The iconic Baskin Robbins is famous for its 31 flavors of ice cream devised so customers could enjoy a something new every day of the month. Since the day it opened, Baskin-Robbins has created and sold more than 1400 flavors. New flavors rotate seasonally in addition to the original 31 flavors. This remarkable range of options has kept customers coming back for more than 75 years. 

Baskin-Robbins is mainly known for its ice cream, yet the menu goes far beyond scoops of ice cream. The menu also includes soft serve, sundaes, smoothies, shakes, in addition to specialty cakes and pies. View the latest menu prices for Baskin Robbins in 2024 below. Click here to learn how you can get a free scoop of ice cream during your next visit. 

Cakes and Pies: 6″ Round – 2/3 Sheet (8″ x 8″)

Menu Item6" Round9" Round1/3 Sheet (4" x 8")1/2 Sheet (6" x 8")2/3 Sheet (8" x 8")
Oreo Cookie Cake$43.99$54.99$42.99$50.99$54.99
Create Your Own PhotoCake$38.99$51.99$44.99
Celebration Party Cake$38.99$51.99$38.99$44.99$51.99
Ice Cream Cone Cake$43.99$54.99$42.99$50.99$54.99
Balloon Cake$38.99$51.99$38.99$44.99$51.99
Unicorn Cake$44.99$56.99
Frame Cake$38.99$51.99$38.99$44.99$51.99
Candy Crazy Cake$43.99$54.99$42.99$50.99$54.99
Oreo Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Cake$43.99$54.99$42.99$50.99$54.99
Oreo Ice Cream Cookies & Scoops Cake$43.99$54.99$42.99$50.99$54.99
Officially Licensed Sports Team Cake$51.99
Confetti Crazy Cake$38.99$51.99$38.99$44.99$51.99
Baby Shower Cake$38.99$51.99$38.99$44.99$51.99
Candy Cake$43.99$54.99$42.99$50.99$54.99
Caramelectric Cake$43.99$54.99$42.99$50.99$54.99
Clown Cone Party Cake$62.99
Disney Princess Once Upon A Moment PhotoCake Edible Image DecoSet Cake$51.99
Disney/Pixar Toy Story 4 Team Toy PhotoCake Edible Image DecoSet Cake$51.99
Dolphin Cake$43.99$54.99
Flower Garden Cake$38.99$51.99$38.99$44.99$51.99
Mini Cupcake Cake$43.99$54.99$42.99$50.99$54.99
Minnie Mouse Happy Helpers DecoSet Cake$51.99$44.99$51.99
Mystical Mermaid Cake$43.99$54.99$50.99$54.99
Oreo Cream Delight Cookie Cake$43.99$54.99$42.99$50.99$54.99
Oreo Triple Chocolate Cake$43.99$54.99$42.99$50.99$54.99
