Don’t sleep on the backyard barbecue. Easy to prepare, easy to cook, yet incredibly delicious to eat, the summertime BBQ is a welcome event. With countless recipes for the meats, marinades, and sauces, it’s one of the most versatile foods in the world.

If you’re serving barbecue the backyard with friends or running a BBQ truck, check out these captions, quotes, and hashtags for your photos and videos documenting that document the grilling process. In other words, make your social media following hungry.

Captions for BBQ Night

Barbecues are often eaten during the evening for dinner. Here are some captions if you’re serving dinner as the sun sets. Nothing like eating brisket under the stars.

  • Let’s barbecue the night away.
  • Hot nights are better with barbecue and beer.
  • Let’s melt your stress away tonight.
  • Barbecues all night long!
  • The night is young. Have some barbecue.
  • A barbecue under the stars
  • It’s moonlight barbecue.
  • Star-studded barbecues for tonight
  • A special night for a special barbecue
  • Every summer night deserves a delicious barbecue
  • What a sizzling night!
  • The scent of grilled barbecue keeps you awake.
  • Tonight’s forecast: amazing grilled barbecue with ice-cold beer
  • With our barbecue, tonight will be wild.
  • Never say no to a barbecue dinner.
  • Perfect nights are nights with grilled or pan-seared barbecue
  • Tonight, we dine outside!
  • It’s the night of the premium barbecues.
  • Don’t sleep! We’re about to start barbecue night!
  • These nights call for hot, sizzling barbecue.
  • Why not try our new special barbecues—with homemade sauces—tonight?

BBQ food truck.

Captions for BBQ Party

Holding a barbecue party in your restaurant or at home? Accompany your photos and videos of the party with these captions. You can also use these captions as taglines for marketing promotions if you run a restaurant or food truck.

  • End the season with a celebratory barbecue party!
  • We love to barbecue, and we just want to have fun
  • Grilled to perfection, approved by your crew
  • I hope there’s a great barbecue at this party.
  • No party is a real party without perfectly grilled barbecue.
  • Music, beer, barbecue, friends—all that you need in life.
  • Can you smell that delicious barbecue smoke? It’s a signal for a party!
  • Want to have a fun-filled barbecue party this weekend?
  • Hang out with your grill buddies.

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  • Enjoy life! Have more barbecue, beer, buddies, and parties!
  • Feel the need—the need to barbecue and to party.
  • Want to know where the party is? Follow your nose and smell the barbecue.
  • The level of fun times during a party depends on the quality of the barbecue.
  • Missing a great barbecue party? Call us!
  • Enjoy good times with a music-filled barbecue party!
  • We’re lighting up everyone’s spirit with a fiery barbecue party.
  • Remember, attending fun-filled barbecue parties is a lifestyle.
  • Oh, it’s getting hot in here! It must be the barbecue.
  • Barbecue—easier made, quickly consumed, best served in parties.
  • A barbecue party is happiness made into a delicious and wild event.
  • Warm chilly autumns with a backyard barbecue party!
2019 food truck bbq

Look at those ribs on a rack.

Captions for BBQ Ribs

Perfectly cooked barbecue ribs are so tender and delicious right through the bone. Use these captions if you’re serving delicious barbecue ribs.

  • Meat that slides right off from the bone.
  • When life goes downhill, enjoy our barbecue ribs
  • Grilling perfect barbecue ribs is not just our skill. It’s our superpower.
  • Barbecue ribs rubbed with kosher salt, pepper, and spices, please.
  • There’s no cure for an addiction to barbecued ribs.
  • It’s smoky. It’s tender. It’s delicious! It’s barbecue ribs!
  • Tickle your palate! Try our barbecued ribs.
  • Keep calm and eat ribs.
  • Our ribs are definitely finger lickin’ supreme!
  • Rake that tender meat with a fork.
  • Nothing but a good ole’ ribbing.
  • Relish the most delicious part of any barbecue.
  • You’ll like our ribs.
  • Ribbed and sauced goodness
  • Meat so tender they fall apart with the slightest pull
  • Ribbed to perfection
  • Grab those ribs with barbecue tongs
  • Lick your fingers. Don’t waste an ounce of those sweet and spicy barbecued ribs.
  • All you need to brighten your day is a large serving of barbecued ribs.
  • Obsessed with barbecued ribs
  • What sauce do you want on your ribs?

