Developing a rock solid menu is essential for running a successful food truck, but fantastic daily menu specials can supercharge your customers and keep them coming back for more. Taking photos of your daily specials and sharing mouth-watering descriptions can also help you connect with your fans who follow you through social media. You can even create daily menu specials based on your follower’s suggestions.

Today we’ll discuss a few strategies for improving your menu and building your food truck business with daily specials.

5 Tips For Creating Food Truck Daily Menu Specials

Use Leftover Ingredients

So you made fresh bread for one of your regular menu items but didn’t get through it all. Create daily menu specials where you can use the day old bread instead of risking serving it and customers realizing the bread just isn’t as fresh as most days. A creative chef can re-purpose day old bread and over a daily special of something like bread pudding. You could even use it as croutons for your take on a Caesar Salad. Not only will this help you avoid having to trash it, your creative dishes could become a superstar on its own.

Use Seasonal Ingredients

Because your food truck customers know that they can’t expect to see the same daily special every time they visit your food truck, your daily specials provides you with a great opportunity to use seasonal produce at a time when it’s most affordable.

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Let Your Customer Know About Your Daily Specials

There is no reason to develop daily menu specials if your customers don’t know about them. You will need to promote the hell out of your daily menu specials. The use of mouthwatering photos and descriptions of them on social media will drive crowds to your service window. You will also get your service window staff to be able to recite your daily specials when they take your customers’ orders.

Get Customer Involvement

One thing we’ve seen with the years is the growth of the social foodie. The typical food truck customer love to provide suggestions for daily specials. Once again, use your social media accounts to seek customer feedback on daily special ideas. When customers do order your daily specials, make sure to ask for their feedback. With these comments, you can decide if a daily special is so popular it could be worth transitioning it into one of your regular menu items.

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Keep Track Of Daily Special Sales

Make sure to have your cashier ring up each daily special sold with a separate code. This will allow you to measure the success of your special offerings each day. Using a point of sale system equipped with an analytics dashboard can make this a very easy task. If you still use a written ticketing system, make sure the service window attendants mark the specials with a mark so the final numbers can be tabulated.

The Bottom Line

Establish the connection between your food truck with great food and service. Encourage your customers to sign up for social media and opt-in to your newsletter and visit your website while you have them in person. You’ll solidify your connections thus providing an easy avenue to promote your daily menu specials.

Do you have any additional tips for food truckers looking to create their own daily specials? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Share them in the comment section or social media. Facebook | Twitter