Paw Patrol Just Yelp For Help DecoSet Cake$51.99$44.99$51.99
Peppa Pig Swing Set DecoSet Cake$51.99$44.99$51.99
Silly Monster Cake$43.99$54.99
SpongeBob SquarePants Krabby Patty DecoSet Cake$51.99$44.99$51.99
4th of July Celebration Cake$38.99$51.99$38.99$44.99$51.99
Valentine Day Cake$44.99$56.99$44.99
Be Mine Small Heart Cake$38.99
HERSHEY'S KISSES Cake$38.99$51.99
St. Patrick's Day Cake$38.99$51.99$38.99$44.99$44.99
Get Egg-cited Cake$38.99$51.99$38.99$44.99$51.99
Bunny Face Cake$38.99$51.99$38.99$44.99$51.99
Speckled Egg Cake$38.99$51.99$38.99$44.99$51.99
Bunny Stripe Cake$43.99$54.99
Perfect Peony Cake$38.99$51.99$38.99$44.99$51.99
Floral Cone Bouquet Cake$38.99$51.99$38.99$44.99$51.99
Elegant Rosette Cake$43.99$54.99$42.99$50.99$54.99
Rosette Pink Cake$43.99$54.99$42.99$50.99$54.99
Pink Floral Stripe Cake$38.99$51.99$38.99$44.99$51.99
Tall Stack Cake$39.99$51.99
Amazing Mom Cake$38.99$51.99$38.99$44.99$51.99
Fabulous Floral Cake$38.99$51.99$38.99$44.99$51.99
Mother's Day PhotoCake$38.99$51.99$44.99
Rosette Teal Cake$43.99$54.99$42.99$50.99$54.99
Tool Box Cake (Blue)$54.99$50.99$54.99
Grillmaster Cake$39.99$56.99
Dad's Shirt Cake$38.99$51.99$44.99$51.99
Brown Suspenders Cake$38.99$51.99$44.99$51.99
Bow Tie & Shirt Cake$38.99$51.99$44.99$51.99
Turn the Tassel Cake$38.99$51.99$38.99$44.99$51.99
School Spirit PhotoCake$51.99$44.99
Cap & Diploma Cake$38.99$51.99$38.99$44.99$51.99
School Spirit Cake$51.99$44.99$51.99
Graduation Stripe PhotoCake$38.99$51.99$44.99
Zombie Unicorn Cake$44.99$56.99
Halloween Oreo Cookie Cake$43.99$54.99$42.99$50.99$54.99
Ghost Cake$43.99$54.99
Fang-Tastic Monster Cake$43.99$54.99
Haunted House Cake$62.99
Create Your Own Halloween PhotoCake$38.99$51.99$44.99
Harvest Swirl Cake$38.99$51.99
Happy Holly-days Cake$38.99$51.99$38.99$44.99$51.99
Brrr the Snowman Cake$38.99$51.99
Reindeer Cake$43.99$54.99
Winter Wonderland Cake$43.99$54.99$42.99$50.99$54.99
Rosette Christmas Tree Cake$38.99$51.99$44.99$51.99
Winter Forest Cake$38.99$51.99$27.99$38.99$44.99
Modern Wreath Cake$38.99$51.99
Chanukah Menorah Cake$38.99$51.99$27.99$38.99$44.99
Candy Cane Cottage Cake$50.99

