Home of the Sub in a Tub and superior cold and hot subs. Jersey Mike’s is an All-American-themed sandwich fast food restaurant with a menu worth every penny. Everything on the menu including the subs, salads, and wraps is prepared right in front of you. In general, the customer service ain’t bad either. 

All that being said, take a look at the up-to-date menu prices on everything at Jersey Mike’s below in 2024.

Cold Subs Menu Prices 

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Jersey Shore's FavoriteMini$6.65
Jersey Shore's FavoriteRegular$8.25
Jersey Shore's FavoriteGiant$15.65
Jersey Shore's FavoriteWrap$8.25
Jersey Shore's FavoriteBowl$8.25
Ham and ProvoloneMini$6.65
Ham and ProvoloneRegular$8.25
Ham and ProvoloneGiant$15.65
Ham and ProvoloneWrap$8.25
Ham and ProvoloneBowl$8.25
The VeggieMini$6.65
The VeggieRegular$8.25
The VeggieGiant$15.65
The VeggieWrap$8.25
The VeggieBowl$8.25
The Super SubMini$6.95
The Super SubRegular$9.25
The Super SubGiant$16.65
The Super SubWrap$9.25
The Super SubBowl$9.25
Turkey and ProvoloneMini$6.95
Turkey and ProvoloneRegular$9.25
Turkey and ProvoloneGiant$16.65
Turkey and ProvoloneWrap$9.25
Turkey and ProvoloneBowl$9.25
Tuna FishMini$6.95
Tuna FishRegular$9.25
Tuna FishGiant$16.65
Tuna FishWrap$9.25
Tuna FishBowl$9.25
Roast Beef and ProvoloneMini$7.55
Roast Beef and ProvoloneRegular$10.45
Roast Beef and ProvoloneGiant$17.95
Roast Beef and ProvoloneWrap$10.45
Roast Beef and ProvoloneBowl$10.45
The Original ItalianMini$7.45
The Original ItalianRegular$10.25
The Original ItalianGiant$17.65
The Original ItalianWrap$10.25
The Original ItalianBowl$10.25
Club SubMini$7.45
Club SubRegular$10.25
Club SubGiant$17.65
Club SubWrap$10.25
Club SubBowl$10.25
Club SupremeMini$7.55
Club SupremeRegular$10.45
Club SupremeGiant$17.95
Club SupremeWrap$10.45
Club SupremeBowl$10.45
The Number FourMini$6.95
The Number FourRegular$9.25
The Number FourGiant$16.65
The Number FourWrap$9.25
The Number FourBowl$9.25
Stickball SpecialMini$6.65
Stickball SpecialRegular$8.25
Stickball SpecialGiant$15.65
Stickball SpecialWrap$8.25
Stickball SpecialBowl$8.25
Cancro SpecialMini$7.75
Cancro SpecialRegular$10.65
Cancro SpecialGiant$18.15
Cancro SpecialWrap$10.65
Cancro SpecialBowl$10.65
Turkey Club SubMini$7.45
Turkey Club SubRegular$9.95
Turkey Club SubGiant$17.45
Turkey Club SubWrap$9.95
Turkey Club SubBowl$9.95

