Together with salt, pepper, and sugar, butter is a must-have in any kitchen. Butter just makes every dish tastes so much smoother, creamier, and tastier.

If you want to showcase melted butter photos on Instagram, Facebook, or other social media accounts these captions and quotes are perfect.

Butter Captions

This is my version of butter and toast.

Butter and toast.

  • Softest and creamiest butter ever.
  • Toast isn’t the same without butter.
  • You could melt my heart with butter.
  • Spread the butter on the toast and sprinkle sugar.
  • Butter is life.
  • This is my version of butter and toast.
  • Food fried in butter tastes better than food fried in oil.
  • Butter is my new oil.
  • Dig it in cold butter.
  • Just a simple breakfast with butter, toast, eggs, and coffee.
  • Scrambled eggs taste better with melted butter.
  • I love the smell of melted butter.
  • The smell of melted butter can rouse the entire house.
  • Something buttery sweet!
  • Chicken nuggets dipped in melted butter are the bomb!
  • I drizzle everything with melted butter.
  • It’s Butter time!
  • Butter is our kitchen superhero.
  • I can live my day with a stick of butter and some toast.
  • Butter is perhaps one of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen.
  • I’m out of butter. It’s going to be a sad day.
  • Even my dog likes butter!
  • Butter on dishes makes everything taste better.
  • Finger licking butter!
  • Why does melted butter smell so sweet?
  • Melted butter and unrequited love.
  • I love being healthy. But I just can’t stand unsalted butter.
  • Nuts that are toasted in a bit of butter and salt can create magic in salads.
  • A good serving of spicy butter, fresh bagel, and fried eggs makes a perfect introduction to a Mediterranean cruise breakfast.

Butter Quotes

  • Unsalted butter should be in everyone’s kitchen.
  • Butter is the mainstay of all fried dishes.
  • Pop a stick of melted butter into ordinary popcorn to make it deluxe.
  • Butter up!
  • Don’t underestimate the humble butter.
  • Spread the love. Spread the butter.
  • No to hate. Yes to everything butter.
  • World peace can be achieved with the smart application of butter.
  • Never be out of butter.
  • All moms are fond of butter.
  • Butter lubricates the world.
  • Food that is enriched with butter becomes culinary gold.
  • Never mind the cholesterol. Enjoy butter.
  • I can devour a jar of peanut butter in one sitting.

A full English breakfast becomes even fuller if you drizzle the skillet with a generous dollop of butter.

  • I love cooking pasta and chicken with butter.
  • Life is too short. Enjoy pasta, steak, and butter!
  • Without salt, pepper, and butter, life is too bland.
  • Chocolate spread and peanut butter is an excellent combo.
  • I don’t mind getting messy with butter.
  • Now I know why kids love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
  • You cannot control your life if you can’t control your butter.
  • I’m making butter the core of culinary art.
  • Hard work is my bread and butter.
  • The butter of success is hard work. It’s that simple.
  • I wish I had an unlimited supply of butter.
  • Respect the humble cow. They produce the milk that is used to create butter.
  • “Free speech is not to be regulated like diseased cattle and impure butter. The audience that hissed yesterday may applaud today, even for the same performance.” – William Douglas
Hard work is my bread and butter.

Hard work is my bread and butter.

Butter One Liners

Short on space? Check out these one-liners.

  • Yay, butter!
  • Don’t start the day without butter and toast.
  • Don’t confuse butter and margarine.
  • Butter my day.
  • My heart melts like butter when I see you.
  • One butter to rule them all.
  • This is the butter hub.
  • Butter is ambrosia.
  • Butter fills gaps.
  • Whoever discovered butter is a genius.
  • I just wish there were more butter flavors.
  • If you have the chance to grab a stick of butter, do it!
  • Just butter it.

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  • Your act of buttering up your toast will save you one day.
  • I love butter more than my boyfriend.
  • It’s the butter of life.
  • Keep calm and enjoy butter.
  • I love it buttered.
  • Melt my heart like butter.
  • Butter makes every sandwich a masterpiece.
  • Butter makes the world go round.
  • Butter is a big blow to margarine.
  • It’s aptly glorified milk.
  • Butter’s best.
  • There’s no French cuisine without butter.
  • Butter, more butter, and more butter.
  • For smoother and creamier scrambled eggs, use butter.
  • Butter is love in emulsified form.

Butter Puns

These smart and humorous puns about butter that will make your followers smile.

