One of the more grueling tasks in running a food truck is marketing and promotion. You are busy operating your truck and many vendors can’t afford to hire a marketing agency to do this work. We try to make things easier by providing articles you can use to spark the idea process. Timely promotions resonate well with consumers so feel free to use these August marketing tips for your food truck promotions.

August Marketing Tips For Food Truck Vendors

Here are five August marketing tips to target the things happening next month.

Food Holidays (Every day of the month)

Since our start, we’ve shared the various food holidays throughout the year. With August around the corner, take a look at our August Food Holiday calendar to get an idea which of your menu items you can highlight. It will also give creative chefs the chance to plan to create new menu items that incorporate fun ingredients to market on big food holidays.

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Friendship Day (August 2nd)

One of the best ways to build revenue is from your current customers. Take advantage of customers reviews and referrals on National Friendship Day. Use a promotion for customers that bring their friends to your food truck. Offer menu specials to both parties for participating, whether it’s a discount or a freebie, anything offer is enticing.

Senior Citizens Day (August 21st)

While some food trucks offer year round discounts to senior citizens, senior citizens deserve their own special day. Honor your older customers with discounted or free menu items. Contact local senior centers and find out if you can sponsor an event or stop by with catering to brighten up someone’s day.  Remember that when marketing for an event targeting older consumers, try to stick to offline marketing. Most seniors don’t regularly use social media.

Back to School

Back to School sales are an American tradition. Why not include them in your food truck marketing plan? Just remember to not exclude parents in your marketing efforts. Although a new school year is a big and exciting change for children, their parents are affected in the change of schedule as well. Once kids are back in school, parents have more time for themselves during the day.

State Fair Season

Many state fairs are held in August, stretching through the early fall. These are a great way to market your food truck by setting up at a state fair. Thousands of people flock to these events, sometimes from across the country! If your state fair is coming up soon, find out how your food truck can make an appearance.

The Bottom Line

August is a great time to round up your summer marketing efforts to prepare and plan for the fall. These promotional ideas should get your marketing gears going while allowing you to harness the momentum of each promotion. Make sure to check back each month as we’ll continue this for the remainder of the year.

Do you have any August marketing tips we may have missed? Share your thoughts on this topic in the comment section or social media. FacebookTwitter