As long as vehicles continue to break down, the auto repair industry will continue being in strong demand. Whether you purchase a brand new car or an old one, a repair will be needed in the future whether it’s a battery replacement or something major like a transmission overhaul.

Globally, the automotive repair and maintenance service industry is projected to grow more than 3% from 2021 and 2031. Additionally, 162,000 automotive repair and maintenance services establishments (both standalone businesses and units of multi-location companies) in the US have a combined annual revenue of $115 billion.

If you’re thinking about opening a mechanic shop or garage, you’ll need to come up with a distinct brand name. And the good news, I’ve already compiled name suggestions that aren’t taken for every auto repair business theme you can imagine (literally)! Start your engines and let’s take a look. 

Mechanic Shop Name Ideas

The following suggestions can help you develop a name for your mechanic shop. Please make sure to double-check if any other businesses or shops already use the same brand name if you acquire ideas from here. It is essential to ensure that your company name is unique and doesn’t sound too similar to competitors in the local market.

  • Viva Auto Shop
  • Spectrum Auto Parts And Repair
  • J’s Car And Truck Repair Shop
  • New Gen Auto Shop
  • 8th Block Auto Services
  • Auto Clinic Inc.
  • Lucky Mechanic
  • A & B Garage
  • Urban Auto Care
  • Car Medic Co.
  • The Ignition Guys
  • Sunshine Auto Repair
  • The Good Mechanic
  • Target Mechanic
  • Atlas Auto Works
  • Rise Engine Pros
  • The Happy Tires
  • Freedom Auto Repairs
  • Next Level Mechanics
  • Alpha Auto Service Center
  • Evolve Auto Shop Inc.
  • Speedy Auto Care
  • Eco Auto Services Center
  • Car-verse Mechanics Inc.
  • Comet Automobile Repair Co.
  • Patriot Auto Care Shop
  • The Car Surgeon
  • 24/7 Auto Hub Inc.
  • Drip Auto Car Repair Center
  • The Zen Mechanic
  • The Neighborhood Auto Works
  • Astral Car Repairs
  • Rainbow Engine Pros
  • Nirvana Car Repair Center
  • Hybrid Automotive Care
  • We Fix It Mechanics Inc.
  • The Pacific Auto Services
  • Bravo Engine Pros
  • Restore Automotive
  • Cyber Tires Co.
  • Extra Mile Garage
  • Delta Auto Works
  • Aurora Automotive Center

Garage Name Ideas

The past few years have seen a significant rise in vehicle production and car sales (especially EV units) making a mechanic business an attractive opportunity for entrepreneurs. If you want to launch a garage for vehicle repairs, here are some name suggestions to consider.

  • Empire Auto Garage
  • Eco Tech Auto Garage
  • Divine Service And Repair Garage
  • The Apex Garage Inc.
  • Beyond Garage Auto Services
  • Evolve Garage Co.
  • Ride 4 Life Garage
  • A Plus Auto Shop
  • Bunny Auto Garage LLC
  • Ace Automobile Garage
  • The Drift Garage LLC
  • Zenith Tires Auto Services
  • Green Light Automobile Hub
  • The Best Way Engine Pros
  • Garage Wonderland
  • Enigma Automobile Repair Shop
  • Viper Engine Pros
  • Infinite Car Repair Center
  • Omega Auto Repairs
  • Supernova Car Repair Center
  • The Explorer Auto Services

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  • Liberty Garage Inc.
  • Odyssey Auto Works
  • Havana Auto Service Center
  • Emerald Automobile Repair Co.
  • Prime One Garage
  • The Dollar Auto Workshop
  • Genesis Engine Specialists
  • The Rebel Auto Repair
  • Indigo Auto Parts And Repair
  • Triple Ninja Auto Repairs, LLC
  • The Auto Guru’s Garage
  • Millennial Mechanic Garage
  • Planet Garage Inc.
  • Golden Tree Garage
  • Maple Auto Service Center
  • Sonic Garage LLC
  • Auto Quest Mechanic Garage

Auto-Repair Shop Name Ideas

Your valuable car is safe here!

Below are some more suggestions to get your creative juices flowing for an auto-repair shop. 

  • Flex Auto Repair Shop 
  • Absolute Mechanic, LLC
  • Fusion Auto Repair And Car Services
  • Auto Minds Car Repair Services
  • Deluxe Auto Garage, Inc.
  • The Auto Devils
  • Evolve Auto Fix, LLC
  • Finesse Auto Repair Shop
  • Metamorphosis Auto Services
  • One-Stop Auto-Parts & Repair
  • Shine To Da Max Car Services
  • Precise Auto Garage
  • Mastermind Auto Repair Center
  • Auto Tribe Car Repair Center
  • Mythical Auto Services
  • The Force Auto Fix
  • Ninja Crew Auto Repair
  • Cavalier Auto Repair Services
  • Victory Mechanic, Inc.
  • The Drip Auto Repair Shop
  • Galactic Auto Repair Center
  • Valiant Car Repair Shop
  • Bad Gal Auto Fix, LLC
  • Namaste Garage Inc.
  • Auto Guardians Car Repair Shop
  • Patriot Auto Repair Services
  • Matrix Auto Care
  • A to Z Auto Repair Hub
  • Jack’s Auto Repair
  • Altitude Auto Shop Inc.
  • Five Star Auto Care Center
  • Ivory Garage LLC
  • Mystic Auto Garage
  • 24-Karat Auto Repair Services
  • New Highway Engine Pros

