There’s no better value in the restaurant industry I can think of that compares to the unlimited pizza buffet. This was one of my go-to restaurants back in college where they had a lunch discount that was only $5 if you showed your student ID card. While you can’t claim that deal any longer, Cicis still offers the best value you’ll find anywhere. 

Below you’ll find the up-to-date prices for everything on the menu at Cicis in 2023. I also reveal how you can maximize your value and experience at Cicis with these pro tips I’ve learned over the years. 

Featured Menu

Menu ItemsSize / QuantityPrice
Pepperoni Poppers$5.99
Jalapeño Poppers$5.99
Buffalo Chicken Poppers$5.99

Specialty Pizza

Menu ItemsSize / QuantityPrice
Meat EaterMedium$11.99
Meat EaterLarge$13.99
Meat EaterGiant$15.99
Zesty VeggieMedium$11.99
Zesty VeggieLarge$13.99
Zesty VeggieGiant$15.99
Classic ChickenMedium$10.99
Classic ChickenLarge$12.99
Classic ChickenGiant$14.99
BBQ ChickenMedium$10.99
BBQ ChickenLarge$12.99
BBQ ChickenGiant$14.99
Chicken Bacon ClubMedium$10.99
Chicken Bacon ClubLarge$12.99
Chicken Bacon ClubGiant$14.99
Zesty Ham & CeddarMedium$10.99
Zesty Ham & CeddarLarge$12.99
Zesty Ham & CeddarGiant$14.99
Mac & CheeseMedium$9.99
Mac & CheeseLarge$11.99
Mac & CheeseGiant$13.99
Spinach AlfredoMedium$9.99
Spinach AlfredoLarge$11.99
Spinach AlfredoGiant$13.99
Buffalo ChickenMedium$9.99
Buffalo ChickenLarge$11.99
Buffalo ChickenGiant$13.99
BBQ PortkMedium$10.99
BBQ PortkLarge$11.99
BBQ PortkGiant$13.99
Zesty PepperoniMedium$9.99
Zesty PepperoniLarge$11.99
Zesty PepperoniGiant$13.99

Wings Menu

Menu ItemsSize / QuantityPrice
Hot Buffalo Wings5.00$8.99
Hot Buffalo Wings10.00$14.99
Hot Buffalo Wings20.00$26.99
Hot Buffalo Wings50.00$45.00
Mild Buffalo Wings5.00$8.99
Mild Buffalo Wings10.00$14.99
Mild Buffalo Wings20.00$26.99
Mild Buffalo Wings50.00$45.00
BBQ Wings5.00$8.99
BBQ Wings10.00$14.99
BBQ Wings20.00$26.99
BBQ Wings50.00$45.00
Garlic Parmesan Wings5.00$8.99
Garlic Parmesan Wings10.00$14.99
Garlic Parmesan Wings20.00$26.99
Garlic Parmesan Wings50.00$45.00
Naked Wings5.00$8.99
Naked Wings10.00$14.99
Naked Wings20.00$26.99
Naked Wings50.00$45.00
Lemon Pepper Wings5.00$8.99
Lemon Pepper Wings10.00$14.99
Lemon Pepper Wings20.00$26.99
Lemon Pepper Wings50.00$45.00

Sides and Desserts Menu 

Menu ItemsSize / QuantityPrice
Buffalo Chicken Poppers$5.99
Pepperoni Poppers$5.99
Jalapeño Poppers$5.99
Cinamon Rolls$7.99
Fudge Brownies$7.99
Garlic Cheesy Bread$7.99

Drinks Menu 

Menu ItemsSize / QuantityPrice
Fountain DrinkRegular$2.29
Fountain DrinkLarge$2.79

FAQs about the Cicis Menu

What menu items have been discontinued at Cicis?

Unfortunately, Cicis stopped serving Vanilla Cream Breadsticks that was a dessert menu item. Fortunately, you can still order Brownies, Bavarian Desserts Pizza, and Cinnamon Rolls.  

