Need to move product or fill seats this holiday season? Look no further than my epic ideas for Christmas sale marketing slogans. I spent two full days thinking of these so I hope you’ll find something you can use for your small business. Check out each one of the Yuletide inspired categories below.

Christmas Sale Slogans for Small Businesses

  • Sweeten Your Christmas Cheer! Jingle all the way for frosted deals and sugary steals.
  • Deck the Halls with Santa Savings! Unwrap the magic with Christmas tree-mendous discounts.
  • Get Your Sleigh Running Smoothly! Holly jolly repairs at prices that’ll make Santa’s elves sing.
  • Dress Up Your Holidays with Mistletoe Markdowns! Chic styles and festive deals that are simply Claus for celebration.
  • Read ‘neath the Mistletoe! Cozy up with a book this Christmas with deals that are more inviting than a warm fire.
  • Sparkle Like a Christmas Star! Dazzling deals on jewels that’ll make this holiday shine brighter.
  • Santa’s Workshop Has Nothing on Our Savings! Toyland treasures at prices that jingle all the way home.
  • Tech the Halls with Boughs of Savings! Unwrap a deal this Christmas that’s as merry as it is modern.
  • Sleigh Your Home Decor Game! Comfort and joy come home with festive furniture finds.
  • Spruce Up Your Space with Yuletide Greenery! Pines, hollies, and savings – oh my.
  • Paws and Claws Christmas Sale! Treat your furry friends to a holiday haul they’ll wag their tails for.
christmas scene

It’s looking more like Christmas.

  • Create a Merry Masterpiece! Craft your Christmas with deals that make every elf’s workshop envious.
  • Fa-la-la-la Savings! Strike the chord of joy with deals on instruments that would make the angels sing.
  • Score Big with Santa’s Sporty Savings! Gear up for a holiday win with discounts that are a home run.
  • Glam Up for the Holidays! Sparkling deals on beauty services that’ll have you kissing under the mistletoe.
  • Warm Up with Winter Wonderland Deals! Sip into the savings and let the holiday warmth spread.
  • Old-Fashioned Christmas, Timeless Savings! Find a treasure under the tree with deals from Christmases past.
  • Jingle All the Weigh! Get a head start on your New Year’s resolutions with merry membership markdowns.
  • Holly Jolly Bouquets on Sale! Bring home the scent of Christmas with blooming good deals.
  • Uncork the Christmas Spirit! Fine wines and festive prices that’ll have you toasting to savings.
  • Savor the Season’s Flavors! Indulge in holiday treats with sweet deals that are as delightful as a Christmas carol.

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  • Wrap Up the Joy! Find the perfect gift with discounts that sparkle like tinsel on the tree.
  • Dash Through the Snow to Savings! Equip your winter adventures with deals that are as cool as icicles.
  • Deck Your Wardrobe with Boughs of Holly! Fashion finds at prices that have the jolly old elf himself doing a double take.
  • Jingle Bell Rock Bottom Prices! Tune into the season with sound deals that have everyone singing along.
  • Sleigh Bells Ring, Are You Saving? Glide into the holidays with offers that make spirits bright.
  • Mistletoe Magic and Markdowns! Kiss ordinary prices goodbye with deals that are as sweet as a holiday smooch.
  • Festive Flicks for Less! Snag classic holiday movies at prices that will have you feeling merry and bright.
  • Tidings of Comfort and Savings! Cozy up your home with deals that are as warm as a yule log fire.
  • Jolly Good Deals on Wheels! Roll into the new year with savings that will have you cruising with cheer.
  • Elves’ Exclusive Discounts! Craft your own holiday magic with offers that even Santa can’t resist.
  • Tinsel-Tastic Offers! Decorate your life with shimmering deals that twinkle like stars on a clear winter’s night.
  • Ho-Ho-Home Improvement Savings! Makeover your space for the holidays with deals that are as surprising as unwrapping a gift.
  • Bells Will Be Ringing Up the Savings! Cash in on holiday cheer with prices that chime in the season.
  • Winter Wonderland Wonders! Discover frosty savings on all your holiday must-haves.
  • Countdown to Christmas with Clinking Coins! Every day brings a new deal that’s as exciting as the advent calendar’s surprise.
  • Prancer’s Price Drops! Dance into the holidays with deals that leap like reindeer.
  • Visions of Savings Dance in Their Heads! Dreamy deals on cozy sleepwear for silent nights.
  • Noel Necessities for Nickels! Stock up on holiday essentials at prices that make even Scrooge smile.
  • Garland Gains! Wrap up your holiday shopping with savings that garland every purchase with joy.