  • There are bad days. And there are butter days.
  • There’s a butter way.
  • You butter eat everything on your plate.
  • It’s a buttery operated oven temperature.
  • You’ll feel butter after eating my special cake.
  • I’m trying to find my butter half.
  • That’s my secret butter recipe. Don’t spread it.
  • There’s nothing butter than these cookies.
  • I threw that stick of butter to see if it would butterfly.
  • Ghost butter – what spirits use on their toast.
  • Churn around!
  • I don’t like to spread rumors. I butter keep quiet.
  • You’re so great in bread.
  • Butter the friendly skies.
  • Churn on the stove.
  • He’s a lawless filibutter.
  • I wrote the recipe on my dairy.
  • We use butter as a spread on our dairy bread.
  • Butter takes a long time to make because it has to wait for its churn.
  • This recipe has no margarine for error.
  • That butter is on a winning streak! It’s on a roll!
  • Are you nuts?
  • These new butter knives are selling like hotcakes and are becoming widespread.
  • It’s e-churn-ity in outer space.
  • Butter the batter!
  • The roller coaster made the butter’s stomach churn.
  •  That cow was becoming restless, so you butter milk it fast!
  • The world is a butter place with Mom around.

Butter Puns about Love

The secret ingredient is not love. It’s butter.

It’s butter.

Does butter equate with love? In my world, it certainly does.

  • You melt my heart—like butter.
  • She’s my butter half.
  • She has creamy skin.
  • I melt in your arms.
  • She churns me on.
  • His jokes were so funny I melted with laughter.
  • You bread my mind. Let’s go out for a date.
  • I want to churn back the time with you.
  • I find life butter with you.
  • You definitely bake me proud.
  • Hello! I’m so happy we finally melt.
  • I’m in love with you. I don’t mind if you spread it around.
  • Spread the word: we’re engaged.
  • It churns out I like you better than her.
  • Buttered and ready for you!
  • Heart and butter!
  • You’re the butter, and I’m the toast.
  • Be careful. You might get as-salted walking alone in the dark.
  • She’s my waffle-ly wedded wife.
  • She won a waffle draw.
  • Love is butter left expressed rather than said.
  • I have you, which is better than winning a million-dollar waffle.
  • You deserve a butter man—me!
  • I’d like to milk you in person.
  • Spread the love.
  • I want to say I melt you.
  • I’ve become a butter person because of you.
  • You churn my world upside down.

Butter Quotes for Her

Make her heart melt like butter with these quotes.

  • I’ll bring you toast and butter every morning.
  • Her skin is creamy—like butter.
  • He sang for her, and she melted.
  • Mom makes the best egg-and-butter sandwiches.
  • She smells like melted butter.
  • Her personality is akin to melted butter—sweet.
  • A girl who can make a simple but perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a treasure to be kept.
  • My girlfriend loves buttermilk cookies.
  • I want you to melt into me, like butter.
  • Her skin is like milk and honey.
  • Touching her was like touching warm butter.
  • I love you more than I love butter.

One of the most romantic things she does is to prepare me a butter-and-egg sandwich.

  • She’s simple yet sweet—like buttermilk cookies.
  • She loves peanut butter, with or without bread.
  • Love at first sight. Like butter and toast.
  • I love you as much as I love unsalted butter.
  • She only uses healthy ingredients like veggies, fruits, and unsalted butter.
  • When she sees spiced butter at the grocery, she looks like she just met her love at first sight.
  • My girlfriend only needs one thing if her day goes bad—my hot onion soup drizzled with melted butter.
  • Why do girls melt like butter when a guy sings romantic songs to her?
  • Butter is the protagonist on her breakfast table.
  • The secret ingredient is not love. It’s butter.
  • You’re the peanut to my butter.
  • She stole my heart when she made me an awesome eggs-Benedict with drizzled butter.
  • “Butterlicious!” she exclaimed.
  • Ever since my girlfriend entered culinary school, her butter cakes have become more delectable.
  • Like butter and toast, my girlfriend and I are the perfect pair.
I’m trying to find my butter half.

My butter half.

Butter Chicken Captions

Butter chicken is an all-time favorite on the Indian dinner table. Here are some odes to this comfort dish.

  • Don’t use oil. Use butter when frying chicken.
  • Drizzling fried chicken with a generous amount of melted butter
  • Buttered chicken is heaven on earth.
  • Top quality butter meets top quality chicken
  • Butter and chicken are destined to be together
  • Check out my original recipe—spiced fried chicken drizzled with pesto butter
  • I want to deep-fry my chicken in butter.
  • Making a butter dip for my grilled chicken
  • Butter chicken—delicious up to the burned bottom of the skillet
  • My Dad makes the best butter chicken.
  • When is fried chicken more than fried chicken? When it is butter chicken!
  • Bringing the goodness of my mom’s butter chicken to the table
  • I’m sure my guests will love my specialty—butter chicken.
  • No one knows I can cook the best butter chicken in the world.

