Do you sell cookies? Whether you’re holding a small bake sale, launching a cottage food business, or manufacturing cookies in the tens of thousands of units, an impactful marketing slogan can help you sell even more product.

There are all sorts of establishments that offer cookies on the menu, including cafés, bistros, bakeries, dessert trucks, grocery stores, and gas stations. If your goal is to sell more of these baked goods, each of these marketing slogans, taglines, quotes, and titles is designed to get customers craving cookies.

Cookie Company Marketing Slogans

You might want to promote your establishment’s unique, special, or specialty cookies. If so, you might want to include any of these marketing slogans in your promotional posts and utilize these campaign assets.

  • The cookies are calling, and you must answer.
  • Live the moment today! It’s easier to do so with our cookies.
  • Try our cookie-sandwich ice cream
  • Our cookies are not just snacks. They’re feelings!
  • Our warm cookies melt hearts
  • Treat your sweetie to our sweet treats!
  • We put our hearts in our cookies. Not literally!
  • “I don’t like cookies,” said no person ever.
  • Fresh cookie deliveries every day!
  • Straight from our ovens to your doorstep
  • Try our all-natural, fruit-based cookies
  • A jar of sweet goodness is coming to you!
  • Indulge in sensual sweetness with our premium cookies!
  • We use the best ingredients to ensure you’ll enjoy awesome cookies.
  • Soft, warm cookies—just like how Mom made them.
  • We bake classic cookies that take you back in time.
  • Watching your diet? Wait till you see our new choco-chip cookies!
  • Our cookies—the way the world bakes
  • The finest cookies, all freshly baked
  • No matter what you do in life, have a cookie first.
  • Cookies and our glorious dips. Makes cookies a thousand times better
  • Our cookies come from recipes handed down from generation to generation
  • If Mom bakes cookies this good, wait till you try Dad’s cookie dips.
  • Fruit and cookie sandwiches like never before!
  • Forget heartbreaks. Just don’t forget cookie breaks.
  • Cookies and coffee for a relaxing afternoon!
  • Do what the English do. Enjoy our premium cookies and teas.
  • After tasting our cookies, you’re going to say, “Bake me more!”
  • None of the sugar, none of the calories, all the goodness
  • Tagging you—with our scrumptious cookies
  • Sweetness cookiefied!
  • Let the cookerie begin!
  • Try cookies from all over the world here

Fresh tray of cookies.

Cookie Company Taglines

If you’re starting out a bakery or cookie company, you might want to include a tagline to encapsulate your business’s mission, vision, and values. Here are some tagline ideas for a cookie company.

  • Sweet goodies in a jar
  • Have a great cookie day!
  • Cookies unsugared!
  • Rest assured, they’re delicious!
  • Every day is cookie day!
  • Cookies made from love.
  • Love bites.
  • Live life! Love our cookies.
  • Inspired by Grandma. Made by our bakers.
  • Amazing sandwich cookies.
  • Our cookie batches are made in heaven.
  • Baked with passion.
  • Baking premium cookies is our art.
  • Baking mouthwatering cookies since (insert the founding year of your business).
  • Best cookies in (insert the name of your locale).
  • The softness within each cookie.

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  • Dunk it in our special cookie dips.
  • Chewy, crunchy goodness.
  • Straight from the oven to your heart.
  • All the goodness, none of the cholesterol and sugar.
  • Gluten-free cookies for good health.
  • Cookies with a hundred varieties.
  • Baking your dream cookies.
  • Magic from the oven.
  • The melted chocolate and crunch is magic.
  • Cookies from around the world.
  • Experience wholesome, healthy sweetness in a cookie.
  • Classic goodness.
  • Customized cookies for you.
  • Delicious—there’s no way around it.
  • Perfect desserts for diabetics.
  • Your perfect sweet treats.
  • When cookies and health come together.
  • 100% all-natural ingredients, 100% baking perfection.
  • Not just your ordinary cookie.

Grab a cookie.

Social Media Captions for Cookies

Are you at a loss for a social media caption for your cookie photos, videos, or infographics? Use these unique social media captions to place over any cookie image.

