Want to share your passion for Indian cooking with a global audience? I’ve published more than 389 cooking channel name ideas you can use for YouTube, blogs, or other social media platforms.

There has been 280% growth in food channel subscriptions year over year with more people wanting to learn how to cook than ever before. Of course, the channel name is a crucial part for branding that sets the foundation of your show’s success. To give you a jump start on your food content creation career there’s no need to brain storm on your own. I’ve published a huge list of name suggestions below.

Indian Cooking Channel Name Ideas

  • The Herbs And Spice Kingdom 
  • Delhi Kitchen Diaries 
  • Masters Of Herbs And Spice 
  • Num At Taste
  • The Trio Bengal Aprons
  • Masala Kitchen Magic With (Name) 
  • Indian Wok Gurus 
  • The Indian Cuisine Fusion
  • Classic Curry 
  • Party at Paramjeet
  • Biryani Savoy 
  • Perfect Indian Palette
  • Silly Chilly
  • Indian Cooking Secrets by (Name) 
  • Aroma Binge!
  • Ginger Fingers
  • India’s Taste Temptation 
  • MajaRaja Classic Cuisine 
  • India’s Festive Flavors
  • Sweet Tooth India’s Dessert Recipes 
  • Savor Away
  • Touch Of Spice TV 
  • You Rice Me Up
  • Delhi Delicious
  • Indian Cuisines On-The-Go 
  • Once upon a Spice
  • A Pinch To Taste
  • Legends of an Indian Tongue
  • Kebab Nation 
  • The Authentic Curry Lovers Club 
  • Homemade Authentic Indian Recipes With (Name) 
  • Priceless Spices
  • Along the Streets of India
  • Khanna Veggie Stories 
  • Indian Cuisine Chronicles 
  • Bengal Master Chefs 
  • Spicy Cures 
  • Uphill Aprons

Indian Food Channel Name for Youtube

If you want to reach more audiences for your food channel, incorporating the right keywords in your name can help more viewers find you. YouTube accounts for at least one-third of the internet user population. Any small tweak you can make to increase views will only help. 

  • Masala Dosa Spice Rolls 
  • Authentic Biryani Classics
  • Spices and Slices
  • Aloo gobi Authentic Indian Healthy Snacks
  • The Royal Express Kebab 
  • Masala Stories 
  • The Roti Express 
  • Gulab Jamun Sweet To Taste Creations
  • Indian Tongues
  • Creamy Makhani Cooking TV
  • Punjab’s Soup  And Broth Secrets 
  • Curry More 
  • Chicken Biryani and Other Indian Recipes

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  • Fish Curry Paradise 
  • Naan (Flatbread) Unique Recipes 
  • Aloo Express 
  • Curry, Not Sorry
  •  Tasty Indian Recipes
  • Explore Indian Cuisine
  • Healthily Spicy
  • Spicy Healing
  • Plants, Spices, and More
  • Veggie Haven
  • Haven of Spices
  • Colorful Indian Dishes 
  • Celebration of Foods
  • Must-Try Indian Foods

Indian Cooking Channel Names in Hindi

Samosa, a famous Indian snack.

Here’s a list of Indian cooking channel names that serves Hindi viewers.

  • Hir Golgappe (Powerful Snack) 
  • Harshini Bawarchis (Cheerful Chef) 
  • mujhe ek masaala bachao (Save me a spice) 
  • svaadisht Kadhai (Delicious Wok) 
  • S?hasika Barwachis (The Adventurous Chef) 
  • saral bhaarateey paak kala (Simple Indian Recipes)
  • shaahee masaala (The Imperial Spice) 
  • Karee Ham??? k? liy? Sa?gha (Curry Forever Club) 
  • D?hal? Utkr???a bhojan (New Delhi’s Finest Cuisine) 
  • Chaat masaala  Jv?l? Sv?m?  (Blazing Spice Masters) 
  • L?n? bhaarateey bhojan Mak?na (Bringing Indian Cuisine To Your Homes) 
  • Nahin ?pak? S?dh?ra?a Thali (Not Your Odinary Meal) 
  • R?za M?tr? K? Ja?? b??? masaala (Daily Dose Of Herbs And Spice) 
  • Shaakaahaaree Karee Sukhabhavana (Vegan Curry Paradise) 
  • Dosa Prasid’dha Itih?sa (The Famous Dosa Chronicles)  

Indian Cooking Blog Name Ideas

Food and cooking blogs are a fantastic way to explore Indian culture as you write about recipes, restaurant reviews, and cooking techniques. A blog is a way to improve photography, communication, and marketing skills as you capture the vibrant colors of Indian dishes. Here’s a list of cooking blog names to consider.