Cakes and Pies: Full Sheet (8″ x 12″) – Double Full Sheet (12″ x 16″)

Menu ItemFull Sheet (8" x 12")Full And 1/3 Sheet (8" x 16")Full And 1/2 Sheet (8" x 18")Double Full Sheet (12" x 16")
Oreo Cookie Cake$63.99$93.99$102.99$122.99
Create Your Own PhotoCake$60.99
Celebration Party Cake$60.99$89.99$97.99$114.99
Ice Cream Cone Cake$63.99$93.99$102.99$122.99
Balloon Cake$60.99$89.99$97.99$114.99
Frame Cake$60.99$89.99$97.99$114.99
Candy Crazy Cake$63.99$93.99$102.99$122.99
Oreo Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Cake$63.99$93.99$102.99$122.99
Oreo Ice Cream Cookies & Scoops Cake$63.99
Officially Licensed Sports Team Cake$60.99
Confetti Crazy Cake$60.99$89.99$97.99$114.99
Baby Shower Cake$60.99$89.99$97.99$114.99
Candy Cake$63.99$93.99$102.99$122.99
Caramelectric Cake$63.99$93.99$102.99$122.99
Disney Princess Once Upon A Moment PhotoCake Edible Image DecoSet Cake$60.99
Disney/Pixar Toy Story 4 Team Toy PhotoCake Edible Image DecoSet Cake$60.99
Flower Garden Cake$60.99$89.99$97.99$114.99
Mini Cupcake Cake$63.99$93.99$102.99$122.99
Minnie Mouse Happy Helpers DecoSet Cake$60.99$89.99$97.99$114.99
Mystical Mermaid Cake$63.99$93.99$102.99$122.99
Oreo Cream Delight Cookie Cake$63.99$93.99$102.99$122.99
Oreo Triple Chocolate Cake$63.99$93.99$102.99$122.99
Paw Patrol Just Yelp For Help DecoSet Cake$60.99$89.99$97.99$114.99
Peppa Pig Swing Set DecoSet Cake$60.99$89.99$97.99$114.99
SpongeBob SquarePants Krabby Patty DecoSet Cake$60.99$89.99$97.99$114.99
4th of July Celebration Cake$60.99$89.99$97.99$114.99
Valentine Day Cake$60.99
St. Patrick's Day Cake$60.99$89.99$97.99$114.99
Get Egg-cited Cake$60.99$89.99$97.99$114.99
Bunny Face Cake$60.99$89.99$97.99$114.99
Speckled Egg Cake$60.99$89.99$97.99$114.99
Perfect Peony Cake$60.99$89.99$97.99$114.99
Floral Cone Bouquet Cake$60.99$89.99$97.99$114.99
Elegant Rosette Cake$63.99$93.99$102.99$122.99
Rosette Pink Cake$63.99$93.99$102.99$122.99
Pink Floral Stripe Cake$60.99$89.99$97.99$114.99
Amazing Mom Cake$60.99$89.99$97.99$114.99
Fabulous Floral Cake$60.99$89.99$97.99$114.99
Mother's Day PhotoCake$60.99
Rosette Teal Cake$63.99$93.99$102.99$122.99
Tool Box Cake (Blue)$63.99$93.99$102.99$122.99
Dad's Shirt Cake$60.99$89.99$97.99$114.99
Brown Suspenders Cake$60.99$89.99$97.99$114.99
Bow Tie & Shirt Cake$60.99$89.99$97.99$114.99
Turn the Tassel Cake$60.99$89.99$97.99$114.99
School Spirit PhotoCake$60.99
Cap & Diploma Cake$60.99$89.99$97.99$114.99
School Spirit Cake$60.99$89.99$97.99$114.99
Graduation Stripe PhotoCake$60.99
Halloween Oreo Cookie Cake$63.99$93.99$102.99$122.99
Create Your Own Halloween PhotoCake$60.99
Happy Holly-days Cake$60.99$89.99$97.99$114.99
Winter Wonderland Cake$63.99$93.99$102.99$122.99
Rosette Christmas Tree Cake$60.99$89.99$97.99$114.99
Winter Forest Cake$51.99$60.99$97.99$114.99
Chanukah Menorah Cake$51.99$60.99$97.99$114.99

