a Consistent Brand Voice

Set your brand apart from the competition: by creating a unique personality for people to connect with your menu. Of course, it is vitally important that your products are also similarly consistent to what the brand voice promises.

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Remind Your Customers about Your Brand

The fourth of our food truck branding tips is that your customers need to be reminded about your brand.  Don’t assume that all of your customers will remember what your brand stands for. One subtle way would be to ensure that you include your company logo and slogan in your (and all your employees’) email signature, as well as on your business card. Another way would be to blog about or send your customers content that is reinforces your brand. Do this through your food truck’s website or email newsletters.

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Think Like a Big Business

Being a small food truck business doesn’t mean that you are a small fish in a big pond. Your food truck brand is essential in helping your food truck to be portrayed as a serious mobile food business. Think big with your food truck brand, and use it to capture potential customers and win their trust.

The Bottom Line

Developing a great menu with fantastic service is important, however without a strong food truck brand it is easy to get lost in the shuffle. These five food truck branding tips will help develop your brand and be recognized in your local market.

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