Each of us has some kind of guilty pleasure. Mine? Over-indulging on ice cream. There’s no need for an explanation needed for this one—everyone loves ice cream! In fact, Americans consume 1.6 billion gallons of ice cream each year, which amounts to more than 23 pounds per person.

The total value of the ice cream industry was $62.40 billion in 2020 and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.87 percent between 2021 and 2026. This means shop owners will be scooping up even more profits in the future.

Thinking about starting your own ice cream shop or truck? You need a business name that stands out all the other ice cream vendors. Fortunately, I’m here to help you brainstorm hundreds of names that haven’t already been taken. Let the exploration begin!

Gelato in various flavors. Which one is your favorite?

Ice Cream Shop Name Ideas

Whether you’re planning to sell hard ice cream, frozen yogurt, soft serve, or gelato, feel free to use these general name suggestions for any kind of old-fashioned ice cream shop. Among the best ice cream shops in the United States are The Bent Spoon, Churn, Wild Scoops, Rococo Ice Cream, and Sweet Peaks. 

  • Creamy Explosion
  • Dairies N’ Berries
  • Old Fashioned Ice Creamery
  • The Ice Cream Quarters
  • The Frostbite Chunks
  • Cone’s Mate
  • The Dairy Backyard
  • Retro Creamery
  • The Frosty Guys
  • Icy Wonderland
  • Milky Scoops
  • The Creamery Factory
  • The Dairy Corner
  • Sugar Boulevard
  • Have A Scoop
  • Frostbite Ice Cream
  • The Creamery House
  • Frozen Bar
  • The Dessert House
  • Sweet Snowballs
  • Ice, Ice, Baby
  • Banana Split Town
  • Simpler Times Ice Cream Co.
  • Sundae, Good Day. 
  • Chilled Bites
  • Frozen Happiness
  • Golden Scoops
  • Frozen Flavors
  • Ice Swirls
  • The Good Cones
  • Waffle Cone House
  • The Scoop Party
  • Frozen Hideout
  • Ice Vanilla Bean
  • We Milk It
  • Dream Bites Palace
  • Icicles Creamy Bar
  • The Icy Fudge
  • Frozen Dairy Station
  • Milk Bites
  • The Ice Cream Tale
  • Melting Happiness
  • Frozen Treats Fortress
  • Sweetened Life
  • Icy Batter
  • The Vanilla Cone
  • Ultimate Ice Cream
  • Old Country Ice Cream
  • Wonder Cone
  • Relish Creamy
  • Millennial’s Ice Cream
  • Flavor Galore
  • Topped With Happiness
  • Creamy Supernova
  • The Dairy Lady
  • Frozen Sweets Indulgence

Ice Cream Parlor Name Ideas

One scoop of the legendary chocolate ice cream.

Okay, so maybe you’re wondering about the difference between a shop and a parlor. Let me explain the subtle difference. A shop can sell many different things while a parlor focuses more on one good or service.

Among the best ice cream parlors in the United States include Cammie’s Old Dutch Ice Cream Shoppe of Alabama, WooHoo! Ice cream of Alaska, Shubert’s Ice Cream & Candy of California, and Josh & John’s Ice Cream from Colorado. Have you tried any of these ice cream shops?

  • The Sweet Course
  • Scoops Of Delight
  • Sugar Rush Cones
  • Icy Vanilla Moon
  • Fantasy Scoop
  • Frosty Dream
  • Ice Cream Alley 
  • Chilled Bites Parlor
  • Cones N’ Smiles
  • Frozen Treats Palace
  • Vanilla Supernova
  • The Brain Freeze Guys
  • The Icy Confectionery
  • Grandma’s Ice Cream
  • Scoops Of Life
  • The Lick N’ Bite
  • Ice Cream Nirvana
  • Flavors Of Home
  • Timeless Vanilla
  • Dairy Waffle Cones
  • Angel’s Creamery
  • Frozen Sweet Spot

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  • Cool Time Wonderland
  • Relish A Scoop
  • The Sherbet Parlor
  • Ultra Treats
  • The Ice Cream Street
  • Uncle John’s Soft Serve Ice Cream
  • Summertime Scoops
  • Gelato Delight
  • Licked Happiness
  • The Cone’s Mate
  • Dopamine In A Cone
  • The Dairy Treats
  • The Ice Cream Gals
  • Fresh Frozen Bites
  • Summer Scoop Co.
  • The Promised Scoop
  • Ice Cream Tale
  • Crunchy Snowman
  • Extreme Scoop
  • Sugar Asteroid
  • Cone Obsession
  • Epic Bites
  • The Icy Galaxy
  • Frozen Treats Boulevard
  • The Fruity Dairy
  • Luscious Scoops
  • Creamy Fountain
  • Choco Jupiter
  • Frosty Fruity Swirl
  • The Heavenly Scoops
  • Classic Frosty
  • Sub Zero Magic
  • Berry Street
  • Frosty Neptune
  • Sherbet Corner
  • Premium Dairy Corner
  • Frozen Custard Factory
  • Explosive Snowman
  • Swirly Pops

Ice Cream Truck Name Ideas

The favorite food truck of the sweet tooths and children!

