Fogo de Chão is a Brazilian churrascaria 5-star food chain serving rustic, traditional recipes in contemporary-themed atmosphere. With that kind of combination, it’s not hard to feel a sense of regality when dining in any of their locations. Originally founded in São Paulo, Brazil, the restaurant brand made its way to the United States thanks to bestsellers like the Picanha and acclaimed high-quality meats.

If you plan to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or impress a date, you can’t go wrong with Fogo de Chão. Here’s the price of everything on the menu in 2024 so you know what to expect. 

Churrasco Combinations Menu 

Menu ItemVariationPrice
FraldinhaChoose One Meat (6oz.) & Two Sides$20.00
Marinated Chicken BreastChoose One Meat (6oz.) & Two Sides$18.00
PicanhaChoose One Meat (6oz.) & Two Sides$20.00
Bacon Wrapped SteakChoose One Meat (6oz.) & Two Sides$20.00
Bacon Wrapped ChickenChoose One Meat (6oz.) & Two Sides$20.00
Marinated Chicken Legs + ThighsChoose One Meat (6oz.) & Two Sides$18.00
Cordeiro Lamb PicanhaChoose One Meat (6oz.) & Two Sides$20.00
Roasted ChickenChoose One Meat (6oz.) & Two Sides$18.00
FraldinhaChoose Two Meats (10oz.) & Two Sides$24.00
Chicken BreastChoose Two Meats (10oz.) & Two Sides$24.00
PicanhaChoose Two Meats (10oz.) & Two Sides$24.00
Bacon Wrapped SteakChoose Two Meats (10oz.) & Two Sides$24.00
Bacon Wrapped ChickenChoose Two Meats (10oz.) & Two Sides$24.00
Marinated Chicken Legs + ThighsChoose Two Meats (10oz.) & Two Sides$24.00
Cordeiro Lamb PicanhaChoose Two Meats (10oz.) & Two Sides$24.00
Roasted ChickenChoose Two Meats (10oz.) & Two Sides$24.00

To-Go Packages Menu 

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Celebration Experience$120.00
Grill At Home ExperienceTomahawk Ribeye$235.00
Grill At Home ExperienceWaygu NY Strip$375.00
Date Night Experience To-Go$125.00

Fire-Roasted Meats

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Frango - Chicken Legs + Thighs$12.00
Medalhões com Bacon$27.00
Medalhões com Bacon Chicken$16.00
Frango - Chicken Breast$12.00
Linguiça - Brazilian Spicy Sausage$20.00
Filet Mignon - Tenderloin$24.00
Bone-In Beef Ancho$58.00
Saucy Legs$15.00
Bisteca de Porco$34.00
Costela Beef Ribs$98.00
Atlantic Salmon$20.00

Butcher Shop Menu 

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Filet8 oz$16.00
Fraldinha16 oz$22.00
Lamb Picanha$12.00
Frango1 lb$14.00
Linguica1.5 lb$22.00
Picanha5 oz$12.00
Costela5 lb$90.00
Wagyu New York Strip20 oz$155.00
Wagyu Ancho (Ribeye)24 oz$155.00
Bone-In Beef Ancho32 oz$52.00
Bisteca de Porco - 32oz. Grill at home32 oz$38.00
Lamb Chop Rack8 Pcs$34.00
Atlantic Salmon16 oz$16.00
Chilean Sea Bass8 oz$29.00
Cold-Water Lobster Tail (6oz.)6 oz$22.00
Jumbo Shrimp1 lb (12-15 pcs)$28.00

Fresh Brazilian Sides

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Pao de Queijo - Cheese Bread12 Pcs$8.00
Steamed Asparagus$5.00
Power Greens$5.00
Mozzarella Caprese$5.00
Potato Salad$5.00
Tri-Bean Salada$5.00
Quinoa Tabbouleh$5.00
Seasonal Fall Hummus$6.00
Seasonal Apple Salad$5.00
Caesar Salad$5.00
Garlic Mashed Potatoes$5.00
Smoked Salmon8oz$13.00
Steamed Broccoli$5.00
Feijoada & Rice$6.00
White Rice$5.00

Desserts Menu 

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Acai CheesecakeSlice$12.00
Tres Leches CakeSlice$12.00
Chocolate BrigadeiroSlice$12.00
Key Lime PieSlice$12.00

