The buffet was always my go-to order when eating at KFC. Why wouldn’t you opt for unlimited coleslaw, biscuits, mashed potatoes, and fried chicken if it’s an option?

Unfortunately, the KFC buffet is not as common as it used to be post pandemic. But worry not faithful reader, as the world continues to open up and return to normal, I’m on a quest to figure out if the KFC All You Can Eat Buffet is back and where you can find one.

So where can you find a KFC buffet? This guide will help you find an option (hopefully) nearby.

How to Find a KFC Buffet

If you’re all ready to walk inside just any KFC store to indulge in that hearty buffet, you may want to stop and read this first. Not all KFC locations offer the buffet. Why? KFC never really gave an official response to this but there are reports that it could partially be due to food safety or the high cost and food waste that go alone with operating a buffet. Even prior to the global health crisis, there were more than 25,000 KFC locations (yes, that’s how many KFC locations there are in the world), but only a small percentage offered buffets.

So where do you start? Here are some tips in finding that rare KFC buffet in your area:


Google is your best friend when it comes to looking up things online and if you just simply type the keywords “KFC buffet), you’ll get a lot of results. Some of these results are articles that write about which KFC stores are open. They’ll also have dates beneath the headlines or title of the article so check that first to see if it’s updated. Some results can yield articles written almost 5 years ago while others will give you results written within the year.

Once you’ve read through the article, search up the location of the KFC store and check if it’s a location near your area. You can then visit this location or call ahead to confirm if the buffet is indeed still being offered.

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Social Media

As you might expect, there is a private Facebook community called KFC Aficionados that helps diners around the United States find a KFC buffet location. This group is quickly approaching 500 members at the time of writing. Unfortunately, many of the group members and comments in this group are of people expressing their frustration that they can’t find any KFC buffets near them. But if you’re as desperate to find a location as I am then it’s an option that must be pursued.


If reading isn’t for you, searching vlogs on Youtube about KFC buffets can also help you in your search in finding one. What’s great about these videos is that they’re more of a full coverage wherein you can see what exactly the KFC buffet looks like and what items are being offered. Just be mindful of the dates when the video was uploaded to see if it’s still recent. You can also drop a comment on the video and ask the uploader if they know whether the KFC buffet is still open or not.

Sadly, I called or visited every one of the KFC locations around the Boise area where I live. None of these 3 locations within driving distance I have learned offered a buffet.

These tips can be of great help when it comes to looking up that rare buffet online. Just be sure to check the date, get the name of the location and their contact details, and do a quick call to check if the information is indeed true before heading over there.

Are there any KFC Buffet Locations Still Open?

The short answer is yes! There are KFC buffet locations still open. We did the search for you and here are some locations that offer a KFC buffet. As you can see, they are few and far between.

United States:

  • Greenwood, South Carolina
  • Vidalia, Georgia
  • Douglasville, GA – Highway 5 Market Square Shopping Center
  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
  • Waynesboro, Virginia
  • Mount Vernon, Kentucky


  • Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Minami-Machida Grandberry Park, Tokyo
  • KFC Lala Port Expocity, Osaka
  • Harbourfront, Kallang Stadium Boulevard, and Woodlands 888 in Singapore (For a limited time only and they only serve unlimited chicken)

Greenwood, South Carolina has brought back the KFC buffet!

Please do note that these KFC locations may not be serving the buffet all year round or at all hours of the day. It’s still advisable to call ahead and ask if they still serve it now or not.

Have KFC Buffets Reopened Internationally Outside the United States?

It is difficult to know what locations outside of the United States have KFC buffets since the global KFC website does not have a buffet search feature unless you click on every country and search for it. However, the reports we have of KFC buffets that are currently open at the time of this writing are the following locations:

KFC buffet in Tokyo.


  • Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Minami-Machida Grandberry Park, Tokyo
  • KFC Lala Port Expocity, Osaka

What items are available on the KFC Buffet?

You’re already probably excited just thinking about what items are offered on the KFC buffet. Well let’s fuel that excitement up some more because we’re pleased to let you know that there’s more to just fried chicken in the buffet.

In Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada, their KFC buffet has tossed salad and pasta salad, biscuits, pickles, coleslaw, French fries, mashed potatoes, jello, gravy, cheese sauce, corn, and the ever popular Kentucky Fried Chicken. This KFC place is unique since they’re the only ones who serve the KFC buffet in Canada.

In Minami-Machida Grandberry Park, Tokyo and KFC Lala Port Expocity, Osaka, their KFC buffet has more variety. They serve the original Kentucky Fried Chicken, assorted breads, macaroni and cheese, carbonara, lasagna, a salad bar including coleslaw, cheesy potatoes, mashed potatoes, corn, curry chicken, soft serve ice cream, and other kinds of desserts. A video on Tiktok shared by user Jesse also showed that there were Tandoori Chicken, garlic rice, and pancakes in addition to all those items already mentioned.

Limited time KFC buffet from July 5th – 7th.

Recently, selected Singapore KFC locations also offered unlimited fried chicken but it wasn’t a buffet. Waiters will come to your table instead where you can ask for them to re-fill the Original Recipe Chicken and Hot & Crispy Chicken, desserts, sides, and drinks. The promo lasted from July 5 to 7 in honor of International Fried Chicken Day.

What time does the KFC buffet open and close?

The U.S. KFC locations only run their buffet for a limited time only and do not happen regularly. The one in Greenwood South Carolina runs until 6 p.m. every day as of the moment but it’s not sure for how long.

As for the Weyburn, Saskatchewan KFC buffet, they open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and operate seven days a week. The ones in Japan run from 11 am to 5pm and you can only dine there for 80 minutes to ensure you don’t eat too much food.

Are drinks included with a KFC buffet for free?

The price of the KFC buffet does not include a soft drink in the United States and Canada. You’ll need to purchase them separately. Of course, you can get a cup of water for free if you prefer.

One point of distention, however. Japan locations do include a soft drink or beverage with the price of a buffet. There is an additional charge if you want an alcoholic beverage at the Tokyo location.

What is the cost of the buffet per person? Discounts for kids or seniors?

Before you head over to a KFC buffet, you might want to check out their rates so you can come prepared. In the US, the adult rate for the buffet is $14.99. Children ages 4 to 12 costs $7.99 while seniors ages 65 and above costs $12.99. If you work in the military, you get a discounted rate.

In Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada, the rate of their buffet is $14.40 while in Japan, the rate is 2,280 yen for adults and 1,080 yen for kids.

Do note that prices are subject to change and it’s always advisable to call ahead of time to double check.

Tips for Dining at a KFC Buffet

Are you ready to experience the KFC buffet in all its glory? Here are some dining tips to help you get the most out of your meal:

  • Pace yourself: to enjoy the variety of items served at the KFC buffet, it’s best to pace yourself. Don’t pile all the food items so high on your plate. Get a little bit of each to try and then go back for seconds (or thirds). This way, you won’t get full too fast.
  • Wear comfortable clothing: make sure to wear loose or comfortable clothes. Sweat pants are welcome!
  • Save the carbs last! If you can help it. Carbs such as biscuits, rice, and potatoes make you feel full fast. So if you want more space for that chicken, then you have to skip out or save the carbs for later. I know this is difficult because the biscuits are hard to delay gratification on.

I hope there will be more KFC buffets opening soon and that they’re abundant nationwide once again. But in the meantime, may this guide help you find this unicorn of buffet lines. With any luck, one of the locations mentioned above is within driving distance.