The taste of candy just brings back so many childhood memories. As a kid, I would always go by this old candy shop and buy all sorts of candies like chocolate covered nuts, bubble gum, and salt water taffy. I remember eating so much gummy candies and chocolate (those were my favorite) until I got toothache. I still love candies, though, maybe just as much as I loved them as a kid. Don’t we all just have that particular treat or a particular candy store that transports us right to memory lane?

It turns out, it could actually be one of the best business opportunities out there. The consumption of candy around the world averages more than $19 billion per year and is still growing at a rate of 3.5 percent each year. The candy store is a strong business concept since it appeals to a wide range of age groups and demographics. 

Are you planning to start your own confectionery store? If so, you need to check out these 401+ candy store name ideas to help you come up with that perfect brand name. So grab a Jolly Rancher and let’s find your shop name together.

Colorful candy store.

Candy Store Name Ideas

As the name of your candy store, you can use one of the suggestions below. Just double-check to see if any other companies or shops are already using the same brand name when you acquire ideas from here. Aside from avoiding copyrighted brand names, you must ensure that your company’s name is distinct and that there are no competitors with names that are similar to yours.

  • Candy Crafts.
  • Tutti-Frutti Time.
  • Gourmet Sweets.
  • The Rainbow Nation.
  • Royal Treats.
  • Honey Empire.
  • Sassy Velvet.
  • The Magic Factory.
  • Fruity Dream.
  • Sugar Buffet.
  • The Sweet House.
  • Sweet And Treat Castle.
  • Sugar Funhouse.
  • Rainbow Time.
  • Honey Palace.
  • Sweet Dopamine.
  • Vanilla Kingdom.
  • Happy Sweet Place.
  • Heavenly Candy.
  • Syrup Haven.
  • Colorful Bites.
  • The Sweet Treasure.
  • Candy Fun House.
  • Sugar Time.
  • The Sweet Kind.
  • Lollipop Express.
  • Sweet Palace.
  • Rainbow House.
  • The Lollipop Corner.
  • The Honey Bites.
  • Choco Clouds.
  • The Candy Queen.

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  • Confetti Sweets.
  • Caramel Charm.
  • Sweet Antidote.
  • Choco Boulevard.
  • Treats-To-Go.
  • The Candy Spot.
  • The Honey Lane.
  • Yummy Rainbow.
  • Caramel Fairy.
  • The Candy Twist.
  • Honey Bear.
  • Bon-bon House.
  • Treats Bazaar.
  • Fruity Edition.
  • Jolly Sweet Kingdom.
  • Berry Boulevard.
  • Honey Twirls.
  • Golden Sweets.
  • Lolly Panda.
  • The Candy Dino.
  • Infinite Sweet Lane.
  • Sweet Addiction.
  • Velvety Treats.
  • The Fruity Fairy.
  • Lolly Rockets.
  • Candyman’s Corner.
  • The Caramel Diva.
  • Sweet Tooth Corner.
  • The Sweet Bribe.
  • Berry Station.
  • Candy Boutique.
  • Sweet Treat Volcano.
  • Splash Of Honey.
  • Fruity Stash.
  • The Caramel Carnival.
  • Sweets Treats O’ Mine.
  • Fruity Unlimited.
  • Berry Galaxy.
  • Fruity Jupiter.
  • Sugar Moon.
  • Happy Toffy.
  • Lolly Fest.
  • The Candy Backyard.
  • Honey Studio.

Cotton Candy Shop Name Ideas

Unicorn-styled giant cotton candies.

Cotton candy company names must be as sweet and flavorful as the product it sells. If you want to launch a cotton candy business, here are some of my favorite ideas.

