When you operate a food truck, sooner or later you’re likely to face a tense situation involving a customer. Whether or not the situation was your fault, you’ll need to be able to respond tactfully and keep things on a positive note. No food truck owner likes to take tough questions from a skeptical prospective customers. But since providing good answers is often the difference between winning and losing their business, it pays to get it right.

How To Answer Customers’ Tough Questions

Dont’ beat yourself up for not knowing an answer. After all, a it’s responsibility is to have the tenacity to make things right, not to be perfect. The mistake many vendors make,  is in using the knee-jerk “I don’t know” response, which doesn’t help the customer.

  • Clarify the question before answering it. Repeat it back in your own words or ask the customer to explain further. You don’t want to address a question that wasn’t even asked.
  • Provide an expert point of view. Your customer is more likely to trust a consultant who has intimate knowledge of the mobile food industry than someone who simply understands how the industry works. Show that you can apply your expertise to solve the customer’s problems.
  • Stay calm. Demeanor speaks volumes. Regardless of the question, be confident and don’t get defensive. The most powerful response to the most difficult question isn’t solely the answer you give. It’s also how you say it.

4 Commonly Asked Tough Questions Food Truck Vendors Face

Brush up on your problem solving skills by answering seven of the top tough customer questions.

  • Why don’t you have this menu item in stock?
  • Why did I pay less the last time I was here?
  • Can I have a refund on my order?
  • You guys did it for me the last time I was here! Why can’t you do it this time?

The important thing is to have some answers ready and a sincere desire to provide great customer service.

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The Bottom Line

A critical aspect of every customer interaction is not necessarily what you have planned to say. Rather, it is how you handle the tough questions customer ask. The way you handle these questions is what separates you from the competition.

We know that great service benefits from having good systems in place. Use these tips to help your staff answer tough questions that you can use and adjust when needed. While it’s hard to come up with a perfect solution for angry customers, don’t let that stop you from making your best effort.

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