This might sound unbelievable now, but back in 2001, Shake Shack was nothing more than a small hot dog stand. Fast forward just over two decades, and Shake Shack is now viewed as an innovator in the quick-serve restaurant space serving high-quality burgers, milkshakes, crinkle cut fries, and more. 

As you may probably noticed, Shake Shack increased their menu prices more than once over the past 2 years. Let’s take a look at the most updated menu and price for Shake Shack in 2024. 

Shake Shack Menu and Prices

Burgers Menu 

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Korean BBQ BurgerSingle$9.49
Korean BBQ BurgerDouble$12.19
Avocado Bacon BurgerSingle$10.59
Avocado Bacon BurgerDouble$13.19
Shroom Burger$9.39
Shack Stack$13.19
Bacon CheeseburgerSingle$9.39
Bacon CheeseburgerDouble$12.19
Grilled Cheese$5.59

Chicken Menu

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Korean Style Fried Chicken Sandwich$9.99
Avocado Bacon Chicken$11.39
Chicken Shack$9.09
Chicken Bites6 Pcs$5.59
Chicken Bites10 Pcs$8.49

Crinkle Cut Fries Menu 

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Spicy Korean BBQ Fries$4.99
Spicy Korean BBQ Cheese Fries$5.99
Cheese Fries$5.19
Bacon Cheese Fries$6.59

Shakes & Frozen Custard Menu 

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Coffee & Donuts ShakeMini$5.09
Coffee & Donuts ShakeRegular$6.79
Maple Snickerdoodle ShakeMini$5.09
Maple Snickerdoodle ShakeRegular$6.79
Frozen Hot Cocoa ShakeMini$5.09
Frozen Hot Cocoa ShakeRegular$6.79
Shack Attack Sundae$6.39
Strawberry Shortcake Sundae$6.39
Build Your Own SundaeChocolate/Vanilla Cake$5.39
Vanilla ShakeMini$4.89
Vanilla ShakeRegular$6.09
Chocolate ShakeMini$4.89
Chocolate ShakeRegular$6.09
Cookies and Cream ShakeMini$4.89
Cookies and Cream ShakeRegular$6.09
Strawberry ShakeMini$4.89
Strawberry ShakeRegular$6.09
Black and White ShakeMini$4.89
Black and White ShakeRegular$6.09
Vanilla and Chocolate ShakeMini$4.89
Vanilla and Chocolate ShakeRegular$6.09
Rootbeer Float$6.79
Creamsicle Float$6.79
Frozen CustardSingle Scoop$4.99
Frozen CustardDouble Scoop$6.39
Non-Dairy Chocolate ShakeMini$5.19
Non-Dairy Chocolate ShakeRegular$6.99
Non-Dairy Chocolate Frozen CustardSingle Scoop$5.49
Non-Dairy Chocolate Frozen CustardDouble Scoop$6.99

Flat-Top Dogs Menu 

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Hot Dog$4.59

Drinks Menu 

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Sunset LemonadeSmall$4.69
Sunset LemonadeLarge$5.59
Yuzu Honey LemonadeSmall$4.69
Yuzu Honey LemonadeLarge$5.59
Dragonfruit PomegrenateSmall$4.69
Dragonfruit PomegrenateLarge$5.59
Shack-made LemonadeSmall$4.29
Shack-made LemonadeLarge$5.19
Organic Iced TeaSmall$3.79
Organic Iced TeaLarge$4.19
Diet CokeSmall$3.79
Diet CokeLarge$4.19
Coke ZeroSmall$3.79
Coke ZeroLarge$4.19
Fanta OrangeLarge$3.69
Fanta OrangeLarge$3.69
Dr. PepperSmall$3.79
Dr. PepperLarge$4.19
Ginger AleSmall$3.79
Ginger AleLarge$4.19
Draft Root BeerSmall$3.99
Draft Root BeerLarge$4.39
Shack2O Water$3.59
Sparkling Shack2O Water$3.59
Organic Apple Juice Drink$3.79

Retail Menu 

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Bag O' Bones$8.29

Large Orders

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
ShackBurger Box12 servings$89.39
Chicken Shack Box12 servings$104.99
Veggie Shack Box12 servings$106.99
Shroom Burger Box12 servings$107.99
Cheeseburger Box12 servings$86.99
Hamburger Box12 servings$82.99
Crinkle Cut Box12 servings$47.99

FAQs about the Shake Shack Menu

What menu items have been discontinued at Shake Shack?

