Outside of food quality and service, the biggest issue for food truck owners is keeping a positive attitude with their staff and keeping them motivated. The interesting thing is, when your staff is helpful to customers, they will typically receive positive feedback. Having a good grasp of food knowledge is one thing, but local information and recommendations can really make a difference to a customer’s experience. Build up your staff’s local knowledge and their ability to give customers extra information about your area including those who may just be walking by.

Use this list to build a local fact file for each of the cities your food truck operates in for your staff, and quiz them from time to time to check if they’re offering the correct answers.

Give Customers Extra Information

This guide explains the basic sources of knowledge available to your staff and how you can best share this information with your customers.

Make sure your food truck staff can respond to questions like these:

  • When did the business start, and who were the first owners?
  • If there have been other owners since, what has changed?
  • Do you do catering, functions etc?
  • What’s the website, phone number, and email address?
  • Where can I find a local taxi, bus, train etc?
  • Phone number and website for transport information.
  • Best place for parking – long and short stay.
  • How much does it cost – described in a way that makes it sound affordable.
  • Where is an ATM?
  • Where is the post office or where can I buy a stamp? How much does postage cost on a postcard or letter?

Local attractions and points of interest:

  • Places that would appeal to a family with young children.
  • Places that would appeal to people that like shopping.
  • A well-known tourist attraction – hours of opening and costs etc.
  • Places that would appeal to a group of sport players who are staying locally for a competition.
  • Places that would appeal to people who like walks and outdoor activities.
  • Local bookshops, fashion shops, music shops, gift shops and department stores for browsing.
  • Is there an internet café nearby?

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The Bottom Line

For this strategy is to be effective, you must make sure your staff is committed to it and are fully aware of the benefits it can bring. Discuss with them the best ways of collecting and how to give customers extra information.

There are many more but we wanted to get you started. Do you think there are any glaring omissions about staff being able to give customers extra information? Share your thoughts on this topic in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Twitter | Facebook