No matter what your position, you know how order errors can be a pain during a busy food truck service. Not only does the business end up footing the bill, but customers start to question your service abilities. Ultimately, you end up spending more time fixing the error than focusing on customer service. The biggest issue is that it all could have been avoided.

If you want to save your food truck from profit loss and stress, learn how to deal with order errors. Use these tips to improve the accuracy of the orders in your food truck.

Stop Order Errors At Your Food Truck

Have Servers Repeat Orders

The first tip is simple. You’ve probably even heard and probably used it before. Train your service counter staff to repeat back orders to customers so they can verify it. This leaves little room for an error to be made before they move to the next order.

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Simplify Your Menu

How many items are on your food truck menu? Is it littered with fun, quirky names for simple dishes? If so, consider simplifying your menu to help stop order errors. A simple menu makes it easier for customers to understand, as well as staff to understand what they want. This tip also helps your food truck’s bottom line.

If your staff has to remember fifteen or more dishes, versus five or six, the odds are that they’ll mess up more frequently. Either way, simple is better on a food truck. Not only that, but it will benefit everyone involved during busy service.

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Limit Menu Substitutions

Unless your primary menu changes daily, limiting substitutions can stop order errors. Your food truck kitchen works like a well-oiled machine, any change in your systems can throw a wrench into the entire operation.

If there are five different ingredient substitutions for three separate orders, you’re inviting confusion into the equation. For most of you,  your staff gets the job done. However, the chance for a errors decrease when they see fewer special orders.

Dietary restrictions and allergies are one thing. But you don’t need to allow every single dish to be customized. Especially when it contributes to messing up the flow in the kitchen.

Clarify Substitutions

There’s nothing worse than a vegetarian getting an order with meat. Or someone who is allergic to nuts getting walnuts on their order. Mistakes happen, but some order errors can be detrimental to your customers.

To prevent these problems, train your staff to verify with the kitchen that it’s the correct substitute dish. Do your very best to eliminate error orders before they leave the kitchen by verifying every single dish with substitutions.

The Bottom Line

Given the amount of time and effort it takes to fix order  errors in your food truck, it’s best to install systems that can stop them from happening. The more efficient your ordering process is, the less order errors your truck will have to deal with.

By using an order verification system, and a simplified menu, you can stop these errors, and save money. Keep all of your customers and everyone in your truck happy; including yourself.

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