Other Cakes and Pies

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Fudge Roll CakeRoll Serves 6-8$37.99
Confetti Crazy Cake1/6 Sheet Serves 2-4$23.99
Confetti Crazy Cake1/4 Sheet Serves 4-6 4"x6"$27.99
Football CakeServes 10-12$42.99
Baseball CakeServes 6-8$45.99
Celebration Cookie CakeServes 12-16$43.99
Celebration Mini Roll Cake1/2 Roll Serves 2-4$23.99
Celebration Tiered CakeTwo Tiered Round Cake Serves 18-24$82.99
Frozen II Tiered CakeTwo Tiered Round Cake Serves 18-24$92.99
Fudge Brownie n' Oreo Cookie CakeCookie Cake Serves 12-16$43.99
Fudge Nut Round CakeFudge Nut Serves 8-10$43.99
Ice Cream Float CakeIce Cream Float Cake Serves 6-8$33.99
Ladybug CakeCustom Dome Serves 6-8$45.99
Monkey CakeCustom Dome Serves 6-8$45.99
Oreo Cookie Tiered CakeTwo Tiered Round Cake Serves 18-24$92.99
Oreo Cookie Crumb Mini Roll Cake1/2 Roll Serves 2-4$23.99
Oreo Cookie Mini Roll Cake1/2 Roll Serves 2-4$23.99
Oreo Cream Delight Cookie Roll CakeRoll Serves 6-8$37.99
Sea Turtle CakeCustom Dome Serves 6-8$49.99
Shark CakeCustom Dome Serves 6-8$49.99
Spider-Man Ultimate Light Up Eyes Cake1/2 Round Serves 6-8$48.99
Teddy Bear CakeCustom Dome Serves 6-8$45.99
Too Cute Cupcake CakeCupcake Serves 8-12$51.99
Unicorn Tiered CakeTwo Tiered Round Cake Serves 18-24$92.99
Crazy for You CakeSmall Heart Serves 2-4$25.99
Crazy for You CakeLarge Heart Serves 10-12$51.99
Box of Chocolates CakeSmall Heart Serves 2-4$25.99
Box of Chocolates CakeLarge Heart Serves 10-12$51.99
Heart Cones CakeSmall Heart Serves 2-4$25.99
Valentine's Day Sprinkles Card Cake1/4 Sheet Serves 4-6 4"x6"$27.99
Love Banner CakeSmall Heart Serves 2-4$25.99
Love Banner CakeLarge Heart Serves 10-12$51.99
Pink Conversation Heart KISS ME CakeSmall Heart Serves 2-4$25.99
Pink Conversation Heart KISS ME CakeLarge Heart Serves 10-12$51.99
Pink Conversation Heart BE MINE CakeSmall Heart Serves 2-4$25.99
Pink Conversation Heart BE MINE CakeLarge Heart Serves 10-12$51.99
Orange Conversation Heart LOVE YOU CakeSmall Heart Serves 2-4$25.99
Orange Conversation Heart LOVE YOU CakeLarge Heart Serves 10-12$51.99
Yellow Conversation Heart KISS ME CakeSmall Heart Serves 2-4$25.99
Yellow Conversation Heart KISS ME CakeLarge Heart Serves 10-12$51.99
Get Egg-cited Cake1/4 Sheet Serves 4-6 4"x6"$27.99
Chick CakeCustom Dome Serves 6-8$45.99
Hopscotch the Bunny CakeCustom Dome Serves 6-8$45.99
Bunny Roll CakeRoll Serves 6-8$41.99
Fluffy Bunny Cake1/2 Round Serves 6-8$38.99
Perfect Peony Cake1/4 Sheet Serves 4-6 4"x6"$27.99
Pink Floral Stripe Cake1/4 Sheet Serves 4-6 4"x6"$27.99
Amazing Mom Cake1/4 Sheet Serves 4-6 4"x6"$27.99
Fabulous Floral Cake1/4 Sheet Serves 4-6 4"x6"$27.99
Designer Handbag Cake1/2 Round Serves 6-8$38.99
Blue Rosette Mini Roll Cake1/2 Roll Serves 2-4$23.99
Violet Rosette Mini Roll Cake1/2 Roll Serves 2-4$23.99
Rosette Tiered CakeTwo Tiered Round Cake Serves 18-24$92.99
The Cold One Cake2/3 Roll Serves 4-6$33.99
Bow Tie and Suspenders Cookie CakeCookie Cake Serves 12-16$43.99
Bow Tie & Shirt Cookie CakeCookie Cake Serves 12-16$43.99
Banner Cookie CakeCookie Cake Serves 12-16$43.99
Turn the Tassel Cake1/4 Sheet Serves 4-6 4"x6"$27.99
Diploma Roll Cake1/2 Roll Serves 2-4$23.99
Diploma Roll CakeRoll Serves 6-8$37.99
School Spirit Cookie CakeCookie Cake Serves 12-16$43.99
School Spirit Tiered PhotoCakeTwo Tiered Round Cake Serves 18-24$94.98
Trixie the Ghost CakeStacked Dome Serves 12-16$45.99
Piñata Ghost Cake6" Tall Piñata Serves 10-12$52.99
Pumpkin Patch CakeCustom Dome Serves 6-8$45.99
Pumpkin Patch Piñata CakeCustom Dome Serves 6-8$45.99
Spider Web Cookie CakeCookie Cake Serves 12-16$43.99
Fall Harvest Roll CakeRoll Serves 6-8$37.99
Happy Holly-days Cake1/6 Sheet Serves 2-4$23.99
Happy Holly-days Cake1/4 Sheet Serves 4-6 4"x6"$27.99
Fudge Yule Log Roll CakeRoll Serves 6-8$38.99
Polar Bear CakeCustom Dome Serves 6-8$45.99
Snowman CakeCustom Dome Serves 6-8$45.99
Santa CakeCustom Dome Serves 6-8$45.99
Elf CakeCustom Dome Serves 6-8$45.99