  • Sugary Swirls.
  • The Cotton Craze.
  • Fruity Webs.
  • Candy Puff Corner.
  • Fluffy Bubble.
  • Sweet Cotton-holic.
  • Cotton Planets.
  • The Swirl Machine.
  • Sweet Cloud.
  • Candy Floss Lane.
  • Kotton Kraze.
  • Jolly’s Cotton Candy Bar.
  • Candy World.
  • Fluffy Sticks.
  • Cloudy Boulevard.
  • Honey Fluff.
  • Tutti Frutti Clouds.
  • Marvelous Swirl.
  • Oh Cotton!
  • Unicorn Cloud.
  • The Fluffy Fairy.
  • Lush Cotton.
  • The Sweet Substance.
  • Sugary Wigs Corner.
  • Fruity Fluff Bar.
  • Sweet Pillows.
  • Fuzzy Cotton.
  • Rainbow Cravings.
  • Crazy For Cotton.
  • Unicorn Clouds.
  • Floss Craze.
  • Sugar And Floss.
  • Candy Bombs.
  • Sugary Surprise.
  • Kotton Kandy King.
  • Frothy Bubble.
  • Whirly Sweet Cloud.
  • The Cotton-verse.
  • Sweet Circus.
  • Silky Sweet Cloud.
  • Kotton Kreations.
  • Lolly’s Cotton Candy.
  • Dopamine Fluff.
  • Cotton Candy Addicts.
  • Frothy Kingdom.
  • Cloudy Bubble.

Candy Apple Business Name Ideas

Children enjoying lollipops.

The traditional candy apple is covered in caramel and nuts. These are a popular fall treat at festivals for Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night, because these festivals occur during the annual apple harvests. If you want to start a candy apple store, here are some name suggestions.

  • Candy Trees.
  • Fruits And Drizzles.
  • Toffee Apple Bar.
  • A Candy Apple A Day.
  • Candy Apple Land.
  • Candy Coats.
  • Snow White Candy.
  • Dopamine Sticks.
  • Toffee Dips.
  • Crunchy Fruity.
  • Apple-licious.
  • Sticky Crunch.
  • The Happy Sticks.
  • Toffee And The Fruit.
  • Apples And Dips.
  • Sweet Dips.
  • Apples And Sugar.
  • Toffee-tastic.
  • Apple Popsicles.
  • Ripe Candies.
  • Crunch Delight.
  • Sugar And Nature.
  • Healthy Candy.
  • By Doctor Candy.
  • Candy Apple Kisses.
  • Fruity Candy Shop.
  • Sweet Apple.
  • Candy Blizzard.
  • Toffee And Crunch.
  • The Apple Desserts.
  • Caramel Apple House.
  • The Sweet Substance.
  • Candied Apple Kingdom.
  • Red Hot Candies.
  • Candy Apple Addicts.
  • Magic Apples.
  • Grandma’s Candy Apples.
  • Sugar Nature.
  • Crunch Crisp Corner.
  • Candy Apple KItchen.
  • Sprinkles And Dips.
  • Luscious Apple. 
  • Fruit And Magic.
  • Apples N’ Dips.

Sweet Shop Name Ideas

When choosing a name for your sweet shop, avoid difficult to spell names. Instead, choose a name with significance to you, consider the emotion you want to make your customers feel. One proven approach many sweet shop brands utilize focus on nostalgia and simpler times.  

  • The Sweet Lane.
  • Sugar Boulevard.
  • Sweet Luck.
  • The Honey Cloud.
  • Sugar Moon.
  • Tutti Frutti Palace.
  • Cravings Street.
  • The Vanilla-verse.
  • Sweets Studio.
  • Rainbow Palace.
  • Sweet N’ Dips.
  • Happy Corner.
  • Sweet Empire.
  • Lolly Castle.
  • Sweets And Treats.
  • Fruity Diva.
  • Vanilla Oasis.
  • Sugar Surprise.
  • Just Sweets!
  • Candies N’ More.
  • Heavenly Bites.
  • The Happy Toffy.
  • Berry Galaxy.
  • Sweet Treasure.
  • Fruity Corner.
  • The Sweet Sense.
  • The Sweets Squad.
  • Velvet Basket.
  • Candy Buffet.
  • Caramel Temple.
  • Sugar Whoppers.
  • Backyard Goodies.
  • The Berry Bazaar.
  • Sugar Craze.
  • The Dessert Blvd.
  • Goody Goodies.
  • Rainbow Treats.
  • Candy Galore.
  • Sweets & Chocolate Corner.
  • Heaven Sprinkles.
  • The Sweet Escape.
  • Mr. Sweety.
  • Dopamine Treats.
  • The Honey Panda.
  • Sweet Confetti.