Hot Subs Menu Prices 

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Mike's Chicken PhillyRegular$9.25
Mike's Chicken PhillyGiant$16.65
Mike's Chicken PhillyWrap$9.25
Mike's Chicken PhillyBowl$9.25
Chipotle Chicken Cheese SteakRegular$9.45
Chipotle Chicken Cheese SteakGiant$16.95
Chipotle Chicken Cheese SteakWrap$9.45
Chipotle Chicken Cheese SteakBowl$9.45
Big Kahuna Chicken Cheese SteakRegular$9.75
Big Kahuna Chicken Cheese SteakGiant$17.65
Big Kahuna Chicken Cheese SteakWrap$9.75
Big Kahuna Chicken Cheese SteakBowl$9.75
Bacon Ranch Chicken Cheese SteakRegular$9.75
Bacon Ranch Chicken Cheese SteakGiant$17.65
Bacon Ranch Chicken Cheese SteakWrap$9.75
Bacon Ranch Chicken Cheese SteakBowl$9.75
California Chicken Cheese SteakRegular$9.45
California Chicken Cheese SteakGiant$16.95
California Chicken Cheese SteakWrap$9.45
California Chicken Cheese SteakBowl$9.45
Buffalo Chicken Cheese SteakRegular$9.75
Buffalo Chicken Cheese SteakGiant$17.65
Buffalo Chicken Cheese SteakWrap$9.75
Buffalo Chicken Cheese SteakBowl$9.75
Mike's Famous PhillyRegular$9.55
Mike's Famous PhillyGiant$16.95
Mike's Famous PhillyWrap$9.55
Mike's Famous PhillyBowl$9.55
Chipotle Cheese SteakRegular$9.75
Chipotle Cheese SteakGiant$17.25
Chipotle Cheese SteakWrap$9.75
Chipotle Cheese SteakBowl$9.75
Big Kahuna Cheese SteakRegular$9.95
Big Kahuna Cheese SteakGiant$17.95
Big Kahuna Cheese SteakWrap$9.95
Big Kahuna Cheese SteakBowl$9.95
Grilled Portabella Mushroom & SwissRegular$9.25
Grilled Portabella Mushroom & SwissGiant$16.65
Grilled Portabella Mushroom & SwissWrap$9.25
Grilled Portabella Mushroom & SwissBowl$9.25
Portabella Cheese SteakRegular$10.15
Portabella Cheese SteakGiant$17.95
Portabella Cheese SteakWrap$10.15
Portabella Cheese SteakBowl$10.15
Portabella Chicken Cheese SteakRegular$9.95
Portabella Chicken Cheese SteakGiant$17.85
Portabella Chicken Cheese SteakWrap$9.95
Portabella Chicken Cheese SteakBowl$9.95

Breakfast Menu Prices 

Menu ItemPrice
Porkroll, Egg and Cheese$6.25
Bacon, Egg and Cheese$6.25
Sausage, Egg and Cheese$6.25
Ham, Egg and Cheese$6.25
Steak, Egg and Cheese$7.25
Bacon, Egg, Cheese, Peppers and Mushrooms$7.25
Cheese, Ham, Bacon, Peppers and Mushrooms$7.25

Chips, Drinks & Dessert Menu Prices 

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
20oz Bottled Soda & Chips$4.29
20oz Bottled Water & Chips$4.09
Pureleaf Tea & Chips$4.29
Regular Drink & Chips$3.99
Lays Classic$1.79
Doritos Nacho$1.79
Miss Vickie's Sea Salt$1.79
Sun Chips Cheddar$1.79
Lays BBQ$1.79
Lays Salt & Vinegar$1.79
Miss Vickie's Spicy Dill Pickle$1.79
Doritos Cool Ranch$1.79
Miss Vickie's Jalapeño$1.79
Miss Vickie's BBQ$1.79
Sun Chips Salsa$1.79
Lays Sour Cream and Onion$1.79
Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream$1.79
Fountain DrinkRegular$2.59
Fountain DrinkGiant$2.79
Bottled Water20 oz$2.49
Pepsi20 oz$2.99
Starry20 oz$2.99
Mountain Dew20 oz$2.99
Diet Mountain Dew20 oz$2.99
Pepsi Zero Sugar20 oz$2.99
Diet Pepsi20 oz$2.99
Wild Cherry Pepsi20 oz$2.99
Pepsi2 Liter$3.49
Starry2 Liter$3.49
Mountain Dew2 Liter$3.49
Diet Mountain Dew2 Liter$3.49
Pepsi Zero Sugar2 Liter$3.49
Diet Pepsi2 Liter$3.49
Wild Cherry Pepsi2 Liter$3.49
Celsius Sparkling Orange12 oz$3.49
Celsius Peach Vibe12 oz$3.49
Gatorade Fruit Punch20 oz$2.99
Gatorade Orange20 oz$2.99
Gatorade Lemon Lime20 oz$2.99
Gatorade Glacier Freeze20 oz$2.99
Stubborn Soda Classic Root Beer12 oz$2.79
Stubborn Soda Black Cherry with Tarragon12 oz$2.79
Stubborn Soda Agave Vanilla Cream12 oz$2.79
Life WTR20 oz$2.79
Pure Leaf Lemon Tea18.5 oz$2.99
Pure Leaf Sweet Tea18.5 oz$2.99
Pure Leaf Peach Tea18.5 oz$2.99
Pure Leaf Raspberry Tea18.5 oz$2.99
Pure Leaf Green Tea18.5 oz$2.99
Pure Leaf Unsweetened Black Tea18.5 oz$2.99
CookieThree Pack$3.05
GF Snickerdoodle$2.59
Bubly Lime16 oz$2.79
Bubly Blackberry16 oz$2.79

