Today’s mobile food businesses need to recognize that customer loyalty goes a long way. As a vendor, you need to continually re-evaluate your approach in your food truck customer service. Vendors must continually seeing what works and doesn’t. Consumers can become bored, even if you have provided great customer service in the past.

How To Customize Your Food Truck Customer Service

While you may have long lines today, next week anything could cause that to change. You need to take this into account and modify, modernize and customize your food truck customer service to elevate and differentiate your mobile business from all of the other food service businesses in your area.

  • Understand the competition. Take a look at what is and isn’t working for other food trucks and restaurants in your market. While we would never suggest “stealing” their approach, we would suggest taking what works, and putting your own spin on it to improve your customer service.
  • Give your menu a different spin. Take some time and effort to provide meals based on various dietary needs or allergies. Expanding your customer base through simple changes to some of your favorite menu items can be as easy as swapping out some ingredients for others.
  • Use social media for more. Vendors looking to differentiate their food truck customer service should consider using social media to notify your loyal guests about up-coming specials to keep them coming back. Too many trucks use their social media account just to give customers their next location (if they use social media at all).
  • All in the family. Make all of your customers feel like a member of your food truck family.

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Great customer service plays a vital role in retaining customers and maintaining financial success of your mobile food business. Remember that there’s more to customer service than hiring happy employees and greeting customers at your service window.

The Bottom Line

Not every customer is created equal, at least that’s how your food truck should think. These simple changes or additions to your current food truck customer service plan can help pave the road to continued growth of your mobile business.

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