Christmas Sale Slogans for Restaurants 

  • Feast in Festive Flair – Savor our holiday-themed meals and merriment.
  • Deck the Tables with Delicious Deals – Indulge in our Christmas specials.
  • Wrap Up Warmth with Our Gift Card Deals – The perfect serving of holiday cheer.
  • Jingle Bell Bites – Taste the season with our Winterlicious menu.
  • Sleigh Your Hunger – Dash into holiday dining delights.
  • Mistletoe Munchies – Share a meal, share the joy of Christmas.
  • Santa’s Secret Menu – Unwrap a taste of the holidays with every bite.
  • Winter Wonderland of Flavors – Chill outside, cozy delights inside.
  • Holly Jolly Happy Hours – Toast to the holidays with our festive spirits.
  • Gift a Feast – Buy a gift card, get a bonus treat on us.
  • Snowflakes and Spices – Warm up with our seasonal specials.
  • Candy Cane Courses – Sweeten the season with our festive fare.
  • Gingerbread Gourmet – Indulge in the rich flavors of Christmas.
  • Frosty Flavors, Warm Memories – Make your holiday meal an event to remember.
  • Yuletide Yummies – Celebrate with a table full of Christmas delights.
  • Hot Chocolate Haven – Wrap your hands around a cup of holiday warmth.
  • Feast of the Seven Fishes – Dive into tradition with our Christmas Eve special.
  • Eggnog Escapades – Sip into the season with our creamy, spiced delight.

Roast Rejoice – Gather around for a classic Christmas roast that’s cooked to perfection.

  • Poinsettia Plates – Dine in a blooming atmosphere with flavors as vibrant as the season.
  • Peppermint Pleasures – Refresh your palate with our minty, merry desserts.
  • Yule Log Delights – Indulge in a slice of holiday tradition with our rich, chocolatey treat.
  • Mulled Wine Moments – Warm up your evenings with our spiced, simmered sips.
  • Gingerbread Galore – From cookies to lattes, taste the ginger-spiced magic of Christmas.
  • Turkey and Trimmings – Enjoy the full festive spread, just like home.
  • Candy Cane Lane Cocktails – Stir your spirits with our peppermint-infused drinks.
  • Sugar Plum Sweets – Delight in desserts inspired by the dance of the Nutcracker.
  • Chestnut Charm – Roasted to perfection, our chestnuts add warmth to any meal.
  • Wassail Wonders – Join us for a cup of traditional holiday cheer.
  • Cranberry Cravings – Tart, sweet, and everything in between with our cranberry specials.

Funny Christmas Sale Slogans

  • Skip the Mall Brawl – Our Deals Come to You
  • Find Parking in a Snap – Shop Online and Skip the Lap
  • Why Circle for Parking When You Can Click for Carting
  • Mall Schmall – Get Your Gifts Where Pajamas Are the Dress Code
  • Parents, Reclaim Your Sanity – Our Online Deals Are a Click Away
  • Santa’s Too Busy for the Mall – Be Like Santa, Shop Online
  • Elves Shop Online – They’re Smart Cookies, Be Like Elves
  • Avoid the Mall Maul – Shop from Home and Stay Jolly
  • Who Needs Reindeer When You’ve Got Free Shipping
  • Tired of the Tinsel Tangle? Our Online Store is a Holiday Jingle
  • Let’s Face It, Even Santa Prefers Contactless Delivery
  • Mall Parking Got You Down? Shop Here and Wear the Crown
  • Save Your Ho-Ho-Holiday Spirit – Avoid the Mall and Cheer It
  • Don’t Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle Over Parking – Shop Here Instead
  • Why Wrestle Over a Parking Spot? Our Deals are Just a Click Hot
Santa and snow

Nice beard Santa.