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  • Yummy Factory.
  • Rainbow Goodies.
  • Caramel Dive.
  • Lemon Drop.
  • Kookies And Kream.
  • Berry Tasty.
  • Sweet Ripples.
  • Cookie Though.
  • Kidz’ Kandiez.
  • Sweet Industry.
  • The Sugar Buzz.
  • Bon-bon Palace.
  • Kandy Kingdom.
  • Superb Sweets.
  • Vanilla Night.
  • Fruity Vacation.
  • Where Are The Sweets?
  • Syrup Splash.
  • Candy Nectar.
  • Sweet Mess.
  • Baby Cakes.
  • The Sweet Vibes.
  • Honey Harbor.
  • The Sugar Farm.
  • Chocolate Hills.
  • Honey Drizzle.
  • Yummy Toffy.
  • Sweet Glitter.
  • The Candy Central.

Catchy Candy Shop Names

A variety of candy.

  • The Berry Bazaar.
  • Dopa-Mint.
  • Sweet Treasure.
  • Honey Harbor.
  • Sprinkle Twinkle.
  • Happy Toffy.
  • Macaron Mansion.
  • Kandy Kingdom.
  • The Candy Hustlers.
  • The Vanilla-verse.
  • Cookie Though.
  • The Sugar Search.
  • Yummy Factory.
  • Lolly Academy.
  • The Sugar Squad.
  • Kandy Kween.
  • Tutti-Frutti Toothy.
  • Sassy Velvet.
  • Chewy Toffee.
  • Vanilla Baby.
  • Choco Clouds.
  • The Sweet Retreat.
  • The Sugar Shack.
  • Berry Boulevard.
  • Kandy Kastle.
  • The Sweet Vibes.
  • Crazy Candy Store.
  • Fruity Factory.
  • Sugary Shenanigans.
  • The Lollipop Express.
  • The Karamel Kingdom.
  • Fuzzy Toffy.
  • Sprinkle Street.
  • Perfection In Confection. 
  • The Happy Hive.
  • Shop For Lollipop.
  • Sweet Luck.
  • Berry Galaxy.
  • The Caramel Carnival.
  • Sugar, Sugar, Baby.
  • Bits And Dips.
  • Gotta Lotta Sugar.
  • Baby Cakes.
  • Luscious Bites.
  • Jars N’ Sweet Bars.
  • Caramel Temple.
  • Elite Chocolate.
  • Goodies Facilities.
  • Peach Beach.
  • Sweet Gimmicks.
  • Sugar Whoppers.
  • Backyard Goodies.
  • Kokoa Kingdom.
  • Confection Mansion.
  • Toffy Taste.
  • Cream N’ Dream.
  • Absolutely Candy.
  • Fruity Islands.

Small Candy Store Name ideas

These additional candy store name ideas can help you expand your range of options when naming your business. The greater the number of name alternatives you have, the better.

  • Toffee Lane.
  • The Sweet Vibes.
  • Hello Sprinkles.
  • Dopamine Corner.
  • Kandy Krafts.
  • Drop A Gumdrop.
  • Sweet Experience.
  • Still, Pastilles.
  • Candy Bear.
  • Sugarholics.
  • Sweetly Sprinkled.
  • First, Candies.
  • The Candy Jar.
  • Something Sweet.
  • Gummy Paradise.
  • Sugar Boulevard.
  • The Candy Garden.
  • Candies N’ Bars.
  • Sugar, Sugar, Baby.
  • Sweet Tooth.
  • Crazy Jelly.
  • Candy Storm.
  • Doctor Candy.
  • Candy Eater.
  • Sugary Spoon.
  • King Of Candies.
  • Life’s Sweet.
  • The Candy Street.
  • Treats N’ Sweets.
  • Sweet As Candy.
  • Confectioneries N’ More.
  • Sugary Squares.
  • Chewy Toffee.
  • Honey Bomb.
  • Sugar Bowl.
  • Sweet Country.

Pick and Mix Business Names

Sorted candies in a candy store.

Pick & Mix is a one-of-a-kind candy specialty store concept that sells candies by weight via a pick-and-mix basis. Usually customers get a clear bag and are charged by the pound for candy. I visited a small candy store in McCall, Idaho, recently that charged $20 per lb. for gummy bears, worms, Hot Tamales, and probably 50 other options. 