  • Dip your hand into our cookie jar.
  • Cookies make your day happy!
  • Don’t waste your day being blue. Enjoy our cookies.
  • Be a smart cookie.
  • Did I hear someone say “cookies”?
  • Cookies—they are the answer to everything.
  • What time is it? It’s cookie time!
  • Wait! Eat your cookies before going.
  • The fortune you’re looking for is in another cookie.
  • It’s impossible to be sad by eating a good cookie.
  • How do we love cookies? Let us count the ways.
  • Reach your friend-chip goals.
  • Got a choco-chip cookie in your mouth?
  • When was the last time you had a really great cookie?
  • A batch made in heaven
  • Ice cream in a cookie!
  • Life is short. Surround yourself with cookies.
  • Cookies are the key to world peace
  • A friend is someone to share your last cookie with.
  • You’re in for an awesome treat!
  • Never resist the temptation of a bowl of awesome cookies
  • Tear the pack and devour
  • There’s always extra space in your tummy for a cookie.
  • A meal isn’t a meal without a cookie finale.
  • Stop procrastinating. Eat your cookies now!
  • Cold days are best solved with warm cookies straight from the oven.
  • Freshly baked cookies—the smells of paradise
  • The waft of well-baked cookies drives evil spirits away
  • Never say no to cookies!
  • Truly fruity cookies
  • Grab a cookie and be happy
  • World peace equals mom’s cookies
  • Be a slave to stunning cookies
  • “I saw it, I ate it,” said all cookie connoisseurs.

Cookie dough.

Catchy Cookie Titles

Congratulations! You’ve finally got your own cookie line. Now it’s time to give your cookies a rad name like everyone of the titles below.

  • Fruity Cookies
  • Grandma’s Baked Loves
  • Spiked and Sugar Cookies
  • Cookies of the Revolution
  • Strawbookies
  • Embedded with nuts
  • Nutookies
  • Softies
  • Mom’s Sweet Treats
  • Choco and Cheese
  • The Fairy’s Sweets
  • Monster Cookies
  • Veggie Cookies
  • Chewbies
  • Chef Bob’s Crunchies
  • Happy Crunchies
  • Chewies and Cream
  • Sprinkled Sweets
  • Happy Snacks
  • Premium Baked
  • Chips and Sprinkles
  • Candy Cookies
  • The Healthy Cookie
  • European Bakes
  • Milk and More
  • Sugar Buttons
  • Fairy Flowers
  • Enchanted Sweets
  • Healthy and Sweet Goodies
  • Nature’s Sweet
  • Auntie’s Specials
  • High Love Bars
  • Blissful Treats

Chocolate chip cookies.

Cookie Advertising Examples

Check out these taglines and slogans from well-known cookie brands. You can use these as inspiration or reference to compose your own for your cookie business. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to cookie marketing. Model messaging that works!

  • Sandwich Cookies – Oreo
  • Milk’s favorite cookie – Oreo
  • Wonderfilled – Oreo
  • Tenderness is inside. – Milka
  • It’s crazy with chips – Chips Ahoy
  • So moist, so delicious, and so much more – Duncan Hines
  • Bite-sized cookies – Famous Amos
  • Irresistibly Orangey – McVitie’s Java Cakes
  • Uncommonly good – Keebler
  • Unwrap a snack – Little Debbie Snacks
  • The UK’s favorite cookie – Maryland

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  • They’re outta this world – Moonpie
  • There’s a memory in every bite – Mother’s Cookies
  • Good enough never is – Mrs. Fields
  • Nana’s Bakes a Difference – Nana’s Cookie Company
  • Ideas Made Easy – Nestle’s Toll House
  • Made with Real Fruit – Fig Newtons
  • Simple Goodness – Nilla Wafers
  • Never have an ordinary day – Pepperidge Farm
  • Let the making begin – Pillsbury
  • Handmade confections – Russel Stover
  • Home is where heart is. Heart where cookie is. Math clear: home is cookie – Cookie Monster, Sesame Street
  • Uniquely Crispy. Deeply Delicious – Tate’s Bake Shop
  • Delicious cookies sweetened by nature – Maxine’s Heavenly
  • Taste real Keebler Magic – Keebler Chips Deluxe Rainbow Cookies
  • Everyone’s Got a Favorite – Entenmann’s
  • High in awesome. Not sugar. – High Key Mini Cookies
  • Cookies that conquer – Lenny and Larry’s
  • Sweet Perfection – Nana’s Classic cookies
  • Plant-based ingredients, dairy-free, and vegan – Nana’s Gluten-Free Cookies
  • Naturally good – Westminster Bakers Co.
  • Your favorite snacks. Our lifelong passion – Frito Lay
  • Oh! Oh! Oreo – Oreo