Are there any discounts you can claim at Cicis? 

Yes, Cicis Pizza offers up to 25% of discounts to seniors, the military, and large groups. However, some of their restaurants are individually owned therefore discounts may vary depending on the location. There are also available coupons and special deals regularly updated on this webpage.

The Dine-in Deal for only $4.99 you gives you access to their unlimited pizza buffet, however, this deal is only available on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

What are the most popular menu items at Cicis?

As a long time diner myself, here’s my favorite things on the menu at Cicis.

Supreme Pizza

The traditional Supreme Pizza as we know it is topped with pepperoni, meatballs, sausage, green bell pepper, mushrooms, and onions. At Cicis, however, the supreme pizza consists of beef and added tomato sauce with 100% real cheese in an effort to add more flavor. Each slice of Supreme Pizza comes in at around 200 calories.

Mac and Cheese Pizza

Can’t decide between ordering macaroni and cheese or a slice of pizza? At Cicis you can have both at once by sampling the Mac and Cheese pizza. 

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Spinach Alfredo Pizza

Call me weird, but I love spinach on pizzas. Not because I watched a lot of Popeye as a kid either. I like the way spinach adds a little boost to the creaminess of the Alfredo sauce. Here’s a little peek at its content, it has 160 calories and 6 grams of protein per slice.

Other than these pizzas here are the other options I’d reccomend:

  • Buffalo Chicken Pizza
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Hawaiian Pizza 
  • Zesty Veggie Pizza
  • Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza
  • Taco Pizza 
  • Cheesy Bread
  • Chicken Bacon Flatbread Pizza

What are your best tips when dining at Cicis?

Personalize your pizza at Cicis.

There is no secret menu at Cicis, but one thing you should be aware of is the fact you can order a custom pizza even if you’ve ordered the buffet. For example, you can ask for a personal pizza to be made with your favorite style of crust and up to four toppings at no additional charge. This is the best way to get exactly what kind of pizza you want while choosing the buffet option. 

Considering the low cost, Cicis offers a wide range of classic pizza toppings that gives you more than 100 customization options when you consider crusts. You can order a personal pizza with six kinds of meat including beef, chicken, pepperoni, sausage, ham or bacon. The list of veggie toppings include black olives (my personal favorite), mushrooms, red onions, diced tomatoes, red onions, pineapples, green peppers and jalapeños.  

I’ll be the first to give you an update if Cicis ever adds an official secret menu to their offerings.

Are there any Cicis menu items for specialty diets? 

Cicis doesn’t offer pre-made vegan options on its menu. However, Cici’s provides nutritional guides and allergen information for all menu items. Here’s the link to their nutritional guide

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Here are some tips for vegans while dining at Cicis Pizza. You can choose between Deep Dish Dough, Flatbread, or Round Dough for your crust. As for the sauce, there are three options you can try; Pizza Sauce, Ole Sauce, and Hot Wing Sauce. Finally, here’s the list of pizza toppings that should be compliant: 

  • Banana Peppers
  • Black Olives
  • Broccoli
  • Green Olives
  • Green Peppers
  • Jalapenos
  • Mushrooms
  • Pineapple Tidbits
  • Red Onion
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes

Who is the target audience of Cicis menu?

Cicis is popular with all ages, but this chain appeals to diners on a budget. Families with a lot of children to feed and college students are a couple customer profiles that dine here frequently. 

More recently, on-site arcades have begun to attract more foot traffic into these stores as part of an updated marketing campaign. We know that teenagers and adults appreciate arcades since they are more of a novelty nowadays since they were in the 1990s when pretty much every restaurant had them. You can also win prizes at some locations depending on how lucky you are and skilled at playing video games.

We all know that Cicis is known for its wide variety of pizzas in its buffets like Meat Eater, Supreme, Veggie, and many more. Aside from that, they also offers wings, salads, pasta, and desserts. Cicis first opened their doors in 1985 in Plano, Texas. They currently have 300+ locations in more than 30 states.