Catering Menu Prices 

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Subs By The Box (Feeds 10)$58.00
Lunch BoxMini$10.15
Lunch BoxRegular$7.85
Cookies12 Pieces$7.75
Brownies12 Pieces$9.95

FAQ’s About the Jersey Mike’s Menu

What menu items have been discontinued at Jersey Mike’s?

The famous New Jersey sandwich joint operating at over 2000 locations today has had its ups and downs. They have built up a cult following for their authentic sub sandwiches menu originally containing 20 sandwich variations.

Now it serves only 14 of its original items due in an effort to streamline operations. Here are a few of the sandwich options that were removed from the menu.

  1. Chicken Club (#8) – Club sub made with cold-cut chicken pieces.
  2. Meatball (#15) – Tomato sauce, provolone, meatballs, and premium parmesan cheese.
  3. Chicken Parmesan (#18) – Tomato sauce and American cheese are thrown together with parmesan and chicken.
  4. BBQ Beef (#19) – Some joints still serve this however it’s almost like a limited-time item menu because of the availability of the ingredients carried by each store. It existed as roast beef tossed on the grill slathered in barbeque sauce for a pulled pork flavor.
  5. Pastrami Reuben (#20) – Club sandwich made with pastrami, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and thousand islands dressing.

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Other Discontinued Jersey Mike’s Menu Items, include the following: 

  • Teriyaki Chicken
  • Sweet Italian Sausage
  • Chix-Fila-Roni
  • Buffalo Wrap
  • Grilled Roast Beef Wrap
  • Turkey Wrap
  • Full-sized pickles

Are there any discounts or coupons you can claim at Jersey Mike’s? 

Jersey Mike’s sadly does not have any special love for students and seniors. But if you sign up for their Shore Points rewards program, you may even get better deals. Customers can become members by requesting a Shore Points Card at any of their locations. These cards are free and are activated upon sign-up and your first qualifying purchase. Fortunately, if you lose your membership card all you need to do is enter your telephone number into the payment portal at each restaurant that’s tied to your account. This makes collecting points and getting free sandwiches super easy. 

Get rewards by earning points through qualifying purchases. Examples of the amazing deals you can get are:

  • For every KID’S Meal you purchase, you will receive 3 points;
  • For every Breakfast sandwich you purchase (where available), you will receive 4 points;
  • For every MINI size sub you purchase, you will receive 4 points;
  • For every REG size sub you purchase, you will receive 6 points;
  • For every Sub Bowl you purchase, you will receive 6 points;
  • For every WRAP you purchase, you will receive 6 points;
  • For every GIANT size sub you purchase, you will receive 12 points

Once you’ve gathered enough points, exchange them for rewards.

  • You can redeem 48 points for a free MINI size sub (Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) = $5.25);
  • You can redeem 72 points for a free REG size sub (ARV = $7.45);
  • You can redeem 72 points for a free Sub Bowl (ARV = $7.45);
  • You can redeem 72 points for a free WRAP (ARV = $7.45);
  • You can redeem 144 points for a free GIANT size sub (ARV = $11.95).

