Juice cleansing is a convenient and delicious way to increase fruit and vegetable intake. If you want to kick off  the year right, why not start with a diet refresh or juice cleanse? Locally owned and operated, Boise Juice Co. serves up organic cold-pressed juice, smoothies, and açaí bowls across the Treasure Valley with locations in Boise, Meridian and Eagle. Here’s the up-to-date prices for everything on the menu in 2024.


Acai Bowls

Menu Item Size / Quantity Price
Original BowlRegular$8.50
Original BowlLarge$10.50
Tropical BowlRegular$8.50
Tropical BowlLarge$10.50
Mighty Mango BowlRegular$8.50
Mighty Mango BowlLarge$10.50
Coco Beach BowlRegular$9.25
Coco Beach BowlLarge$11.25
Popeye BowlRegular$9.25
Popeye BowlLarge$11.25
DragonFly BowlRegular$9.25
DragonFly BowlLarge$11.25
Chocolate Cherry Cashew BowlRegular$9.50
Chocolate Cherry Cashew BowlLarge$11.25
Peanut Butter BowlRegular$9.50
Peanut Butter BowlLarge$11.25
Berry On BowlRegular$9.50
Berry On BowlLarge$11.25


Menu Item Size / Quantity Price
Mighty Mango$8.00
Coco Beach$8.25
Chocolate Cherry Cashew $8.50
Peanut Butter$8.50
Berry On$8.50

Specialty Smoothies

Menu Item Size / Quantity Price
Chocolate AlmondBerry$8.50
Berry Blast$7.50
Lean Green$8.50
Go Green$7.50

Specialty Smoothies Boosters

Menu Item Size / Quantity Price
Plant-Based ProteinVanilla
MCT Powder$1
Vegan Collagen$1
Chia Seed$1
Hemp Hearts$1
Flax Seed$1
Raw Cacao$1
Dark Chocolate Chips$1
Nocciolata Drizzle$1
Blue Majik$2
E3 Live$2

Organic Cold Pressed Juice

Menu Item Size / Quantity Price
The HolyKale16 oz.$9.25
The HolyKale6 Bottles$52.50
Vanity Pear16 oz.$9.25
Vanity Pear6 Bottles$52.50
Lucky Pink16 oz.$9.25
Lucky Pink6 Bottles$52.50
City of Greens16 oz.$9.25
City of Greens6 Bottles$52.50
Electrolyte16 oz.$9.25
Electrolyte6 Bottles$52.50
Golden Greens16 oz.$9.25
Golden Greens6 Bottles$52.50
TropiKale16 oz.$9.25
TropiKale6 Bottles$52.50
Mai Chai16 oz.$9.25
Mai Chai6 Bottles$52.50
Mocha16 oz.$9.25
Mocha6 Bottles$52.50
RePear16 oz.$9.25
RePear6 Bottles$52.50
Cocoa Loco16 oz.$9.25
Cocoa Loco6 Bottles$52.50
Turn Up The Beet16 oz.$9.25
Turn Up The Beet6 Bottles$52.50
Majik Mojito16 oz.$9.25
Majik Mojito6 Bottles$52.50
Turmeric Tonic16 oz.$9.25
Turmeric Tonic6 Bottles$52.50
The Cure16 oz.$9.25
The Cure6 Bottles$52.50
Pineapple Chia16 oz.$9.25
Pineapple Chia6 Bottles$52.50
Good Hydrations (Seasonal Juice)16 oz.$9.25
Good Hydrations (Seasonal Juice)6 Bottles$52.50
Sweet Beets (Seasonal Juice)16 oz.$9.25
Sweet Beets (Seasonal Juice)6 Bottles$52.50
Nice Melons (Seasonal Juice)16 oz.$9.25
Nice Melons (Seasonal Juice)6 Bottles$52.50

Wellness Shots

Menu Item Size / Quantity Price
Up Beet Shot2 oz$3.75
Immune Boost Shot2 oz$3.75
E3Live Shot2 oz$3.75
Get the Skinny Shot2 oz$3.75
Recover Shot2 oz$3.75
Elderberry Syrup$8.00

FAQs about Boise Juice.Co

What menu items have been discontinued at Boise Juice Co.?

All the flavors and products from 2016 are still being sold in the market today. Boise Juice Co. only added additional flavors to cater to a broader range of customer demands. 

Are there any discounts you can claim at Boise Juice Co.? 

The best bet for saving money is to join the Boise Juice Co. rewards program and download their ordering app. Download the app and you’ll get $2 off your next order. Like other rewards programs, you’ll earn points the more you visit and spend at each location. You can redeem points for free menu items. You’ll also get the occasional coupon sent to your phone via text when you provide BJC with your phone number.

Good news to Veterans who are craving for a healthy cold-pressed juice. Boise Juice Co. offers a 10% discount to all active and Veteran retired service members. They also honor Senior Citizen discounts. Boise Juice.Co offers seasonal coupons for special events like Veteran’s day or company anniversary.

What are the most popular menu items at Boise Juice Co.?

Here are some of the most popular menu items to try at Boise Juice Co.