Polar Pizza Ice Cream Treats

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Custom Polar Pizza Ice Cream TreatServes 8$25.99
Mint Chocolate Chip Polar Pizza Ice Cream TreatServes 8$25.99
Oreo Cookies 'n Cream Polar Pizza Ice Cream TreatServes 8$25.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Polar Pizza Ice Cream TreatServes 8$25.99

DIY Kits

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
DIY Sundae Kit$44.99
DIY Polar Pizza Kit$44.99

Take Home

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Chocolate Chip Pre-Packed Quart$9.09
Chocolate Pre-Packed Quart$9.09
Gold Medal Ribbon Pre-Packed Quart$9.09
Jamoca Almond Fudge Pre-Packed Quart$9.09
Mint Chocolate Chip Pre-Packed Quart$9.09
Old Fashioned Butter Pecan Pre-Packed Quart$9.09
Oreo Cookies 'n Cream Pre-Packed Quart$9.09
Peanut Butter 'n Chocolate Pre-Packed Quart$9.09
Pralines 'n Cream Pre-Packed Quart$9.09
Rainbow Sherbet Pre-Packed Quart$9.09
Rocky Road Pre-Packed Quart$9.09
Vanilla Pre-Packed Quart$9.09
Very Berry Strawberry Pre-Packed Quart$9.09
Flavor of the Month - Peanut Butter BlossomSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Black WalnutSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
NSA Caramel Turtle TruffleSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Cherries JubileeSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
ChocolateSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Chocolate Cherry BarkSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Chocolate ChipSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie DoughSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Chocolate FudgeSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Chocolate Mousse RoyaleSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Cookie MonsterSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Cotton CandySmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Creole Cream CheeseSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Cup of CocoaSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Daiquiri IceSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Gold Medal RibbonSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Icing on the CakeSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
JamocaSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Jamoca Almond FudgeSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Lemon CustardSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Lemon SorbetSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Mint Chocolate ChipSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Nutty CoconutSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Old Fashioned Butter PecanSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Oreo Cookies 'n CreamSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Peanut Butter 'n ChocolateSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
PeppermintSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
NSA Pineapple CoconutSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Pistachio AlmondSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Pralines 'n CreamSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Rainbow SherbetSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Reese's Peanut Butter CupSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Rocky RoadSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Rum RaisinSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Strawberry CheesecakeSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Triple MangoSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
VanillaSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Very Berry StrawberrySmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Wild 'n Reckless SherbetSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
World Class ChocolateSmall Fresh-Pack$7.99
Flavor of the Month - Peanut Butter BlossomRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Black WalnutRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
NSA Caramel Turtle TruffleRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Cherries JubileeRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
ChocolateRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Chocolate Cherry BarkRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Chocolate ChipRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Chocolate Chip Cookie DoughRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Chocolate FudgeRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Chocolate Mousse RoyaleRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Cookie MonsterRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Cotton CandyRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Creole Cream CheeseRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Cup of CocoaRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Daiquiri IceRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Gold Medal RibbonRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Icing on the CakeRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
JamocaRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Jamoca Almond FudgeRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Lemon CustardRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Lemon SorbetRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Mint Chocolate ChipRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Nutty CoconutRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Old Fashioned Butter PecanRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Oreo Cookies 'n CreamRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Peanut Butter 'n ChocolateRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
PeppermintRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
NSA Pineapple CoconutRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Pistachio AlmondRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Pralines 'n CreamRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Rainbow SherbetRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Reese's Peanut Butter CupRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Rocky RoadRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Rum RaisinRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Strawberry CheesecakeRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Triple MangoRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
VanillaRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Very Berry StrawberryRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Wild 'n Reckless SherbetRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
World Class ChocolateRegular Fresh-Pack$13.49
Real Whipped Light Cream$9.99

FAQs about Baskin Robbins 

What menu items have been discontinued at Baskin Robbins?