  • Indian Treasure Foodie
  • Quick And Easy Authentic Indian Recipe
  • Start A Spice Story
  • Here And Herbs! 
  • The Thali Hub
  • The Real Taste Of India 
  • Cooking Curry 
  • Biryani Is The Way To Go
  • The Masala Aprons
  • Let Me Show You
  • Mincing Minutes
  • Simple Cooking
  • Take the Spice
  • Bring Out the Spice
  • Chilling with Chili’s
  • Well Blended Spices For Indian’s Taste Buds 
  • Andra Pradesh Secret Spices
  • Save A Spice For Me
  • Easy Tasty 
  • Make it Wok
  • Kitchen Emergencies
  • Don’t Burn Your Kitchen!
  • Paprika Tales
  • Seasoned Pans
  • Pans and Grills
  • Herbs, Spice, and Everything Nice
  • Indian Cuisine Projects 
  • Staircase To Spices 
  • Cook Me Something
  • Treat Your Tastebuds
  • Cook It The Indian Masters Way 
  • Indian Cuisine Cooking Techies
  • Know Your Spices Better
  • Thali Satisfied Cravings
  • Confessions of A Spiced Tongue
  • Indianable

Indian Cooking Handles for Social Media

Various Indian Cuisine with turmeric and garlic as the main ingredients.

Social media handles or your brand is a key that unlocks the door to social media engagement.  

  • Biryani Grill 
  • Svaadisht Cooking Guide 
  • Khaana Diaries 
  • Street Spice Club
  • Curry of the Eye
  • A Taste Away From India
  • India’s Best
  • King And Queen Of Spices
  • Every Indian Food Ever
  • Namaste! Food Chronicles 
  • Spice Scale
  • Late Night Snack Ideas
  • Spice the Day
  • Indian Niche
  • Biryani Hunter
  • The Kebab Community
  • Indian Creatives 
  • Amateur Indian Chef Diaries
  • Masaale Express 
  • Drenched in Spice
  • New Delhi Foodgram 
  • Secret Spice Corner 
  • Stir-fry Ideas
  • Indianella
  • Kebab Foodie Corner 
  • Smoked Dreams
  • Breath in Flavors
  • Sambar Club

Marathi Cooking Channel

Traditional Maratah Thali.

Exploring the Maharashtrian cuisine of the Marathi people in India is a unique take on publishing an Indian cooking channel. This is a good niche if you’re fond of mild and spicy dishes. Known for the austerity of their recipes, starting a Marathi cooking channel is a feasible choice that will engage you with viewers who are practicing their cooking skills in the comfort of their homes. 

  • Roti Aprons
  • Vada Pav Cooking Styles
  • The Maharashtrians Cooking Palace 
  • Mumbai Cooking Kings 
  • Never Not Without Peanut
  • Freshly Ground Ideas
  • Vegan Kebab TV
  • Desh Chef Masters
  • Modern Dosa Chronicle 
  • Healthy Thali Spice Infusion
  • Explore Maharashtrian
  • Pick a Veggie
  • Burst of Flavors 

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  • Here’s a Steam Plate
  • Maharashtrian Palate
  • Palate of Nature
  • Spice It Up Gently with (Name) 
  • Marathi’s Classics
  • Simply Marathi
  • Very Vegan
  • Chill Casually with Me
  • Seafood Bonanza
  • Level Up Veggies
  • Peanut Butter Traditions
  • Tag A Vegan
  • Tap A Marathi Chef
  • Trying Recipes from Marathi Cook Books
  • Book the Cook
  • Make Me Forget My Name
  • Disciple of Vegan Diets
  • Hidden Spices
  • Guess the Spice 
  • Open Stove Gossips
  • Phodani Your Way to Perfection

Bengali Cooking Channel

Bengali cuisine is a known cuisine of a region in eastern India that includes. Rice is a staple, served with fish, meat, veggies, and lentils. Social gatherings like adda and the Mezban are central to many Bengali cuisine customs.