Captions for BBQ Sauce

The barbecue sauce can make or break the barbecue. There are limitless varieties of barbecue sauces, ranging from classics, homemade recipes, and customized blends to inspire.

  • No barbecue is ever complete without its sauce.
  • Savory, spicy, or sweet, the sauce is the soul of all barbecues.
  • Don’t fret. Sauce always happens!
  • Brush it, baste it, taste it, lick it!
  • It’s the barbecue sauce that keeps the world together.
  • No one makes homemade barbecue sauce like us.
  • Our barbecue sauce is practically a food group.
  • It’s not just a barbecue sauce! Dip everything in!
  • Sauce it up!
  • Just that messy, gooey goodness.
  • I don’t mind being messy as long as it’s tasty.
  • Oh so saucy!
  • Oh yeah, mess up my barbecue!
  • Saucier than your girlfriend/boyfriend!
  • Custom sauces for your barbecue
  • When barbecue sauces rule
  • The way we make sauces perfectly synergizes with your barbecue!
  • Proud barbecue saucier for 30 years!
  • Nothing comes close to our barbecue sauces!
  • Distinctly home blended barbecue sauce
  • The secret lies in the barbecue sauce
union kitchen commercial kitchen

Korean BBQ made here.

Korean BBQ Captions for Instagram

Korean barbecue is grilling chunks of chicken, pork, or beef on the table using a special grill built onto the table itself. Korean BBQ has become quite popular due in part to the communal way of serving and enjoying the meal.

  • Nothing better than spicy Korean barbecue.
  • Spicy and nice—with rice
  • A taste of Oriental barbecue
  • The gastronomic marvel of the Orient
  • Travel to Korea with a bite of authentic Korean barbecue
  • Korean barbecue is the best
  • A hint of spice, a hint of sweetness—the best things about Korean barbecue.
  • If you haven’t tried Korean barbecue, you’re missing half of your life.
  • Where would I be without Korean barbecue?
  • A cruise over the Mediterranean while eating Korean barbecue on your cabin’s balcony—meeting of two cultures.

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  • A perfectly cooked Korean barbecue paired with our own American dipping sauce—a synergy of cultures.
  • Korean barbecue on my plate, please!
  • Captivated by Korean barbecue
  • If you look at a delicious Korean barbecue long enough, you’ll notice it looks like Korea.
  • Get that Korean vibe!
  • Here’s a barbecue with an Asian twist.
  • Sweet, tangy, spicy—just the way I like it!
  • No wonder why Koreans are always happy! It’s all about the barbecue.
  • Korean barbecue is the heart of a luscious Korean feast.
  • Stressed? Have a sizzling Korean barbecue for lunch.
  • Korean barbecue—grilled meat and everything else.

Triple J BBQ

Best BBQ Quotes

  • “If summer had one defining scent, it’d definitely be the smell of barbecue.” – Katie Lee
  • “Comfort is key for a barbecue.” – Ashley Madekwe
  • “Music was a big part of my family with gatherings, picnics, barbecues.” – Lou Williams
  • “Obviously, everyone’s different, but I love just settling down and having a barbecue with my friends at the house.” – Harry Kane
  • “I’m a foodie. I enjoy it a lot, and contrary to what it looks like, I eat a lot. My comfort food, of all things, would be southern soul barbecue” – Zach Johnson
  • “The simplest fix for better grilling is to line the inside of your barbecue with tin foil. It dramatically affects how evenly the heat is distributed.” – Nathan Myhrvold

“Southern barbecue is the closest thing we have in the U.S. to Europe’s wines or cheeses” – John Shelton Reed