Ice cream trucks are commercial vehicles that serve as mobile ice cream retail outlets, typically during spring and summer. Ice cream trucks can be seen parked at public events, beaches, parks, and other places where people or children gather. They frequently sell near areas where children play, such as outside schools, in residential areas, or parks.

Many of these trucks sell novelty ice cream in packages. This is the easiest business to operate since all you need is a freezer. Their are few health regulations associated with operating this type of unit due to the low food risk. 

Quick Tip: I know that deciding on a food truck name is not easy. You can use these guide questions to identify a name that’s 100% unique. 

  • Dopamine Wheels
  • Chilled Bites Trailer
  • Rocky On Road
  • The Icy Truck
  • Snowman Driver
  • The Outside Creamery
  • Auto-Gelato
  • The Brain Freeze Wagon
  • The Sweet Courier
  • Chase N’ Bite
  • 3rd Street Ice Cream
  • The Kreamery Kart
  • Frozen Vanilla Bus
  • Icy Wonderland Mobile
  • Adventure Snowman
  • Ice Cream Carnival
  • Brain Freeze Trailer
  • Sub Zero Carts
  • Cool Time Cruiser
  • The Sweet Tooth Rider
  • Scoops On Wheel
  • On The Go Creamery
  • The Speedy Happiness 
  • Anywhere Delight
  • Choo Choo Icy Bites
  • Icicle On Roads
  • The Waffle Cone Truck
  • Frostbite Wheels
  • Cruisin’ Ice Cream
  • Drive And Scoop
  • The Fast Dairy Corner
  • Waffle Cone Express
  • Happy Dessert Truck
  • The Polar Van
  • Vanilla Cone Mobile
  • Mobile Sweet Palace
  • Icy Delight Parade
  • Golden Scoop Train
  • The Sweet Street
  • Cold Cones
  • The Rolling Vanilla Bean
  • Rolling With Happiness
  • Creamy Supernova Wheel

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  • The Dairy Lady Rider
  • The Milk Wheel Co.
  • Happy Summer Trailer
  • Vanilla On Road
  • Drive to Soft Serve
  • Ice Cream Bars Bus
  • Creamy Asteroid Truck
  • Frozen Treats On The Go
  • Speedy Bites
  • The Snowman Rider
  • Anywhere Gelato
  • Sweetness Courier
  • The Fast Cone
  • Cruisin’ Dipped Cones
  • Icy Supernova Carnivale
  • Snowball Mobile

Ice Cream Bar Name Ideas

Ice cream bar with rainbow sprinkles.

An ice cream bar is a frozen dessert on a stick or an ice cream-filled candy bar. The coating is typically a thin layer of chocolate used to prevent ice cream from dripping and melting. Of course, there are all sorts of nuts, sprinkles and other creative goodies that canoe used to cover an ice cream bar. 

Ice cream bars are the ideal dose of frozen pleasure on a convenient small portable stick. Best of all, they can be made in advance and served by anyone. Top players in the ice cream bar market include Magnum, Unilever, and Yili. 

  • Extreme Crunch.
  • The Snowbar.
  • Vanilla Asteroid.
  • Creamy Obsession.
  • Epic Snowman.
  • Icy Galaxy.
  • Relish Bar.
  • Fruity Bites.
  • Luscious Dairy.
  • Icy Lush Treats.
  • Lip-Smacking Gelato.
  • Creamy Popbar.
  • Dairy Fountain.
  • Sweet Icy Jupiter.
  • Frosty Fruity Wave.
  • Caramel Serve.
  • Magic Icy Swirl.
  • The Happy Stick.
  • Nutty Bar. 
  • Cookie Heaven Bar.
  • Classic Dairy.
  • Ultra Creamy.
  • Berry Bar.
  • Frosty Neptune.
  • Delightful Treats Co.
  • The Farmer’s Bar.
  • Premium Frostie.
  • No-Fuss Bars.
  • Swirly Bar.
  • Honey Pops.
  • Easy Creamy Bars.
  • Bars N’ Smiles.
  • Explosive Milk Bar.
  • Ultimate Caramel.
  • Jolly Bar.
  • Dairy Elixir.
  • Creamy Magic.
  • Frosty Village.
  • Creamy Bars Boulevard.
  • Frosty Capitol.
  • Divine Bars.
  • Milky Horizon.
  • Creamy Valley.
  • Happy Dairy Nation.
  • Icy Dynasty.
  • Chilled Dough Bars.
  • Chilled Dairy Zone.
  • Happy Cow
  • Joy In A Bar
  • Icy Empire
  • Dairy Rave
  • Happy Sprinkles
  • Frosty Flavors
  • Cool Twist
  • Sub Zero Ice Cream Bars
  • Freezer Bars
  • Snowball Bar

Ice Cream Company Name Ideas

Waffle ice cream, anyone?

