Work hard and play hard: it’s the American way. There may be no other holiday that is as American as Labor Day. Labor Day is a day dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers and serves as an annual tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of their country.

But there’s usually no chance for a family BBQ for the owners and staff members of a busy food truck. Why? Because many food trucks find their business double or triple over the long holiday weekend. It’s often too hot to cook indoors so if they don’t have a picnic to attend consumers will look for someone else to cook for them.

So as a mobile food business owner, what can you do to maximize profits and improve profitability on Labor Day? If you’re wondering how to maximize on this holiday or looking for a few fresh ideas for your food truck’s Labor Day, here are a few tips to stimulate your creativity and get into action.

Labor Day Marketing Tips

Open Your Service Window

Step one, make sure you are open for business. This may seem simple but there are many food truck owners who miss out on chances for sales because they take holiday’s off.

Staff Appropriately

Now that you’ve determined to open your truck on Labor Day it’s time to determine proper staffing levels. Use data collected from other holidays and your Labor Day numbers from previous years to properly assess the number of staff members your food truck needs to keep cranking out orders during this busy holiday.

Get Creative with Your Specials

The only limits to your Labor Day holiday specials are those of your imagination. Crazy specials and holiday events can not only attract bring in uncertain customers, but they’re also likely to catch the attention of the local media.

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Build Your Brand With Social Media

Social media gives you the perfect way to get out some quick and easy no-cost, Labor Day marketing messages. Use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to send out shareable inspirational messages celebrating workers, with links to different pages on your food truck website. Then create a Pinterest board with all the messages conveniently pinned in one area.  Send out a special family themed Labor Day email newsletter with articles focusing on local communities as they begin the new school year.

Track Your Results

Don’t forget to track your specials and traffic. By tracking your specials in conjunction with your traffic and transactions, you can better measure the results of your holiday marketing efforts and better understand the customer experience.

The Bottom Line

Labor Day is the unofficial close of summer, has come to signify one of the best bargain shopping days of the year. So make sure you are out there capturing these shoppers. As a food truck, you need to take advantage of this day to help boost your own sales. No matter which tactics you choose, Labor Day is a great opportunity to get consumers excited about your food truck business.

Happy Labor Day.