In addition to rewards points there are a couple other deals you need to know about. First of all, you can almost always get find coupons on your next visit to Jersey Mike’s. The standard coupon is to save 50% on a sandwich, when you buy a medium or large sandwich at the regular price in addition to two drinks. 

There’s other ways to save as well if you’re a member of American Express. For example, if you spend $15 (minimum) at any Jersey Mike’s location, you’ll get $5 credited to your account. You can use this deal two times through the end of 2022. These two companies seem to partner on this deal annually. I’ve taken advantage of it myself on more than one occasion and love it.

What are the most popular menu items at Jersey Mike’s?

subway sandwich

The Subway Sandwich: A key competitor.

Jersey Mike’s has a lot of subs to offer that are made with premium meats and cheeses. And among the remaining subs on their sandwiches menu, their most popular item is the Turkey and Provolone. Also known as #7, it makes use of fresh lean turkey breasts and savory provolone cheese. On a personal note, it’s the authors top pick on the menu. 

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The Turkey and provolone Sub is not the healthiest option on the menu but compared to other competitor subs it’s below average at 530 calories (assuming you don’t load it up with too much mayo and extra toppings). Make sure to give it a try when you stop by any of their stores.

Is there a secret menu at Jersey Mike’s?

Yes! The sandwich joint offers a secret menu so good, one of its secret menu items (The BLT) has been officially added to its regular menu.

R & R Special

Made with Jersey Mike’s freshly baked white or wheat sub stuffed with both corned beef pastrami and heaps of melted Swiss cheese, coleslaw, and Russian dressing.

Big Kahuna Cheese Steak with Chipotle Mayo (#99)

Made with sizzling steak, grilled onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, grilled jalapenos, melted American cheese, and chipotle mayo for a spicy twist on a Philadelphia classic.

The Meateor

Carnivorous sandwiches are made famous by a loyal customer who is in love with all things meat and has made sure to make the public know about it through the internet. Seeing this declaration, Jersey Mike’s created the Meateor. It contains 8 different kinds of meat namely bacon, salami, prosciutto, pepperoni, capicola, ham, roast beef, and turkey. It’s a monumental amount of meat any carnivores would surely appreciate.

Are there any Jersey Mike’s menu items for specialty diets? 

Good news for you healthy consumers out there, Jersey Mike’s serves a Keto Menu. Their ingredients are always ordered fresh on the daily and the meat quality is absurd. To order keto items at Jersey Mike’s, you can try the following:

Order the sandwiches as a Sub in a Tub. This eliminates the bread and you get the fillings all in one container that it’s almost considered a salad. Ask to remove any ingredients to lower the calorie counts. Ingredients such as mayo, onions, and tomatoes can be removed by request.

And there you go, an instant Keto-friendly diet for sub lovers. Aside from that, they also offer a decent salad menu that vegetarians would love. Top it off with a variety of yummy toppings, condiments, and dressings ranging from meats and cheeses to veggies. Pick the toppings that fit into your diet. 

How Big Is the Giant Sub at Jersey Mike’s?

The Giant sub is a staggering 15 inches in length. That’s more than twice the size of a regular sub that comes in at 7 inches. The Giant is also 3 inches longer than the famous Subway footlong sandwich.

Depending on what you order, the Giant Sub will generally run you between $15 – $18 all-in depending the toppings and meat selection. This is not a bad deal considering you’re essentially getting two sandwiches wrapped up in one foil.

Who is the target audience of Jersey Mike’s menu?

Jersey Mike’s has been around for at least 70 years and counting. Throughout the years, the company has gathered a cult-following of both young and old who enjoy personable service and top-notch quality meats. According to the restaurant surveys, they also have a somewhat affluent customer base that values quality above everything else.

The company also has a long track record of giving back that I think is commendable. For example, you can check out how much money the sandwich chain has raised for the Special Olympics here.