If you own a food truck, you know that one of the most important steps in building your business is properly training your team. Many food truck vendors train staff on service, but few teach them sales techniques. Both of these areas are equally important to avoid food truck service mistakes and creating a great customer experience.

Your service window staff are the face of your mobile food business.  Because of this, one of the most important details in your food truck is your server training.  If you do not regularly train your service window staff members, they may be making mistakes that lead to lost business. Are your staff members making these common food truck service mistakes?

Common Food Truck Service Mistakes That Are Avoidable

Not Asking Customers If They Are First-Timers

Very often, food truck customers are first timers who know nothing about what makes your food truck different from your competition.  This is where your service window staff can start building customer relationships and give these customers more reasons to return.  Giving the consumer a means to feel connected to your mobile food business is a powerful form of marketing.

Building these relationships will help you build repeat business and a true competitive advantage for your food truck.

Not Having Menu And Service Knowledge

Your servers can’t sell if they don’t know what every item on your menu is or how it tastes and is prepared. They also cant sell your services (catering) if they don’t know all of the details. Constant training in service & sales is critical to your food truck’s success.  Train your service staff to know your menu and services inside out then train them to educate and inform your each of your customers.

Not Having A Game Plan

Don’t hire service window staff members to strictly take orders. This is why every server should be taught to know what menu item they will they recommend, what upsells & add-ons will they recommend before the order window is opened every shift.  Remember, many food truck customers are at your truck for the first time.  It is up to your service staff to educate and make suggestions that customers will appreciate.

Poor Communication

Your entire food truck staff are a team this includes your managers.  Every one of them should approach each customer as if they are VIPs.  This takes teamwork and communication..  Train your staff to back each other up, communicate and ask for help to ensure every customer’s experience is consistent and positively memorable.

Not Inviting Customers To Return

If you weren’t aware of it, it is more important and less expensive to market to your existing customers than to try to find new ones. Because of this, it only makes sense to make build a rapport with every customer who walks up to your food truck.   Remember to train your service window staff to promote your differentiators, product knowledge and to treat every customer as if they were are your only customer.  Then smile, thank them and invite them back to your food truck.

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