  • The Sweet Assortment.
  • Custom Treats.
  • The Treat Blender.
  • Mixin’ Corner.
  • Select A Treat.
  • The Sweets Scoop.
  • Mix My Sweets.
  • Selection Perfection.
  • Candy All You Can.
  • The Sugar Combo.
  • Velvet Mix.
  • Sweet Fusion.
  • Choose The Sweet.
  • Candy Package.
  • Sweet Box.

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  • Mixin’ Candyland.
  • Mix N’ Bite.
  • The Goody Bag
  • Candies In A Box.
  • Sugary Shovel.
  • Candyland Factory.
  • Assorted Sugar.
  • Candy Platters.
  • Pops N’ Mix.
  • The Sweet Experience.
  • The Mix Jar.
  • Sweet Pica Pica.
  • Temptation Mix.
  • Sweet Life Box.
  • As Many Sweets.
  • The Candy Bag.
  • Pick Yo’ Treats.

How to Sell More Candy at a Shop

New normal shopping on a candy store.

Despite the popularity of candy among people of all ages and backgrounds, running a candy store isn’t going to be easy. To be successful in this business, you’ll need to become an expert in local marketing. Here’s a simple guide designed to promote a candy business thrive. 

Identify Target Market

Before you can properly market or promote your product, you need to understand your target audience. You must consider who is most likely to buy your product and ask about specifics such as age, gender, and status.

Once you have identified the right audience for your product, you can begin preparing how to sell to your prospective consumers. Assess their user behavior or the websites on which they spend the most time.

One specific audience is marketing to tourists in your town. If you operate in a town with regular travelers from around the state or even around the world these sorts of destinations are ideal for candy shops. Try to find an appealing old-town location in your city where travelers frequently visit. Tourists on vacation are much more likely to spend money at an artisan candy store. 

Promote Your Candy Shop

You must promote your store in order to attract clients. As mentioned earlier, finding a location in a popular tourist area is your best bet to attract food traffic.

After you identify a profitable location, it’s time to find a way to promote the shop. The first step of course is to create an appealing exterior with a highly visible sign. A large window in front of the shop that allows prospective customers to peer in and see inventory of treats is ideal. After customers enter the store, make sure the products are merchandised in an appealing way. These basics are essential to attracting and converting foot traffic into customers. 

Appealing merchandising in the store.

Distribute candy samples wherever possible. While handing out free samples will cut into the bottom line, you’re selling a high-margin product so you can afford to give some away. Even big companies like Costco continue to hand-out free samples because the timeless marketing strategy continues to increase revenues. Studies show that free get better results than end-of-isle displays and other marketing tactics. 

You can market your store by developing services and goods that go beyond the act of selling candies too. Make use of both traditional and non-traditional kinds of advertising. Promote to different websites and social media sites depending on target market, and get involved in the community so people know you and your business. 

Establish Good Customer Relationships

Treat your dissatisfied customers with concern and treat your satisfied customers as if they were your best friend. When clients are dissatisfied, you must make an effort to resolve the problem and make up for it. By developing a good relationship with your customers, you can begin to convert them into repeat customers. Customers who come back again and again help support your retail store during the good and bad times. 

One simple way to establish a good first impression with customers that enter the store is to demonstrate interest in them. An easy way to do this is to ask questions. You might ask a customer where they are visiting from? How they found out about your store? What they are doing later? Keep these conversations friendly.

Consider The Aesthetics

Maintain a clean, appealing store with solid lighting and colorful candy displays that are easy to view. People will be more likely to buy your candy if they can clearly see what you have to offer and your store is well-lit and tidy. Using bright colors in your displays might help you attract customers and keep them interested.

Another thing to consider is the attractiveness of your product packaging. After all the packaging also serves as a form of free marketing for the business. Create packaging with an attractive logo that includes your business name, logo, and address. 

Stay Active On Social Media

Many people claim to have already put their brand out there, but they really haven’t. You can’t expect sales to increase when you’ve only posted three times on Facebook, because that’s not how it works in marketing. Keep tabs on growing social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok as well. 

With your first post, don’t expect a home run in customer traffic. However, if you stick with it, are diligent, and are active online, you will ultimately reap the fruits of your effort. You may automate parts of your postings, republish someone else’s content with attribution, and perform other chores to make growing your online presence less time consuming. When visitors come to your social media page, it should be optimized with the basic contact information like store hours and photos.