At the start of the pandemic, Shake Shack chose to reduce their menu in order to better handle an influx of takeout and delivery orders. For the time being, that limited menu is still in place. Let’s take a look at some of the dishes that have been removed from the menu in an effort to streamline operations. 

Chicago Style Hot Dogs

The Chicago Hotdog was served on a steamed poppy seed bun and contains an all-beef frankfurter. The items was garnished with yellow mustard, bright green relish, chopped onions, tomato wedges, a kosher-style pickle spear, a few spicy sport peppers, and a sprinkle of celery salt. Given that they made their name in the fast food industry through burgers, it’s maybe no surprise corporate decided to axe this item. 


Shake Shack’s frozen custard desserts were one of the discontinued items as a result of pandemic-related menu reductions. The much-loved dessert used to be piled high with toppings are no longer available and it remains uncertain if they’ll every make a comeback. 

Pie Oh My Concretes

Shake Shack initiated a charity campaign by introducing Pie Oh My Concretes at the majority of their US locations. 5% of earnings from each Pie Oh My concrete was given to the charity partner associated with the Shack. Every individual Shack’s concrete was made with freshly-baked seasonal pies from local vendors, with flavors that change every quarter including Apple Pie, Chocolate Cream Pie, Turtle Pie, Pumpkin Pie, and Blueberry Pie with Poppy Crumb.

Chicken Dog

Shake Shack’s Chicken Dog might appear to be a good choice, but don’t be tricked by its delicious appeal. This Chicken dog is made with apple and sage, however, it just has the taste of a combination of dry meats that lacks seasoning. Customers were let down by this hotdog and it’s probably the main explanation behind why it disappeared from the menu. Shake Shack has set a high-bar for their menu items. 

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

To commemorate the most important football match of last year, Shake Shack presented the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. This sandwich included a classic, hand-breaded chicken breast, fried until crispy and then covered in a fiery buffalo sauce, with ranch, pickles, and shredded lettuce as toppings. Too bad you can’t order it anymore. 

chicken menu

Chicken menu at Shake Shack.

Buffalo Spiced Cheese Fries

The Buffalo Spiced Cheese Fries was introduced along with the Chicken Buffalo Sandwich to commemorate the biggest football game of last year. The fries were seasoned with buffalo flavor and served with a side of ranch dressing and a generous helping of cheese-drenched potatoes.

Are there any discounts you can claim at Shake Shack? 

There’s no shortage of online feedback from customers stating that Shake Shake is too expensive. Unlike other burger joints, Shake Shake doesn’t offer value meals where you get a discount for ordering an entree, fries and a drink. Everything at Shake Shake is ordered ala carte, meaning there are no ordering hacks that let you save.

Unfortunately, Shake Shack does not currently provide senior or military discounts or any other promotional deals. Nonetheless, you can subscribe to their email newsletter on their website or app to get special offers and you’ll be the first to hear about deals. 

Did Menu Prices Increase at Shake Shack? 

Despite customer gripes, Shake Shack increased there menu prices between 3% – 3.5% in 2021. The company cited numerous inflationary pressures like the increased price of ingredients and labor costs as the catalyst for the menu change. Of course, many other fast-food changes have had to pass on the buck to their customers in the form of higher prices over the past 2 years.

While you are paying more for a burger at Shake Shack than Burger King there are some good reasons for the increased cost. For one, Shake Shack pays employees $2 more than minimum wage according to reports.  The company also covers healthcare for employees and offer monthly bonuses called “Shack Bucks” that represent up to 1% of the company’s revenue. These regular bonuses can often represent an extra $280 – $320 per month for full-time employees working 40 hours a week.

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Shake Shack also uses more expensive and higher quality ingredients than competitors. These more expensive ingredients mean higher prices for consumers. One premium item used by Shake Shack comes is Martin’s Potato Rolls. Unlike other bakeries, Martin’s only leaves their buns on store shelves for 3 – 4 days to maintain freshness. You won’t get this short of commitment from other fast-food chains with razor thin margins.

Of course it’s not just food inflation resulting in higher prices, I can’t overlook the fact that Shake Shack is actively trying to increase your average check price with every visit. Need an example? In 2021, Shake Shack added a variety of premium upgrade options like avocado, black truffle, and cherry peppers in an effort to boost margin even further. If you want avocado added to your burger, it will cost an additional $1.25. It all adds up to higher prices for you.