Wine To-Go Menu 

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Founders Trilogy Wine Collection$99.00
Malbec - Jorjão by Fogo de Chão, “Reserva”$51.00
Red Blend - Eulila by VIK (Carménère, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah)$48.00
Red Blend - O Leão by VIK (Carménère, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc)$54.00
VINA VIK Wine Trilogy (all three)$300.00
Red Blend - Milla Cala by VIK$47.00
Red Blend – La Piu Belle$150.00
Red Blend – VIK$203.00
Sparkling - Antucura, Pinot Noir Rosé, "Chérie"$29.00
Sauvignon Blanc - Lapostolle "Grand Selection"$28.00
Chardonnay - Natura by Emiliana Unoaked$21.50
Chardonnay - Calina$28.00
Rosé - Montes "Cherub" (Syrah, Grenache)$22.00
Pinot Noir - Montes "Alpha"$38.00
Malbec - Alamos$26.00
Malbec - Bodega Catena Zapata "Catena"$29.00
Merlot - Lapostolle, "Grand Selection"$28.00
Red Blend - The Seeker$23.00
Red Blend - Primus "The Blend"$32.00
Cabernet Sauvignon - Casillero del Diablo (Concha y Toro) "Reserva"$26.00
Cabernet Sauvignon, Trapiche$34.00
Cabernet Sauvignon - Bodega Catena Zapata "Catena"$40.00
Cabernet Sauvignon, Unrated$51.00

Beverages To-Go

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Iced Tea$4.00
Fountain Drink$4.00
Guarana Antarctica$4.00
Diet Coke$4.00

Catering Group Packages

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Classic Package10 Persons minimum$240.00
Premium Package 10+ Guests10 Persons minimum$300.00
Premium Package 20+ Guests20 Persons minimum$300.00

Catering Fire-Roasted Meats

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
PicanhaRegular serves 8-10$100.00
PicanhaLarge serves 12-15$140.00
FraldinhaRegular serves 8-10$120.00
FraldinhaLarge serves 12-15$165.00
Frango (Chicken Legs)Regular serves 8-10$66.00
Frango (Chicken Legs)Large serves 12-15$89.00
Marinated Chicken BreastRegular serves 8-10$66.00
Marinated Chicken BreastLarge serves 12-15$89.00
CordeiroRegular serves 8-10$125.00
CordeiroLarge serves 12-15$180.00
Bacon Wrapped ChickenRegular serves 8-10$69.00
Bacon Wrapped ChickenLarge serves 12-15$99.00
Bacon Wrapped SteakRegular serves 8-10$125.00
Bacon Wrapped SteakLarge serves 12-15$180.00

Catering Market Table

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Caesar SaladRegular serves 8-10$40.00
Caesar SaladLarge serves 12-15$54.00
Mixed Greens SaladRegular serves 8-10$40.00
Mixed Greens SaladLarge serves 12-15$54.00
CapreseRegular serves 8-10$40.00
CapreseLarge serves 12-15$54.00
Antipasti PlatterRegular serves 8-10$40.00
Antipasti PlatterLarge serves 12-15$54.00
Potato SaladRegular serves 8-10$40.00
Potato SaladLarge serves 12-15$54.00
Tri-Bean SaladaRegular serves 8-10$40.00
Tri-Bean SaladaLarge serves 12-15$54.00
Quinoa TabboulehRegular serves 8-10$40.00
Quinoa TabboulehLarge serves 12-15$54.00
Seasonal Apple SaladRegular serves 8-10$40.00
Seasonal Apple SaladLarge serves 12-15$54.00
Fresh Papaya & PineappleRegular serves 8-10$42.00
Fresh Papaya & PineappleLarge serves 12-15$58.00

Catering Brazilian Sides

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Sauteed AsparagusRegular serves 8-10$52.00
Sauteed AsparagusLarge serves 12-15$72.00
Garlic Mashed PotatoesRegular serves 8-10$49.00
Garlic Mashed PotatoesLarge serves 12-15$68.00
Sauteed BroccoliRegular serves 8-10$49.00
Sauteed BroccoliLarge serves 12-15$68.00
White RiceRegular serves 8-10$44.00
White RiceLarge serves 12-15$58.00
Feijoada & RiceRegular serves 8-10$64.00
Feijoada & RiceLarge serves 12-15$84.00
Pao de QueijoRegular serves 8-10$8.00
Pao de QueijoLarge serves 12-15$10.00