Funny Mechanic Shop Name Ideas

Using humor in branding is a tried and tested strategy for many brands to remain memorable for audiences. Indeed, humor can help a brand create meaningful relationships with its target audience. Check out these name suggestions if you want to develop a punny (see what I did there) mechanic shop name.

  • Oily In The Morning, Inc.
  • Mind Over Motor Garage
  • It’s Brake Time Auto Services
  • It’s A Tire Auto Care Center
  • Change You A-Tire Car Services
  • We Nut And Bolt, LLC
  • Never Tire’d Auto Garage
  • Never On A Brake Auto Services
  • 1-800-Good Car Repair
  • We Know The Drill, LLC
  • Lord of the Springs
  • Van-Go Car Works
  • Koala-Fied Auto Care Center
  • Very Car-ful Auto Repair Services
  • Re-Volts Auto Hub, Inc.
  • Peter Parker Garage, LLC
  • Good Car-Ma Auto Parts & Repair
  • Never Exhaust-ed Auto Services
  • Never Too Tire-d Car Services
  • Have A Brake Auto Care Center
  • Nine To Drive Auto Garage
  • Wheel Be Alright Engine Pros
  • Alive And Wheel, LLC
  • Achilles’ Wheel Auto Services
  • As A Motor Of Fact
  • Beginner’s Truck Auto Care Center
  • Fuel Great Auto Repair
  • Brake A Leg, Inc.
  • For Heaven’s Brake
  • Give And Brake Auto Services
  • The Brake Up Call

Motorcycle Garage Name Ideas

Your motorcycle repair shop name should be distinctive, catchy, and evoke the motorcycle culture. To achieve just that, you can incorporate words that express “speed,” “endurance,” “freedom,” or “performance.” Here are some examples that fit this theme. 

  • Drip Wheels Garage
  • Mad Motors Garage, LLC
  • Speedy Furious Bike Fix, Inc.
  • Bike World, Inc
  • ABC Bikes Auto Parts & Repair
  • The Cycle Guys, Inc
  • Bee Motorcycle Garage
  • Alpha Motorcycle Auto Repair Shop
  • Ventura Bike Pros, Inc.
  • Wheel Fortress, LLC
  • Bike O’clock Auto Services
  • Motor Boost Garage
  • Rebel Repair Shop
  • Freedom Wheel Fixers
  • 44th Block Bike Garage
  • The Mech Next Door
  • Luxe Bike Repairs
  • Frenzy Bikes Garage
  • The Friendly Mechs, LLC
  • Urban Drip Motor Repair Garage
  • Pedals & More Garage
  • Power Pedal Auto Parts & Repair
  • Never Tire’d Garage
  • Wheel Heaven, Inc
  • Bikes R Us, LLC
  • The Race Zone
  • Saturn Cycle Garage

Diesel Mechanic Name Ideas

Fixing tools for a safer drive!

Whenever you choose a name for your diesel repair business, you should choose one that represents what exactly your business does. Here are some name ideas if you specialize in diesel engine repair.

  • Dimension Diesel Truck Center
  • Skyline Diesel Repair, LLC
  • Progress Diesel Repair
  • Mythical Truck Service
  • Fanta Diesel Repair & Auto Parts
  • Tough Guys Truck Service
  • Dynamic Diesel Trailer & Truck Repair
  • Hunter Diesel Truck Center
  • Zilla Diesel Repair Services
  • Casa Diesel, LLC

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  • Good & Mighty Diesel Repair
  • Proville Truck & Trailer Body and Repair Shop
  • The Antidote Diesel Repair, Inc.
  • Mechanic Boulevard Truck Service
  • Monarch Diesel Mechanics, LLC
  • Radiant Diesel Truck Center
  • Bazooka Truck Repair Service, Inc.
  • Enigma Diesel Repair Center
  • Diesel Bros Auto Parts And Repair Center
  • Fortune Guys Diesel Repair Services
  • Meteor Truck Service, LLC
  • Wild Spirit Diesel Repair, Inc.
  • Nirvana Diesel Truck & Trailer Repair

Auto Parts Shop Name Ideas

Regularly perform vehicle inspections.

When naming your auto parts or supply store business, be sure to emphasize the products you sell like air filters, spark plugs, windshield wiper blades, or headlight replacements. 