What are the most popular menu items at Shake Shack?

The ShackBurger

The ShackBurger is the iconic cheeseburger that put Shake Shack on the map and it’s easy to see why. It is topped with a classic lettuce and tomato combination. Green leaf lettuce was chosen for its texture, crispness, and bitter flavor, and Roma as the tomato for its sweetness. This works to provide a pleasing contrast against the buttered bun and cooked patty. 

Shack Stack

The Shack Stack is an incredibly indulgent hamburger patty topped with a massive fried Portobello mushroom, melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, and ShackSauce, all of which combine to create indulgence and extravagance.


The SmokeShack may not seem appealing, but it certainly packs a punch when it comes to flavor. Its hefty and meaty nature is complemented by the tart sweetness of the cherry pepper and applewood, which adds a zest and vibrancy not often seen in bacon cheeseburgers, enhancing the flavor of the fatty patty.

Cheese Fries

The crinkle-cut French fries at Shake Shack are scrumptious all by themselves, but when you add their renowned cheese sauce to the mix, it becomes quick-serve delicacy.

crinkle cut fries menu

Crinkle Cut Fries menu.

Is there a secret menu at Shake Shack?

The Shake Shack secret menu is a treasure trove of unique and interesting food options. From little hacks to the regular menu to unique and new creations of the secret menu, this list has it all. I’m here to reveal the Shake Shack secret menu items that will exceed your expectations.

Shake Shack Quad Burger

Test your competitive nature and see if you can take on this four-leveled delectable beast. If you really want to test your hunger, try this large quad burger. Essentially, it’s the classic ShackBurger with four times the beef. Although the regular ShackBurger has great flavor, this one is a show-stopper of extravagance. Just order one of their burgers with four beef patties and you’re ready to dig in!

Shack-Cago Burger

You’ll have to put in the effort, but the flavor payoff is worth it! Complete your classic hot dog with pickles, onions, tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. Then, watch the toppings come together for a delicious, visually stunning meal. 

Peanut Butter Bacon Cheeseburger

This one’s a must-try for all peanut butter fanatics! It was served up on the menu for a single weekend, and it was a massive hit! Sadly, due to allergy concerns, it was removed from the regular menu, but you can still get it on the secret menu. Ask for a bacon ShackBurger and a side of peanut sauce, then pour the sauce all over the patty and bite into an amazing burger experience!

Root Beer Float

This root beer float is sure to give you the feeling of being in a classic diner. Shake Shack’s interpretation of the classic is even better due to the creamy and smooth vanilla custard. Simply order a root beer and request a scoop of custard be put in.

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One could be forgiven for thinking a beer-lemonade mix would taste awful, but I assure you it’s awesome! If you’re planning a burger outing on a hot day, this beverage is the perfect accompaniment. Refreshing and slightly sugary, it’s sure to make your meal even more enjoyable.

Other secret items at Shake Shack:

  • Protein Style Burger
  • Shakburger Cheese Dog Hotdog
  • Shack Sauce and Cheese Fries
  • Chili” Pepper Cheese Fries
  • Ice Cream Sandwich

Are there any menu items for specialty diets at Shake Shack?

Let’s take a look at the vegan and vegetarian preference menu items below. 

Low-Calorie Food Items:

  • Hamburger: 370 Calories
  • Cheeseburger: 440 Calories
  • Grilled Cheese: 320 Calories
  • Chicken Bites: 300 Calories
  • Hot Dog: 350 Calories
  • Shroom Burger: 510 Calories

Vegetarian Food Items:

  • Shroom Burger
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Fries
  • All Custard Items

Vegan Food Items:

  • Crinkle Cut Fries
  • Gluten-Free Bun

Who is the target audience of this Shake Shack’s menu?

Shake Shack is highly appeals to a growing number of American diners, particularly 18- to 34-year-olds. Its target demographic is Millennials, who are slightly more affluent and prioritize both food quality and experience. The Shack’s customizable, grab-and-go burgers are a major draw for this important demographic. 

Shake Shack is devoted to creating an enjoyable and cost-effective experience while simultaneously endorsing local communities and doing good through its corporate policy. This is achieved not only by providing eco-friendly products but also by sustaining a wholesome atmosphere that’s welcoming to all.