So, you think you’ve perfected the marketing of your food truck on social media. But if you haven’t developed your food truck social media voice, you’ll never get from unexceptional to exceptional. Creating a strong, consistent voice is the key to building a loyal relationship with your audience (aka your customers).

Social media gives your food truck business a chance to develop an online persona of its own. A social media voice can be whatever you choose it to be as long as you explore the three Cs: Culture, Community & Conversation.

Three C’s of Developing Your Food Truck Social Media Voice

  • Culture: The core of your food truck social media voice must come from your mobile food business culture. Every truck has something that makes it unique, whether it’s a unique founding story or that you serve the best (fill in the blank) since the creation of sliced bread. 1) What do you stand for? 2) What do you talk about? 3) What makes you stand out? This is your food truck’s personality. Make those elements the inspiration for your online voice. Take your readers inside your brand.
  • Community: Having a food truck social media voice lets your community know what to expect when they interact with you. So what better way to craft your voice than by listening to them first? Find out their problems and concerns. Listen to the way they voice their feelings on various social media platforms. Make sure you know what they want from you (outside of a great meal). Speak their language, on their terms.
  • Conversation: Now that you’ve investigated culture and community, the last part of the social media voice puzzle is conversation. Determine what you’re bringing to table by putting your food truck brand out there and then communicate it with personality and authenticity. No strong-arming or hard selling, just talking in a way that’s comfortable, conversational and easy to relate with.

Tada…there you have it; your food truck social media voice.

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The Bottom Line

Your food truck brand voice in social media will evolve over time. It would be great to think about undertaking a social media voice development exercise before you open a new Twitter account; but if you’ve already been engaging in social media and feel like your voice needs refinement, take the time to work on it now. Make subtle changes and your followers probably won’t even notice that there was a change. When you match your voice to their needs, you may attract even more customers and develop greater engagement and loyalty than your truck has seen before.

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