  1. City Of Greens – This balanced and powerful combination controls digestion and reduces digestive tract irritation. City of Greens boosts antioxidants with kale and spinach.
  2. Peanut Butter Power Bowl – This thick and creamy Peanut Butter Power Acai Bowl is loaded with fruit and peanut butter. Topped with dark chocolate chips, crunchy granola, strawberry, banana, and honey.
  3. DragonFly Smoothie – A nutritious dragon fruit smoothie made with Pitaya, peach, pineapple, banana, and apple juice. A great mix that turns a lovely bright pink hue! 
  4. Original Bowl – Everyone loves classic! It’s a blend of acai berries that are antioxidant-rich, strawberry, banana, blueberry, and apple juice. To add extra nutrition ,  Granola, Banana, Strawberry, Blueberry, Raw Honey are on top. 
  5. Turn Up The Beast – Beta-carotene in this strong juice protects cells from free radicals. This juice prepares your body to fight age-related diseases with carrots’ antioxidants and beets’ cleansing. 

Is there a secret menu at Boise Juice Co.?

Boise Art

The wall inside the Boise Juice Co. Meridian location.

No, Boise Juice Co. doesn’t have a secret menu. All their acai bowls, smoothies, cold-pressed juice are posted on their menu. For over 6 years of operations, I haven’t found any Boise Juice Co. secret products online or on social media. I asked their local store crew and as expected, their answer was none. 

Are there any menu items for specialty diets? 

Boise Juice Co. made sure that their cold-pressed juice, smoothies, and acai bowls address consumers’ different dietary requirements. At the time they opened back in 2016, there was no other local juice dispensary. 

Not all Boise Juice Co. ingredients are vegan-free. Honey is the only item on their menu that can’t be consumed by vegans. But if you need an item removed or replaced at Boise Juice Co. just ask. For examples, I’ve had agave replaced with honey instead. Other than that, most options are suitable for vegans.

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They are using gluten-free granola in their acai bowls that are not certified.They are very willing to provide gluten-free granola that has been verified as such. As an alternative, Toasted Muesli is also available and consists of oats without any additional oils or sweeteners. A touch of maple syrup is all that’s used to sweeten them.

Boise Juice Co. is dairy-free. Even their chocolate chips do not contain dairy products by working with a specialty supplier.

Who is the target audience of this restaurant’s menu?

Typically, the target audience of Boise Juice’s menu focuses on health-conscious individuals. Those who are trying to lose weight, want to be healthy, or people who just want a fresh fruit serving. In my family, we use Boise Juice Co. as a healthier treat alternative to visiting an ice cream shop for example. My girls love to go and get an açaí bowl as a special treat. 

Does Boise Juice Co. offer delivery?

Yes, Boise juice has its own delivery services to send your healthy juices and acai bowls straight to your doorstep by using the third-party app DoorDash. Sounds very convenient, right? However, their delivery location is limited. They only deliver around the local Boise and Meridian area. There aren’t any locations outside the Treasure Valley so you can’t get delivery outside this area. 

Can you customize the sugar level of your Acai Bowl or Smoothie at Boise Juice?

Boise Juice Co. sign

Boise Juice Co. Signage.

The answer is yes! If you let them know your dietary requirements, they will happily do their best to accommodate it. Want a sugar-free for a guilt-free drink? Their unsweetened almond milk, unsweetened coconut water, and alkaline water are the three options that do not contain any added sugar. For acai bowls, just request to replace the chocolate chips with lower in sugar fruits and skip the honey.

How often can I use Boise Juice’ Cleanses for cleansing?

A three-day juice cleanse is recommended by Boise Juice Co. You can do this every three months or whenever you feel like your body needs a nutritional reset. If you have low energy, digestive issues, fatigue, malaise, or don’t feel your best, your body may be trying to tell you that it lacks some essential nutrients. Consider a juice cleanse and see how you feel.

How can I store the juice I bought at Boise Juice?

One way that you can keep your newly bought Boise Juice item is by putting it in a refrigerator. It is essential to keep these drinks safe as these juices are raw and unprocessed. The goal for its perishableness is for enzymes and nutrients to remain active for your body’s benefits. Unrefrigerated juices rapidly lose their nutritional value and flavor. All of the cold-press juice or smoothie must be stored at or below 40 degrees at all times. Try to drink your juice within a few days of receiving it as it won’t last as long in the refrigerator as store bought juices that use sugars and unnatural ingredients to maintain freshness. 

How different is Boise Juice Co. in contrast to its competitors’ grocery products?

Boise Juice Co. has the edge over other commercial fruit juices available at grocery stores because it is not pasteurized. Why is this better? Pasteurization kills bacteria but it also destroys almost all of the healthy nutrients, including vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. Therefore, pasteurization is done routinely by grocery fruit juices to increase the longevity of their product. I think you’ll be able to taste the difference as well when you take a sip. 

Do I have to drink Boise Juice’ Cleansing Juices in a particular order?

Yes, you definitely should! The boxes that you will receive from Boise Juice for each day of your juice cleanse and the individual juice bottles will be numbered from 1 to 6 so that you know in what order to consume them. The order of drinking can help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels throughout the day and ensure that you get the appropriate amount of nutrients in your diet. In accordance with their recommendation, after consuming a glass of juice every 2–2.5 hours, one should drink 8–10 ounces of water. 

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Why do they use plastic bottles? 

At some point in the future, the company plans to initiate a buy-back program for their glass bottles. Until then, recycling plastic bottles is easier and uses less energy. Bottles are also BPA-free.