Even after 75 years in business, Baskin Robbins continues to innovate and test out new ice cream flavors. Some of these ideas stick, while others are ultimately discontinued. 

Here are five flavors Baskin Robbins has taken off the menu: Caramel Praline Cheesecake, Campfire S’mores, Apple Pie a La Mode, Superfudge Truffle, and French Vanilla. 

  • Caramel Praline Cheesecake was a combination of vanilla cheesecake ice cream, a caramel ribbon, and praline pecans.
  • Campfire S’mores includes creamy milk chocolate ice cream with a marshmallow swirl and crunchy graham cracker bits.
  • Apple Pie a La Mode featured vanilla ice cream paired with real apples, a crunchy pie crust, and a caramel cinnamon crème ribbon.

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  • Superfudge Truffle was an indulgent chocolate fudge ice cream that featured pieces of chocolate ganache and toffee truffle.
  • French Vanilla was one of the pioneers in the frozen treats industry. Irv Robbins and Burt Baskin, introduced French Vanilla, a rich and creamy variety of ice cream that incorporates egg yolks. Too bad! This was one of my personal favorites. 
unicorn scoop of ice cream

Baskin Robbins isn’t afraid to innovate even after all these years.

Other discontinued items at Baskin Robbins over the years:

  • Banana Nut Ice Cream
  • Miami Ice Sorbet
  • Candy Mash Up Ice Cream
  • Pumpkin Cheesecake Ice Cream
  • Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream
  • Jolly Mint Ice Cream
  • Lemon Sorbet
  • Chocolate Eclair Frozen Yogurt
  • Premium Churned Light Amaretto Cherry Swirl Ice Cream
  • Horchata Ice
  • Snickerdoodle Chai
  • Popping Shower 

Are there any coupons or free birthday scoops you can claim at Baskin Robbins? 

Baskin Robbins offers sweet deals with their App. When you download the Baskin Robbins App and sign in for the first time, you can get a digital coupons for a free scoop of ice cream. If you want something even better, you’ll find exclusive app offers and coupons being released every month.

Other than that, you’ll be entitled to a free scoop on your birthday. Make the occasion even more special by registering up to 5 birthdays of your family and friends into the account and you’ll get a free coupon on their birthday as well. Subscribe to Baskin Robbins Emails to get the most up-to-date exclusive discounts, flavors, news and more delivered right to your inbox.

There are some restrictions with these free scoop offers, however. You can’t order a waffle cone for the free offer.

But wait, there’s more. Visit your nearest store on January 31st to get a 31% discount on all scoops. Moreover, you can benefit from Buy One, Get One 50% Off Pre-Packed Quarts both in-store and online. For online orders, simply use the promo code CELEBRATE31 at checkout while the offer applies. 

What are the most popular menu items at Baskin Robbins?

Pralines ‘N Cream

Although it might be a little similar to the discontinued Caramel Praline Cheesecake flavor, the Pralines ‘N Cream is a different story. This flavor offers a delightful Southern experience with its mix of crunchy, sticky, and caramel-flavored pecans and creamy vanilla ice cream. The Pralines ‘N Cream is absolutely top-notch thanks to the caramel topping. 

Mint Chocolate Chip

Many people relish the taste of this classic Baskin Robbins flavor due to its light and refreshing mint, combined with dark chocolate chips for a truly delightful experience. Despite some people thinking the ice cream is colored similar to toothpaste, it’s generally a very popular flavor. This is right up there in my top 3 picks at Baskin Robbins. 

Gold Medal Ribbon

Baskin Robbins released the flavor Gold Medal Ribbon in 1979. It is speculated that this was done in anticipation of the upcoming Olympic Games in 1980, though Baskin Robbins has not made any official statement about it. This ice cream flavor is composed of chocolate, vanilla, and caramel so you can’t go wrong there. This is the perfect ice cream for when you can’t make up your mind about which flavor to choose. 

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Strawberry Cheesecake

The Strawberry Cheesecake is surprisingly a scrumptious ice cream that consists of cheesecake-flavored ice cream, a strawberry sauce swirl, and pieces of cheesecake. It can be enjoyed with some whipped cream and hot fudge or all by itself. 