Catering – Make it Special

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Smoked SalmonServes 8-10$49.00
CharcuterieServes 8-10$49.00
Jumbo Shrimp CocktailBy the dozen$48.00
Pao de Queijo20 Pieces$8.00
Pao de Queijo30 Pieces$10.00
Disposable ChaferHot Holding Container$10.00

Catering Desserts

Menu ItemVariationPrice
Combination PlatterAssortment of cookies, brownies, and Berry Macaroon Bars$34.00
Cocoa Fudge BrowniesBy the dozen$39.00
Tres Leches CakeServes 12$39.00
Chocolate Chip CookiesBy the dozen$26.00

Catering Beverages

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Iced TeaServes 8-10$14.00
LemonadeServes 8-10$14.00
Guarana Antartica$3.00
Diet Coke$3.00

FAQs About Fogo de Chao Menu

What menu items have been discontinued at Fogo de Chao?

Fogo de Chão has a timeless menu that doesn’t change very often. Even some of the limited time menu items have found a permanent place on the menu. There is one item, however, that’s no longer available. Fogo de Chão released the Tomahawk Ribeye back in 2019, but it disappeared shortly after the announcement. 

The Tomahawk Ribeye was made with premium cuts dry-aged for a minimum of 42 days and served in sharing sizes. Maybe the portion size was too big for the average diner? Maybe diners balked at the price tag? We may never know. Either way this was a unique meal that no one will soon forget and isn’t being replicated by other restaurants. 

Are there any discounts you can claim at Fogo de Chao? 

Fogo de Chão is not somewhere you visit to pinch pennies. Usually, the restaurant is reserved for a nice night out or to celebrate something. With the dinner price for the full Churrasaco experience coming in at $54.95 per person.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to save. In fact, if you’re able to dine for lunch you’ll get the full Churrasaco experience at a more digestable $38.95. Lunch is available from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. at most locations. You may not even need to eat dinner after a filling meal like this. 

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Fogo de Chão does not have any discounts for seniors or students. But they do have a rewards program called the Fogo eClub. You can join via their website and get access to the latest news, events, and promotions and even get a hold of online vouchers and discounts you can claim in-store when they are available. 

What are the most popular menu items at Fogo de Chao? chicken lamb pork menu

Fogo de Chão’s most popular items are their beef items. Their Churrasco menu is what they are most known for which includes beef dishes like the Picanha and Fraldinha, lamb dishes like their Cordeiro, and even chicken dishes like the Frango.

Is there a secret menu at Fogo de Chao?

Sadly, Fogo de Chão does not have a secret menu. Nevertheless, they have a large menu that offers a variety of red and white meats along with generous servings of sides and appetizers, and succulent desserts to complement any meal.

Are there any Fogo de Chao menu items for specialty diets?

Fogo de Chao has dedicated a page on their website indicating a list of meals for customers with special diets. Surprisingly, their whole Market Table menu is naturally gluten-free. For low-carb diets, the restaurant suggests their Buffalo mozzarella, roasted cauliflower salad, and marinated mushrooms among many others.

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Going keto at Fogo de Chao is also an option and the chain suggests trying the Black Pepper Candied Bacon. They also have options for low-calorie, paleo, and vegetarian diets with plenty of options to choose from. This is a paleo eaters dream!

Who is the target audience of Fogo de Chao’s menu?

Fogo de Chao is considered a fine-dining restaurant and targets upscale customers like businessmen, high-end singles, families, tourists, and middle to upperclass individuals. Not surprisingly from the menu, the restaurant appeals to meat eaters. 

The Brazillian steakhouse offers a different experience in contrast to its American steakhouse counterparts. At Fogo de Chão, churrasco is practiced. You’ll get your beef and other meats skewered, barbecued, and cooked over a fire. This way, you get to taste a little bit of everything. If you liked a certain meat, you can order it solo or as an entree for an even more satisfying dining experience. 

What you can expect when visiting any of Fogo de Chão’s restaurants are juicy fire-roasted meats like Fraldinha, Frango, and Cordeiro. They also serve fresh meats in their butcher shop and wines on the to-go menu. Their salad bar is also worth trying and they have plenty of selections for sides and appetizers. A personal favorite of mine on the salad bar is the smoked salmon that erupts with smokey goodness in the best way possible.