  • The River Padma Taste 
  • Ultimate Bengal Delights
  • Lentils And Aprons Show 
  • Truly Chui Jal Easy Recipes 
  • Baking Sweets And Roshogolla with (Name)
  • Darbesh Desserts Club
  • Rich Spice Islands
  • Gallery of Spices
  • Savor Legends
  • Fishing Spice 
  • Famous Bengali Delicacies
  • Bengal Moments
  • 5-minute Bengali Dishes
  • The Adventures Of Bengali Chef 
  • Late Night Shenanigans
  • How To Cook Bengali Dish
  • Street Foods Heaven
  • Seafood at India
  • The Chef Who Likes Biryani
  • Bengali Chef Secrets
  • Secrets to Rich Spices
  • Spice Hunt 
  • Discovering Bengali Dishes
  • Healthy Food Options: The Bengali Way
  • Spice Shenanigans
  • Aesthetic Bengali Cuisine 
  • Delhi Trips 
  • Rating Bengali Dishes
  • Certified Bengali Taste
  • Blend Everything
  • These are the Ingredients
  • Can’t Get Enough
  • Spicy Secrets
  • Rich Flavors 
  • Favorite Bengali Dishes
  • Bengali Food Ideas
  • Budget Bengali Dishes
  • Cook One More Time
  • Bengali Food in a Nutshell

Topics to Cover on a Bengali Cooking Channel

Mouthwatering Biryani.

Planning your content ideas for your Bengali Cooking Channel is easy since there’s so many topics to cover. When hosting a cooking channel, you may talk about the following topics. You should never run short of ideas with this list. 

  1. Ingredients. A prepared Bengali Dish is a culmination of the flavors of the different ingredients that were combined in various cooking techniques. A good cook knows the nutritional values and purposes of what makes up the dish and understands how it contributes to the overall taste. In a cooking channel, discuss the details of the ingredient selection process, nutrition, and the characteristics of their smell and taste. 
  2. Cooking Process. When introducing a dish to your audience, walk them through the process they need to follow to achieve desired taste. Everything you do during the preparation is crucial to the result of the cooking process so help them familiarize the different methods and watch them gradually master the dish they learned from you.
  3. Meal Planning. Another thing you can show your viewers is how they can organize their meals for the day, for the week, and even for the month. As you talk about meal planning, your viewers will have an idea how to save their time and money when cooking. Busy moms and dads with families are an audience that appreciates meal planning. 
  4. Easy Bengali Meals. Focusing on simple Bengali meals that can be prepared is another content topic approach. Featuring easy Bengali recipes is a practical way to increase views and engagement as people search for convenient meals to try at home.
  5. History of Bengali Food.  The culture behind Bengali food is as rich as the history and the climate of the place where it is served. To better how the meals and the delicacies came to be, you may offer your viewers with a deeper perspective about its roots; as a result, it increases the value of the cooking process and the product itself. If you can mix in a history lesson with cooking techniques in an entertaining way, you’ve got a recipe for success. 
  6. Regional Bengali Dishes. A way to explore the state of Bengal without actually going to Bengal is to introduce the culture of different its local regions through the food of the Bengali People. If your audience is looking for dishes that have a perfect blend of sweet and spicy flavors, featuring regional Bengali Dishes is for you.  
  7. Vegetarian Meals. Indian food offers an abundance of vegetarian meal options. Help your audience maintain a balanced weight by guiding them through the process of cooking the perfect combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. You’ll also be able to attract an audience of vegetarians. 

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Indian cuisine was internationally recognized as the 9th most popular cuisine because of its broad appeal. Indian food utilizes mouth-watering spices array of flavors that make the consumer’s dining experience remarkable. There’s no doubt that people love the unique blend of spices that gives a pleasing aroma that can fill a home kitchen.

On top of that, many ingredients used in Indian cuisine have medicinal properties. Ginger, garlic, turmeric, and fennel seeds are good for the digestive and immune systems.