Today’s business tip from Roy Choi with some added news. Roy Choi fuses Korean and Mexican flavors in the galley kitchen of Los Angeles’s celebrated Kogi BBQ’s gourmet food truck, which has become a viral sensation on Twitter. “Our first set of customers were transients, runaways, hookers, and drunks,” he says. “Tacos were looked at like the gum on the bottom of your shoe, but now it’s the sexiest thing around.

People really started to react to these flavors. In America, it’s extremely hard to get food on a spontaneous level other than fast food. I feel like we’re part of a cultural revolution.”

What’s coming next on your menu? Tendons, knuckles, joints, tails, necks, shins coming to A-Frame. Kogi, Alibi Room and Chego are always changing through the specials based on what I experience the previous week. The specials are kind of like my diary through food.

Latest ingredient obsession? Coconut milk and pineapples. Thailand changed my life.

Favorite day off away from the kitchen? I don’t take days off. Sunday and Monday I’m transforming into something new for the next week. But I like to fade away at Venice Beach into the herbal horizon.

Favorite kitchen soundtrack: In the kitchen it is Latin music only. Mana, Ana Gabriel, Aventura, Banda Limon, Los Bukis, Vicente Fernandez, Reik, Camilla, Wisin y Yandel, Shakira. Whatcha know about that?