Have you noticed how many vape shops are open in your town? You’ll find them in nearly every little strip mall. And there’s good reason why there’s so many of these establishments in terms of low(ish) startup cost, simplicity of operation, and profitability.

A vape shop or an eCig store is a relatively business to start. You may be looking at costs of around $25,000 to $50,000, depending on the size of your store and location according to the eHopper website. The report also points out that if you plan to open in a major city, it will cost you more when compared to the cost of opening in a small town.

When it comes to how profitable a vape shop is, according to other industry reports, the average vape shop reports monthly sales amounting to $26,000. If you have monthly expenses of about $10,000, then your business would see an annual profit of $120,000 before taxes. As you can see, if you were able to open a few locations, you could make a fantastic living. 

And that is why we went out of our way to provide you with the best vape shop name ideas for all you, smoky entrepreneurs. We have it all – from normal vape shop names to the absolutely funny ones that we can think of. What are you waiting for? Scroll down now! Scrub through our list of over 201 ideas that you can use right now.

Vape Shop Name Ideas

As mentioned above, the Ecigarette and Vape industry is growing at a rapid pace, since consumers describe them as the better alternative to regular cigarettes. So, there is a demand for these devices – a need as some might say.

If you are planning to establish a foothold in this industry, you can start by choosing the best name for your vape shop. Here are a few of the best ideas to help you start:

  • Puff Stuff Co.
  • Happy Dragon Vape Shop
  • The Puff Club
  • Spoils And Oils
  • Vapor Ready Inc.
  • The Vape Shop
  • The Vapor Lab
  • E-Rupt Vape Shop
  • Heavy Cloud Vape Shop
  • Into Thin Airs
  • New Vapor Art
  • Those Purple Clouds
  • Vape Allure Co.
  • The Vape Juice Spot
  • Vaping Escapes Inc.
  • The Slow Burnings Collective
  • Smoke Stixx Ltd.
  • Quit Cigs Vape Co.
  • Young Clouds Inc.
  • The Puff N Mingle
  • Steady Streams Inc.
  • Vape Pen Palace
  • The Quick Puff Hut
  • Silver Lining Smoke
  • eCigs and More
  • Smoldering Mists Inc.
  • Pinky Haze Vape Shop
  • The Smolder Vape Shop
  • The Puff Club
  • The Midnight Vaping Club

Vape Pen Name Ideas

A small vape pen.

A vape pen looks exactly how it sounds. It is a modular vaping device that looks exactly like a pen, which is a good choice for those that are trying to hide it from their parents. With that said, our list contains the best vape pen name ideas that you can use.

  • The Red Lava Vaporium
  • The Art of Vape
  • (Your Name’s) Vapor Spot
  • White Fly Vaporium
  • King Of Vape
  • Vape And Beyond
  • The Commission Vape Shop
  • The Penchant Puff
  • Omega Puff Club
  • (Your Name’s) Vapors
  • The Happy Vape Shop
  • New Earth Vape Shop
  • The Vape Escape
  • Planet of the Vape
  • The Black Label Vape Shop
  • Dragon Vapes Co.
  • VapeX
  • Top Notch Vapes
  • The Old Town Vape Shop
  • The Expert Exhale
  • The Quantum Leap Vape Store
  • Mad Stick Vapors
  • The Vape Machine
  • Joyful Days Vapors
  • New Day Vapors
  • The Vape Guru
  • Gold Craft  Vapors
  • Yellow Wood Vapor Store
  • The Vape Planet
  • The Vape Studio

Mod Shop Name Ideas

A mod shop is where vapers come in to modify their vape pens. Some might want to change the battery, so it lasts longer or perhaps they would want to change the heating mechanism for the e-liquid, so that it’s more powerful.

But since you’re here, you know that already. So, here are the best mod shop name ideas just for you:

  • 21st Century Smoke
  • Beyond Vape
  • E-vape Enterprises
  • Inhale Vape Shop
  • The Vape Samurai
  • The Miracle Vape Shop
  • The Kick Start Vape Store
  • The Vape Smog
  • Monsoon Vape Shop
  • Sniff Vape Store
  • North Quest Vapors
  • The Vapour Yard
  • New Element Vapors
  • The Henley Vaporium
  • The Vapor Trading Company
  • Ease Up Vapors
  • Illuminvape
  • Inhale Exhale Vape Shop
  • Inhale Happiness
  • Something Smokeless
  • Escape with a Vape
  • Sky Vape Stores Inc.
  • Novele Vapor Store Co.
  • The Kush Kingdom
  • The Vape Shack
  • For The Vape
  • Clouds Of Bounty
  • Feel The Ohm
  • Cloud Cluster Vape
  • Volt Vapors Inc.

Ecig Shop Name Ideas

An ecig.

  • The Village Vaporium
  • Vape World Emporium
  • Vapeology
  • The Ecig Flavourium Vape Boutique
  • Viva Las Vapor
  • Venice Vapor Lab
  • Life of Vapor
  • The Vapor Revolution
  • Vape Crave
  • Vapor Storm
  • The Vaporville
  • The Vape Lounge
  • The Vapor Trading Company
  • Smok’n Hot Vapors
  • Vapor Bombz
  • i Vape Shop
  • I Heart Vape
  • The Ecig Lounge Co.
  • One 2 Vapor
  • Darth Vaper
  • Mode E Cigarettes
  • I Lava Vape
  • The Modern Smoker
  • The New Age Smoke Shop
  • Forward Thinking Smoker
  • CloudHunterz Vapor Shop Inc.
  • The Downtown Vape Store
  • Beyond Just Vape
  • Statesmen E-cig
  • Welcome The Fog

Tobacco Shop Name Ideas

A stack of cigarettes.