  • “In America, diner food or roadside barbecue is the best road food.” – Jose Andres
  • “I think I can capture the taste buds of the average right-wing conservative who loves barbecue.” – Bobby Seale
  • “Barbecue is the third rail of North Carolina politics” – John Shelton Reed
  • “Dancing is my number one love. I also love to barbecue.” – Carmen Electra

“On ‘Friday,’ I had a big trailer, and we would have a barbecue going and music playing. It was a fun set.” – Mike Epps

  • “Golf is my passion, and so is great barbecue.” – John Daly
  • In Canada, you can’t even have a barbecue in your backyard without being attacked by a moose or even a grizzly bear” – Kurt Angle
  • “I use ginger like garlic. I love it for steaming fish and making barbecue sauces or roasted chicken.” – Tom Douglas

“I’m a cultured person when I’m working, so my downtime is beach time: sand, surf, and a barbecue.” – John Torode

  • “Good barbecue has to fall off the bone when you grab it, and, to me, it’s not pull-hard chewy.” – Sinbad
  • “I definitely enjoy my barbecue.” – Billy Butler
  • “My family barbecued a lot; good barbecue is more complicated than you think.” – Manish Dayal
  • “I love barbecue. It’s my favorite thing to eat.” – David Nail
  • “I like to sit around the pool, listen to music, barbecue, grill, stuff like that. Just the guy next door, I guess.” – Dale Earnhardt Jr.

BBQ Hashtags

Use these barbecue taglines to make it easier for your social media viewers to find you.

  • #backyardbarbecue
  • #barbecuesauce
  • #barbecueparty
  • #barbecuenights
  • #wheresmybarbecue
  • #barbecuechicken
  • #perfectbarbecue
  • #barbecueribs
  • #backyardbarbecue
  • #grilledbarbecue
  • #barbecuechips
  • #barbecueseason
  • #barbecuemafia
  • #texasbarbecue
  • #barbecuetime
  • #koreanbarbecue
  • #barbecuehour
  • #bestbarbecue
  • #supremebarbecue
  • #summerbarbecue
  • #barbecuenation

Family BBQ Captions

Family barbecue parties allow families to bond with each other while enjoying a filling meal. Use these captions to describe your family barbecue evening.

  • Fun—it’s as simple as having a weekend family barbecue.
  • All my loved ones are barbecue lovers.
  • We may have our own quirks. But, damn, do we love barbecue!
  • The bond that pulls family members together is a grilled barbecue.
  • See our backyard? That’s for family barbecue weekends!
  • Sibling rivalry can easily be solved with servings of great barbecue.
  • The family that barbecues together stays together.
  • Let our barbecue come to your family.
  • Families are meant to barbecue together.

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  • When our family is stressed, we head off straight to the backyard barbecue grill.
  • Grilled barbecue with homemade sauce—what a way to spend an afternoon with the family.
  • Sunset-cues—Mom’s winning barbecue recipes.
  • Miss family barbecues? Come to us!
  • Barbecues are meant to be enjoyed with your loved ones.
  • The best barbecues are homemade.
  • Nothing beats a family recipe, and that includes simple, grilled barbecues.
  • We don’t mind having our house filled with the smell of grilled, charred barbecues.
  • Dad’s the beer. Mom’s the barbecue. We, the laughter.
  • Surrounded by loving family members and enjoying Mom’s special barbecue—what’s not to like?
  • Experience Aunt Meg’s special barbecue!
  • My family goes crazy over a barbecue.

Summer BBQ Captions

Barbecue is often associated with lively summers and wild parties. Use these captions to capture that theme.

  • Best summer comfort food? A simple barbecue!
  • Barbecues—bigger, better, tastier.
  • Turn the summer heat with delicious barbecue!
  • Barbecue with a tiny hint of orange—it’s a summer thing.
  • Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a barbecue with friends.
  • Barbecues and bikinis? Well, why not?
  • How about a grilled barbecue by the pool?
  • The sun is hot, the grill is ready, and the heat is on!
  • Read my lips: “Summer barbecue”
  • Summer needs more ice-cold beer and sizzling barbecue
  • During summer, it’s not just girls that sizzle.
  • Summer days are awesome with perfectly grilled barbecue.
  • The sun’s out! Take the barbecue and buns out too!
  • I know what you ate this summer—lots and lots of barbecues.
  • This summer, you just earned yourself a bonus barbecue.
  • I’m not here for the girls. I’m here for the barbecue!
  • The old coyote is hungry! Bring out the barbecue!
  • That’s my summer-special barbecue you’re calling grub.
  • I love summertime. It’s an all-you-can-eat barbecue.
  • Don’t worry about the Dad bod. Worry about not having a barbecue this fine summer day.
  • Meat us in summer paradise!