There are many successful ice cream companies in the United States. Nestlé Dreyer’s Ice Cream Co., Good Humor/Breyers, Blue Bell Creameries, and Ben & Jerry’s Homemade are among the ice cream companies that dominate the market. 

Additionally, private label ice cream manufacturers and Ben & Jerry’s are the greatest winners from growing frozen dessert consumption. The overall annual sales value of private label ice cream was $1.3 billion US dollars. Ben & Jerry’s alone Brough in $863 million in sales over the same time period. 

  • Doughy Dessert
  • Flavor Kingdom
  • Sugar Scoops
  • Cozy Snowman
  • Grandma’s Choice
  • Dairy Lady
  • Crazy Bar
  • Sweet Twist
  • Icy Sprinkles
  • Gold Cream
  • The Nice Dairy
  • Dopamine Serve
  • Galaxy Snowbar
  • Splendid Frost
  • Velvety Bites
  • Subzero Magic
  • The Dream Cream
  • Lush Dairy
  • Scoop Headquarters
  • The Frostie Lab
  • Cone Palace
  • Icy Venus

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  • The Dairy Kings
  • Melting Wonderland
  • Homemade Creamery
  • Ice Cream Avenue
  • Scoops Of Happiness
  • The Ice Dream
  • Dairy Creations
  • Sundae Heaven
  • Chilly Swirls
  • Creamery Town
  • Frozen Dough
  • Scoop Of Bliss
  • Frosty River
  • Ice Cream Avenue
  • Snowball Country

Ice Cream Shop Name Generator

Ice cream scoops in different flavors.

Feel free to use these generic ice cream store names for any type of ice cream shop. Check Google for other businesses with similar restaurant names to see if your choice isn’t already copyrighted or in use. The Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) is a helpful resource for determining whether the name you’re considering is federally trademarked.

Among the ice cream companies that are already existing or taken are Blue Bell Creameries, Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, Cows Creamery, Double Rainbow, Four Seas Ice Cream, Halo Top Creamery, Hudsonville Ice Cream, Jack and Jill Ice Cream, Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream, and many more.

Just a quick tip, scanning these existing lists of brand names can help you brainstorm and inspire your own possible brand. Let me be your personal ice cream shop name generator. 

  • Scoop Of Bliss
  • Ultra Creamy
  • Master’s Ice Cream Station
  • The Cone Magic
  • Jolly Dairy
  • Dairy Magic
  • Frosty Village
  • The Big Moo
  • Subzero Magic
  • Ice Cream Boulevard
  • Vanilla Elixir
  • Ice Surprise
  • The Scoop Capitol
  • Creamium
  • Frost Rave
  • Ice Desire
  • Joy In A Cone
  • Creamzilla
  • Divine Dairy
  • Icy Quake
  • Frosty Village
  • Creamery Empire
  • Milk Country
  • Slush Dairy
  • Top Dairy
  • Dairy Bliss
  • Classic Scoop
  • Rocky Dairy
  • Icy Sunset
  • Ice Cream Zone
  • Relish A Scoop
  • Chilled Dough
  • Frosty Ripples
  • Milky Scoops
  • Icy Fortress
  • Milk Dynasty
  • Dairy Nation
  • Happy Creamy Land
  • The Promised Cone
  • Frosty Valley
  • Grandma’s Fave
  • Snowball Magic
  • Creamy Horizon

Ice cream brings up summer memories for many Americans, like licking melting cones on a hot summer day; this frozen treat is the definition of nostalgic delight. This frozen dessert has a long and illustrious history that spans generations. So, where did ice cream come from?

The origins of ice cream can be traced back to the second century B.C., yet no exact date of inception or inventor has been definitively credited with the important discovery. Although we know that  Alexander the Great was known to adore snow and ice sweetened with honey while King Solomon from the Bible enjoyed icy drinks while harvesting.

Generations later, Marco Polo returned from the Far East with a recipe that was quite similar to sherbet. This dish is thought to have evolved into ice cream around the 16th century according to historians. England appears to have found ice cream at the same time as the Italians, if not earlier.

Though ice cream has a long history, ice cream has found a home in America where it is one of the country’s most popular treats. This nostalgic frozen dairy’s annual production in the United States is more than 6.4 billion pounds. Every year, the average American consumes about 23 pounds of ice cream and associated frozen sweets.