  • Prime Mode Auto Parts, LLC
  • Metro-X Auto Parts Center
  • Zen Auto Parts Center & Car Repair
  • Automobile Temple Auto Parts Center
  • The Outlaws Auto Parts, Inc.
  • 88th Block Car Repair & Auto Parts
  • Accelerate Plus Auto Parts
  • Prime One Auto Parts Center
  • Se7en Auto Parts, Inc.
  • The Genesis Auto Parts
  • Rebel Auto Parts And Repair Center
  • Thrive  Car Repair & Auto Parts
  • Project Excel Auto Parts, LLC
  • 444 Lucky Auto Parts Center
  • Ecstasy Truck Service & Auto Parts
  • Casa Brillante Auto Parts, Inc.
  • Phantom Auto Parts, Inc.
  • Astral Repair Center And Auto Parts

Auto Detail Shop Name Ideas

  • Fresh Planet Auto Detailing Services
  • Finesse Car Detailing Services
  • Bright Sun Auto Painting, Inc.
  • Big Boss’ Pro Detailers
  • ABC Car Care Center, Inc.
  • Sunville Car Accessories, Inc.
  • Divergent Auto Detailing Clinic
  • Freebirds Auto Detailing Center
  • Emerald Auto Detailing Services
  • Gemini Auto Painting, Inc.
  • Cloud Nine Car Care Center, Inc.
  • Havana Car Accessories, LLC
  • Dazy Auto Detailing Services
  • Precision Glaze Pro Detailing
  • Clarity Auto Painting Services
  • Max Care Auto Detailing Services
  • Tough Guys Mobile Detailing
  • Spectrum Professional Detailers
  • Eco Design Car Center, Inc.
  • Happy Shine Auto Detailing
  • Shine O’Clock Auto Detailing Services
  • Solaris Auto Care Center, Inc.

Bike Mechanic Shop Name Ideas

Smooth rides all the way!

Making your business name catchy can be accomplished using rhythm or alliteration. These names use this naming approach and are instantly recognizable. A few examples of these include Beta Bikes, Pedal Pals, or Rise Riders. 

  • Beta Bikes, Inc.
  • Rise Riders Bike Center
  • Bling Bikes, LLC
  • Pedal Pals Bike Parts and Repair Center
  • Pedal Panic Bike Repair Center
  • Cycle City Bike Parts And Repair Center
  • Buy Better Bike Center
  • Backyard Biker Bike Parts And Repair
  • Top Gear Bike Repair Services
  • Primera Bike Parts And Repair Center
  • Sin City Bike Repair Center, LLC
  • Royal Touch Bike Shop
  • Mister Shine Bike Repair
  • Luxe Detail Bike Pros, Inc.
  • Winged Wheels Bike Repair Center
  • Pedal Prince Bike Center

Old Time Garage Name Ideas

Owning an old garage does not automatically mean “outdated” and “rusty.” If you want to start an attractively old-fashioned garage that serves a customer base of antique or vintage cars, here are some suggestions. 

  • Old Skool Auto Parts And Repair
  • Revival Auto Parts And Repair
  • Phantom Retro Auto Service Center
  • Classic Glory Auto Services, LLC
  • Retro Auto Automobile Repair Shop
  • Time And Dime Auto Parts And Repair
  • Vintage World Car Repair Center
  • Antiquely Auto Parts And Repair
  • Old Miracle Car Repair Center
  • Infinite Treasure Engine Specialists

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  • Old Treasure Auto Services
  • Alluring Antique Automobile Garage
  • Vintage Years Auto Parts And Repair
  • Past Treasures Auto Repairs, LLC
  • Discover Dreams Auto Repair, Inc.
  • The Retro Kings Car Repair Center
  • Past and Future Auto Repair Center
  • Ye Olde Treasures Auto-Parts & Repair
  • Bygone Echoes Auto Repair Services
  • Antique Wonders Auto Services, Inc.
  • Value Vintage Engine Pros, LLC
  • Really Retro Service And Repair Garage

Mechanic Shop Industry Statistics

The mechanic shop industry is a big old market that’s been around forever. This section will examine some of those statistics associated with the mechanic shop market.

  • Currently, over 180,251 auto mechanics are working in the United States.
  • Women make up 4.9% of all auto mechanics, while men make up 91.7%.
  • Whites make up 66.9%, followed by Hispanics or Latinos (16.8%) and Blacks or African-Americans (9.1%).
  • The average annual salary for an auto mechanic is $36,234. In the top 10% of the highest-paid auto mechanics, they earn $50,000 or more.
  • Auto mechanics are more likely to work at private companies than public companies.
  • By 2022, it is expected that 18% of American families will utilize a vehicle repair service at least once a year.
  • The average age of an employed Auto Mechanic is 40 years old.
  • The auto repair industry includes approximately 16,000 establishments across the United States. The sector is estimated to be worth $880 billion per year. Small growth is also anticipated for the industry in the next few years.

Choose a name for your business that will create a favorable impression of your establishment and brand message. If you want to learn more about building a compelling brand message, make sure to read this