Gotta Q

Grilling Captions

Grilling is the standard way of cooking a barbecue. Those burnt grill marks? That’s the signature of a beautifully cooked barbecue.

  • The grill is ready!
  • Those crisscross burnt lines are the mark of perfection.
  • Grills—not girls—for me.
  • With grill marks, everything looks and tastes better.
  • Let the grilling begin! The heat is on!
  • That’s not burnt. That’s actually flavor.
  • Go, go, grill power, ladies!
  • This grill’s going nowhere.
  • She’s my grill friend.
  • No such thing as grilling too much barbecue
  • It’s time we buy a new grille.
  • Grill marks—meat perfection.
  • My best friend is a grill.
  • It’s grill time!
  • Meat is meant to be grilled, not fried.
  • Frying is for boys. Grilling is for men.
  • Grill with it.
  • Ah, those burnt grill marks on the meat? That’s barbecue’s beauty mark.
  • Grilling barbecue with my Dad’s special spiced baste sauce—I can already smell the taste!
  • Grilling correctly brings out all the flavors.
  • Oh, grilled barbecue, why do I love you so much?

Backyard BBQ Captions

Backyards are often the venue of barbecue parties and dinners with friends and family.

  • Let’s have a delicious barbecue in the backyard.
  • Backyard—the best place to have a barbecue.
  • Let the backyard be filled with the pleasant smell of grilled barbecue.
  • I’ll go to any backyard for the barbecue.
  • The true measure of friendship is the number of friends you have on a backyard barbecue.
  • Are you ready for a backyard barbecue?
  • Barbecuing in the backyard—cheap, fun, and delicious!
  • Barbecues in the summer should be eaten in a freshly mowed backyard.
  • Backyards are most beautiful when there’s someone grilling barbecue there.
  • You need to be a role model for the family. Grill some chicken in the backyard.
  • Barbecuing in the backyard—everyone’s culinary art.
  • There’s nothing happier than having a barbecue in the backyard—whether alone, with friends, or with your family.
  • Your backyard is meant to be a barbecue place.
  • Turn your backyard into your personal barbecue station and disco.
  • I’m licensed to grill in the backyard.
  • Chicken, sauce, charcoal, tongs, rolls, beer—we’re all fired up!
  • Authentic backyard-grilled barbecue here!
  • Backyard pork-fection.
  • Hire me. I’m a certified backyard barbecuist.
  • Grab life by the tongs and put it on a plate.

What’s the Perfect Playlist for a Summer BBQ?

As Lumiere said when he led Belle to the dinner table, “What’s dinner without a little music?” Barbecues are already delicious, but it becomes a hundred times even more so if you accompany the meal with your favorite tunes. After all, if you’re going to be grilling anyway you might as well crank on some tunes and get the good vibes going.

So what songs should you play during a barbecue session? It depends. Considering that barbecues are often served during parties, pretty much anything goes from pop, country disco, rock, old school hip hop and whatever songs that gets heads nodding.

However, it doesn’t always have to be this way. If you want to have a simple barbecue party with your family in the backyard with a background of an autumn sunset, soft and soulful music will do. It creates a gentle and warm mood that invites conversation. For a barbecue date with your special someone, John Mayer casually sets the mood despite the relatively informal meal.

You can’t go wrong with barbecue—-be it barbecued chicken, pork, or even fish. Everyone loves it and everyone that isn’t vegan or vegetarian eats it. Use any of these captions so friends, family members, and followers can see how good your BBQ really is.