Christmas Sale Captions 

  • Sleigh savings land here, where every deal is a winter wonder.
  • Discounts glow under the mistletoe, unwrap the magic of the season.
  • Glide through a blizzard of bargains, each find as unique as a snowflake.
  • Ring in the cheer with sales so dear, prices this good are the season’s spear.
  • Holly and high savings deck every aisle, bringing festive deals with every smile.
  • Tinsel-town prices, serene shopping spaces, style and serenity in all our places.

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  • Carol through our catalog of savings, each deal a song of merry cravings.
  • Holly jolly discounts await, for a holiday budget that’s first-rate.
  • Yuletide treasures, no pressures, our grand sales shine like festive measures.
  • Bypass the bauble bustle, our serene savings bring the festive muscle.
  • Sweet season’s indulgence, our deals reason for a festive abundance.
  • Elves have their magic, our deals match it, gift-giving here is just as fantastic.
  • Naughty or nice, our prices entice, no second thoughts, no roll of the dice.

Bundle up with bargains galore, our sales will have you singing for more.

  • Build your holiday savings, not just gingerbread houses, with deals that amaze us.
  • Carol in the savings, where every discount sings a festive tune.
  • Kris Kringle approved deals, making every purchase merry and bright.
  • Tinsel your home with savings, shimmering deals without the glitter mess.
  • Yuletide bargains aplenty, unwrap the joy of seasonal spending.
  • Fruit Cake flavors and fabulous finds, our sales are as rich as Christmas pudding.
  • Stockings stuffed with savings, hang your budget worries by the fireplace.
  • St. Nick’s secret? He shops our sales for all his holiday hauls.
  • Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, deals roasting on our sales flyer.
  • Mark December 25th with a celebration of savings, our gift to you this Christmas.
  • Elf-crafted discounts, because even Santa’s helpers love a good bargain.
  • Snowman smiles and frosty prices, our deals are cool as ice.
  • Mistletoe moments made affordable, steal a kiss and a deal this holiday.
snow and trees

Future Christmas trees.

December Marketing Slogans 

  • Warm Up December Days with Our Spiced Latte Delights.
  • Espresso Yourself This Holiday Season with Our Festive Brews.
  • Savor the Flavor of December with Feast on Our Festive Specials.
  • Dine in a Winter Wonderland with Seasonal Menus Await.
  • Sweeten Your December with Our Handcrafted Holiday Confections.
  • Deck the Halls with Boughs of Candy with Special Treats for the Season.
  • Wrap Up in Style with December’s Fashion Finds Are Here.
  • Find Your Sparkle This December with Exclusive Holiday Collections.
  • Get Cozy with Our December Deals with Winter Wardrobe Awaits.
  • Jingle All the Way to Style with Festive Fashions for a Dazzling December.
  • Peace of Mind This December with Expert Legal Services for Your Holiday Needs.
  • Wrap Up the Year Right with Consult with Us for Season-Smart Legal Advice.
  • Strategize for the New Year with December Insights to Drive Your Success.
  • December Reflections, January Directions with Let’s Plan Your Path Forward.
  • Chill in the Air, Deals Everywhere, Warm Up with Our December Specials.
  • Ice Skating and Heartwarming Savings, Glide into the Season of Splendor.
  • Snowflakes Falling, Discounts Calling, Catch a Deal as Unique as a Snowflake.
  • That Holiday Feeling in Every Deal, Shop the Magic of December.
  • Shorter Days, Longer Savings, Illuminate Your Winter with Our Offers.
  • Wrap Yourself in Winter, Cozy Up with Our Frosty Discounts.
  • Frosty Mornings and Toasty Deals, Start Your December Right.
  • Skate into Savings, Our Deals Are as Smooth as Ice.
  • Snowy Surprises in Store, Uncover a Blizzard of Bargains.
  • Feel the Warmth of Winter Deals, Hot Offers for Cold Days.
  • Embrace the Chill with Thrilling Deals, December Just Got Cozier.
  • Winter Wonders Await, Shop the Season, Love the Savings.
  • Bask in the Glow of Holiday Deals, Light Up Your December Shopping.
  • Snuggle Up with Savings, The Best Part of Shorter Days is Longer Sales.