As mentioned in our introduction, tobacco is not going away any time soon. If you are planning to put up a tobacco shop, well, below is a lost of all the greatest names for you to start with.

  • Pipes and Things Smoke Shop
  • Smoke n Mirrors Tobacconist
  • Vaping Adventure & Smoke Shop
  • Earthly Pleasures Smoke Co.
  • Herbal Ciggy Shop
  • Downward Fume Place
  • Sutliff Tobacco Company
  • US Smokeless Tobacco Company LLC
  • Mr. Bill’s Pipe and Tobacco Company
  • The Secondhand Smoke
  • Gift of Smoke
  • Luxury Life Tobacco Co.
  • The Cigar Co.
  • Exhale Cigar and Tobacco Shop
  • The Snuff Box
  • The Global Tobacco Inc.
  • Chasing Smoke Clouds
  • The Crumpled Cigarillo
  • The First Century Smoker
  • Label Wind Cigarillos
  • Smoke Ready Cigarillo Store
  • Rare Tiger Tobacco
  • Steam City Cigarillo Corp.
  • The Smokomatic
  • Smoke City
  • Only Semi Smokeless
  • Non Stop Smoking
  • The Smokey Pleasure
  • The Knockout Smoker
  • In and Out Smoking Emporium

Smoke Shop Name Ideas

Lighting up.

  • Smoking Sessions
  • The Smoke Depot
  • The Smoke Studio
  • The Smoker’s Paradise
  • Smoke n Toke
  • The Pipe Emporium
  • The Smoke Shack
  • The Smoker’s Place
  • Green Smoke
  • The Passive Smoker
  • The Smoker’s Den
  • A Little Smoke Spot
  • For The Smoke
  • Old Smokey
  • Good For The Public Smoke Shop
  • The Private Smoking Joint
  • The Chiefin’ Reef
  • The Smoke Market
  • King of Smoke
  • Smokin’ Deals
  • The Tobac-Go
  • Pipes R Us
  • The Smoking Bazaar
  • Smoke Shop
  • The Cigarillo Store
  • Foggy Bottom
  • The Smoke King
  • Tobacco Depot
  • The Outback Smoke Shop
  • The Smoking Club

Funny Smoke Shop Name Ideas

Vaping and smoke.

  • Evape-orate
  • The Coughie Shop
  • Inhale Industries
  • Sniff Vape Store
  • The Vaporize Shop
  • The Senate Vape Shop
  • The Vape Shop Mogul
  • The Great E Vape
  • The Confident Vaper
  • Only For Smokers
  • Vague Vape Store
  • Namaste Vape Shop
  • E-CIGination
  • The Hip Vape Shop
  • The Glassomizer Vape
  • The Hot Spot
  • Yellow Ganja Co.
  • The Nicotine Guy
  • Vali Vapors Inc.
  • The Vape Warehouse
  • Vape Subway
  • Home of the Vaper
  • Puff Pens Inc.
  • Sweet Spot Pens
  • Vapor Caper
  • The Zip Vape Shop
  • The Flood Vape
  • Tank Vape
  • The Sweet Airflow Vape
  • The Beta Habit Smoking Emporium

Vape Industry Statistics and Analysis 

When it comes to the United States E-cigarette and Vape industry, the market is growing at a rapid rate. In fact, this market was valued at $6.1 billion in 2020, but is expected to reach $7.4 billion by this year, according to Grand View Research

On top of that, their report also states that the E-cigarette and Vape market is  expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.3% during the forecast period of 2021 to 2028. This rapid growth can be attributed in part to safer smoking alternatives. That is because these devices provide the same nicotine that is in regular cigarettes, but without the harmful effects of the tobacco smoke.

Yes, these devices do not include tobacco. Many people use vapes or E-cigarettes as a pathway to help quit smoking. That’s because these devices offer nicotine and non-nicotine. And since nicotine is the addictive element, people who choose the non-nicotine view these devices as a better alternative.

But don’t let these numbers cloud your judgment. As a startup, there are many challenges up ahead before you start becoming profitable. In fact, about 70% of startups fail during the first two to five years according to industry reports. On top of that, as of 2015, there were already 9,945 vape shops in the United States, making the competition well entrenched at this point. Aside from that, you also have to take into account government regulations, which are quite strict and can also hinder growth in addition to online competition.

Finally, community members can order many of these products from the comfort of their homes. They don’t need to visit your shop to make a purchase.  

You also need to understand that tobacco and regular cigarettes are also a competitor in your chosen market. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that cigarette smoking has decreased from 20.9% in 2005 to 13.7% in 2018. Despite that, the tobacco manufacturing industry is still worth $50 billion today. And in 2017, about 249 billion cigarettes were sold in the US. Bottom line, there are still a lot of people smoking cigarettes. 

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Now that we have covered all the statistics, it’s time to conduct your own research. I suggest starting out with a business plan and understanding your location competition. How many other vape or smoke shops are located within 5 miles of the location you plan to open? Will you be located alongside a busy roadway? Do you have any plan to make your shop different or unique from everyone else that’s in business already. 

Considering your products won’t be completely unique, you’ve got to think of ways to differentiate the shopping experience. One option would be to hold meetups at your shop so like minded customers can connect with each other. Another idea would be to offer free samples when new flavors come in.

There you go! More than 201 of the best vape shop name ideas for a smoky entrepreneur such as yourself. Here at Mobile-Cuisine, we make it a priority to provide you with whatever your business needs. If that means taking time to research and come up with truly catchy names that you can use to name your company then so be it.