Rainbow Sherbet

It’s difficult to come across an ice cream that is as beautiful as Baskin Robbins’ Rainbow Sherbet. This mixture of pineapple, raspberry, and orange sherbet is amazingly refreshing.

Here are some other popular flavors at Baskin Robbins:

  • Jamoca Almond Fudge
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  • Cotton Candy
  • Icing on the Cake
  • Cherries Jubilee
  • Old Fashioned Butter Pecan
  • Pistachio Almond
  • Nutty Coconut

Is there a secret menu at Baskin Robbins?

Since 1945, Baskin-Robbins has provided more than one thousand different flavors, making it the most extensive ice cream shop chain in America. Even with all the flavors and toppings available, Baskin-Robbins still has a secret menu where you can ask your server to make special combinations for you. Let’s check out some of those items below.

Samoa Cookie

Love Girl Scout cookies? This Baskin Robbins menu hack allows you to get the popular Samoa Cookie turned into an ice cream Girl Scout cookie. All you have to do is order one scoop of mocha, one scoop of coconut and one scoop of caramel to create the ‘Samoa’ – a secret menu item that some workers are aware of, but newer employees may be oblivious to its existence.

Orange Dreamsicle

This particular secret menu item is only available at select Baskin-Robbins locations that offer milkshakes. It starts with an Orange Coolata, which is combined with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream – sure to provide a cooling respite on even the hottest day of summer.

Donut Sundae

Customers have been asking Baskin-Robbins to make the “Donut Sundae” a regular menu item, so why not give it a try? It features your favorite flavors served in a cup alongside a chocolate chip sprinkle donut. 

specialty cake

You can order specialty cakes at Baskin Robbins.

Caramel Turtle

The scrumptious “Chocolate Caramel Turtle” snack is impossible to resist, and you can get it in an ice cream version from Baskin-Robbins. Simply request the “Caramel Turtle” – a combination of one scoop each of almond, caramel, and either coffee or mocha ice cream. This is one of the company’s most beloved creations.

Thin Mints

If you’d like to enjoy thin mint cookies in a creamy ice cream form, simply ask the staff for the “thin mint special”. You will be served a tasty mixture of coffee and mint chocolate chip ice cream or as a milkshake.

Fruit Chocolate Truffle

If you have a passion for the taste of luxury chocolate, and have wondered what it would be like to have it in ice cream form, Fruit Chocolate Truffle is the way to go. This flavor is a combination of coffee and raspberry.

Are there any menu items for specialty diets? 

Baskin Robbins is thought of as a destination to indulge in some ice cream as a treat now and then. Nevertheless, there are some vegan and low-calorie flavors that you can try. Let’s take a look at those options below.

Low-Calorie Food Items:

  • Daiquiri Ice: 80 Calories
  • Fat-Free Vanilla Frozen Yogurt: 80 Calories
  • Rainbow Sherbet: 100 Calories
  • Reduced Fat, No Sugar Added Chocolate Chip Ice Cream: 120 Calories
  • Super Yumberry Greek Frozen Yogurt: 130 Calories
  • Vanilla Soft Serve Cone: 130 Calories
  • Fresh-Baked Waffle Cone: 130 Calories

Vegan Food Items:

  • Daiquiri Ice
  • Non-Dairy Mint Chocochunk
  • Create your own Sundae

Who is the target audience of this Baskin Robbins menu?

Baskin Robbins has focused on particular target audiences. Despite the notion that they are aiming to cover all age groups, it seems that their primary demographic is middle and upper-class citizens, particularly professionals and families with small children. Individuals in this social class would prioritize family time and activities that focus on the children. They would choose a brand name over a lower price, thus opting for Baskin Robbins. 

As course, when you’re an ice cream shop that’s been in business since 1945, you’ve got nostalgia on your side. Many that are young, old, and everywhere in between can recall visiting Baskin Robbins when they were young. As a result, older generations bring their children and introduce them to the brand as well creating a continuous circle of customer loyalty that spans decades.