Winter Sale Slogans 

  • Chill out with prices so low they’re practically frozen in place.
  • Our winter deals are snowballing, catch them before they roll away.
  • Ice, ice, baby, our discounts are cooler than a polar bear’s toenails.
  • Don’t let Jack Frost nip at your wallet, our hot deals will keep you toasty.
  • When life gives you snow, make snowmen, then come shop our frosty discounts.
  • We’re snow kidding, these deals are the flakey best.
  • Get your woolies out, our prices are on a freeze spree.
  • Winter blues? Not here! Our sales are as happy as a penguin with a popsicle.
  • Our prices are like icicles, dropping every day.
Christmas shopping downtown.

Downtown for the holidays.

  • Be a snowflake in a blizzard of shoppers, stand out with our unique deals.
  • We’ve got deals so cool, you’ll need mittens to handle them.
  • Hibernate? More like high-buy-nate with sales this good. Too much?
  • Our winter sale is like a unicorn on ice skates, rare, magical, and slick.
  • Wrap up the savings like a scarf, cozy, snug, and oh-so stylish.
  • Our deals are like a Yeti, mythical, amazing, and waiting to be discovered.
  • Don’t get frostbite from high prices, our deals are as warm as hot cocoa.
  • Let’s make a deal snowman, you stack up the savings, we’ll bring the carrot nose.
  • Our winter sale is the abominable snowman, it’s big, it’s epic, and it’s here.
  • We’re like the Santa of sales, delivering joy with every purchase.
  • Forget winter is coming, our sales are already here and they’re epic.

Christmas Taglines 

  • Where every snowflake brings a sprinkle of savings.
  • Jingle all the way to the bank with our holiday deals.
  • Santa’s not the only one coming to town, our discounts are too.
  • Get your mittens on our hot deals before they melt away.
  • Elves aren’t the only ones with holiday secrets, check out our sale.
  • Sleigh your holiday shopping list with our festive offers.
  • Unwrap joy with every purchase, no chimney required.
  • Deck your carts with boughs of holly and heaps of savings.
  • Make your wallet merry and bright with our seasonal specials.
  • Don’t get left in the cold, our deals are heating up.
  • Santa shops here too, he knows a good deal when he sees one.
  • Turn the silent nights into shopping delights.
  • Our prices are snow laughing matter, seriously good deals inside.
  • Spice up your December with offers too sweet to pass.
  • Forget the twelve days of Christmas, our deals last all month long.
  • Ho-ho-hold the phone, you won’t believe these holiday markdowns.
  • Dash through the snow to grab deals that glow.
  • Our holiday sale is the star on top of your shopping spree.
  • Frosty the Snowman approved our cool prices.
  • Let it sale, let it sale, let it sale with offers that shine.

How-to Create Your Own Christmas Sale Slogan

Want to come up with your own Christmas sale slogan that’s totally unique? There are some tried and true marketing approaches you can use to create a compelling marketing message by appealing to powerful feelings of emotion or nostalgia in your customers. Use these proven marketing techniques to sell more this and every season.

Category Purpose Elements Christmas Examples
Emotional Appeal To connect with the audience on an emotional level Use of emotive language, aspirational messages Feel the Joy of Giving
Call to Action (CTA) To prompt immediate response or action Imperative verbs, urgency Unwrap Happiness Today for the Next 24 Hours
Brand Identity To establish or reinforce the brand’s personality Brand name, unique brand features Santa’s Choice for Holiday Cheer
Benefit Highlighting To showcase the advantages of a product or service Description of benefits, problem-solving Warmth in Every Cup
Memorable Phrase To create a slogan that sticks in the mind Rhyme, rhythm, repetition, alliteration Jingle All the Way to Savings
Humor To entertain and create a positive association with the brand Puns, jokes, playful language Yule Love Our Prices
Unique Selling Point To differentiate from competitors Highlighting what sets the brand apart Only Elves Make Toys This Magical
Trend Association To align with current trends and cultural movements References to pop culture, current events, societal trends Sleigh the Season’s Trends
Nostalgia To evoke sentimental feelings and memories References to the past, retro style Old-Fashioned Holidays, Modern-Day Joy
Value Proposition To communicate the value or affordability Price, value, savings Deck the Halls Without Draining Your Wallet