Chinese almond cookies.

Quotes about Cookies

  • “Baking cookies is comforting, and cookies are the sweetest little bit of comfort food.” – Sandra Lee
  • “Fortune cookies are a good idea. If the message is positive, it can make your day a little better.” – Yao Ming
  • “Cheesecake and cookies is something I can’t stay away from.” – Paige
  • “If they don’t have cookies in the cookie jar, they can’t eat cookies.”- Suze Orman
  • “I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas.” – Hillary Clinton
  • “I have a constant sweet tooth, so I like anything from the bakery, like cupcakes, cookies.” – Carmen Electra
  • “I love chocolate chip cookies – really anything with chocolate will do!” – Laura Wilkinson
  • “I have a major weakness for Oreo cookies and David Yurman jewelry.” – Frankie Grande

“I have to stop eating so much grilled cheese and chocolate chip cookies and start really working on everything!” – Melanie Martinez

  • “I’ve got to have my cookies and cream! But I work out a lot, so I burn a lot of calories.” – Adrian Peterson
  • “I like Sultana cookies – they are so, so, so good. I think the best in the world.” – Maud Welzen
  • “I love Karlie Kloss. I want to bake cookies with her!” – Taylor Swift
  • “I love oatmeal raisin cookies.” – Halston Sage

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  • “Plain sugar cookies, no matter how well they are made, are a bit boring to me.” – Johnny Iuzzini
  • “I love chocolate in any form, be it cookies, cakes or milkshakes.” – Meghana Raj
  • “I eat anything, especially sweets. Chocolate, cookies, and I love mint-chip ice cream.” – Mary McCormack
  • “I was definitely one of those people who fell for the fat-free cookies and chips that are loaded with sugar and calories.” – Alison Sweeney

“I like cookies, any cookie you put in front of me – animal cookies, sugar cookies, anything crunchy.” – Maria Shriver

  • “I like to have cookies in the morning before I go swimming.” – Brunello Cucinelli
  • “I’m addicted to chocolate chip cookies.” – Hasan Minhaj
  • “My dad actually makes the best cookies.” – Blake Lively
  • “The big cheat meal will be a cookies and cream milkshake.” – Laurie Hernandez
  • “My family, as you can probably guess, was more into Christmas cookies and not so much the fruitcake.” – Christina Tosi
  • “I indulge in Jell-O, pastries and my husband’s home-baked chocolate-chip cookies.” – Eva Marie
  • “Golden Oreo cookies. I’ve got 10 boxes of them in my room.” – Austin Rivers
  • “A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.” – Barbara Johnson
  • “One of the best things in life- warm chocolate chip cookies.” – Anonymous

“The pleasure lies not in the cookies, but in the pattern the crumbs make when the cookies crumble.” – Michael Korda

  • “A cookie a day keeps the sadness away.” – Anonymous
  • “If you can’t change the world with chocolate chip cookies, how can you change the world?” – Pat Murphy
  • “Cookies are happy because that is their job.” – Brent M. Jones
  • “Cookies are made of butter and love.” – Anonymous
  • “There’s nothing more reassuring to kids than a plate of their favorite chocolate chip, oatmeal, or peanut butter cookies.” – Lauren Chattman

Everyone loves cookies! And with the words and phrases above, you can trigger prospective customers desire for a baked treat. You have the promotional text—now, everything rests on your baking expertise to bake up a delicious product. You’ve got this!