From time to time, food truck owners are asked some questions by their staff that are easily answered with, “Because I said so.” Instead of treating your team like many of us were treated as children, give them answers based on facts. The “why” question we’ll talk about today is one that is frequently asked, “Why do we have to provide great service?”

4 Reasons Why Food Trucks Must Provide Great Service

  • Makes the truck stand out. One of the biggest problem in food service is poor service . Providing your customers with great service will make your food truck stand out from the crowd. It also makes a positive impression on your customers, which leads to the next answer.
  • Keeps customers coming back. Every food truck should follow the motto“Make every customer a repeat customer”. You can do that by providing great service. It gives customers a reason to come back and to tell others about your food truck which leads to the next answer.
  • Creates word-of-mouth advertising. The best (and cheapest) form of advertising is word-of-mouth. Deliver on the promise of great service and people will talk about your food truck in a great way. And the more people that talk about your truck will lead to the next answer.
  • Increased sales. The first three answers in this list ultimately relate to making more money. Word of mouth advertising is the most effective means of advertising. Repeat customers are your most profitable customers. And finally, build your customer base and keep them coming back, and increased sales will follow.

Many food trucks fail to realize just how important great service is for the overall health of your mobile food business. This can be a huge mistake, since great customer service isn’t just important… it’s absolutely vital.

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The Bottom Line

The next time one of your staff members question you about why providing great service, instead of the typical “Because I said so” answer, provide them with these 4 reasons.

Do you have any additional answers we may have missed in regards to why great service is so important to the success of your food truck? Share your thoughts on social media. Facebook | Twitter