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  • Before you say a word, try out my butter chicken.
  • I love butter chicken.
  • Tell me how you like your butter chicken.
  • Tonight, dinner will be butter chicken, courtesy of yours truly.
  • Classic chicken taken to the next level.
  • I know butter chicken is unhealthy, but it’s just so good!
  • What’s better than fried chicken? Butter chicken!
  • It’s southern-style butter chicken.
  • Butter chicken changes the world.
  • When butter chicken comes into your life…
  • Will someone please share with me an easy recipe for butter chicken?
  • Why does butter chicken taste so good?
  • Butter chicken is awesome comfort food.
  • Prepping up the best butter chicken is no joke.

Body Butter Captions

  • Body beyond beautiful!
  • Ditch the lotion. Go for body butter.
  • I feel so soft and smooth with body butter.
  • Silken skin with body butter.
  • Nourishing my skin with body butter.
  • Don’t eat the body butter!
  • Exquisite butter for your body.
  • Whoever heard of becoming toast!
  • Body butter soothes sunburned skin.
  • I always bring a small jar of body butter when I go to the beach.
  • This body butter is amazing!
  • Feeling silken with every move. I love this body butter.
  • Applying top-quality body butter feels sexy and exquisite.
  • This body butter doesn’t feel thick and greasy.
  • Perfect combo—my body butter and the Mediterranean sun
  • Body butter is inedible!
  • Body butter—delicious for your skin.
  • Soften and smoothen rough skin with body butter.
  • My muscles shine better with body butter.
  • My skin glows due to body butter.
  • Since I discovered the goodness of buddy butter, I never went back to lotions.
  • Now, if only I can use this body butter as a sandwich spread.
  • Body butter—the best solution to dry skin.
  • No more scaly, flaky skin due to this body butter.
  • Does body butter come in unsalted?
  • Body butter addict here.
  • I don’t need to be pretty. I just need body butter.
  • Body butter rules my dresser.

Butter Cake Captions

  • My Mom makes the fluffiest butter cakes.
  • Just ole’ classic Southern style butter cake
  • Perfect for a summer afternoon—a slice of butter cake and hot lemon tea.
  • What a fluffy butter cake!
  • Nothing better than a slice of butter cake and hot cinnamon coffee
  • Check out my new butter cake.
  • Discorporate butter cake.
  • Someday, I’ll have my own butter cake factory.
  • I called her “butter cake,” and she smiled.
  • You’re as fluffy and sweet as a freshly baked butter cake.
  • I didn’t know that butter cake pairs perfectly with hot chocolate.
  • I see joy when I see butter cakes.
  • Please bake me a butter cake.
  • Today, I’m baking butter cakes for the homeless.
  • For my Dad’s birthday, I’m baking him his favorite butter cake.
  • I want my butter cakes large and with chocolate frosting.
  • A perfectly baked butter cake makes my mouth orgasm.
  • How did you do this? A butter cake that is crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside?
  • For the first time in my life, a simple butter cake left me speechless.
  • A summer storm appeared. So I sat on the porch, ate butter cake, and listened to the rain.
  • Warm up a cold day with butter cake.
  • My favorite spring treat is butter cake.
  • Butter cake, here I go!
  • Who wants some of my butter cake?
  • Rejuvenating with butter cake.
  • Depression hits. Butter cake heals.
  • You’re already a winner, butter cake.
  • Butter cakes—the tender life

Butter Hashtags

Use these hashtags to make your butter-related posts easier to find in Instagram or any other social media account.

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  • #creamybutter
  • #unsaltedbutter
  • #nonfatbutter
  • #butterspread
  • #buttercup
  • #buttered
  • #buttercake
  • #peanutbutter
  • #butterscotch
  • #butterandtoast
  • #butteredchicken
  • #deliciousbutter
  • #butterysoft
  • #butterfingers
  • #buttercream
  • #buttery
  • #peanutbutterandjam
  • #butteringredient
  • #usebutterforfrying
  • #butternotoil
  • #buttermilk
  • #buttering
  • #butterknife
  • #buttermelt
  • #butterandbiscuit
  • #buttercookies
  • #healthybutter

You’d be hard-pressed to find a kitchen without butter in stock. Whether you plan to snap a photo of butter melting on toast, popcorn, or almost anything else, I hope these suggestions provided more than a mouthful of buttery inspiration.