Taco John’s was once a small taco stand located in Wyoming that’s grown to nearly 400 restaurants nationwide. While not as well recognized as competitors like Taco Bell, Taco John’s has been credited with helping to make the concept of Taco Tuesday popular. The most recognized menu item at Taco John’s is arguably the Six Pack and a Pound combo deal that gets you six hard or soft shell tacos and a pound of Potato Ole’s. I’ve ordered it many times. 

You’ll find updated menu prices for everything on the Taco John’s menu for 2024 below. I also share daily specials and discounts that allow to claim a free small order of those famous Potato Ole’s.

Favorites Menu 

Menu ItemSize/VariationPrice
Super NachosSmall$4.99
Super NachosRegular$6.99
Super Potato OlésSmall$4.99
Super Potato OlésRegular$6.79
Taco SaladSeasoned Ground Beef$6.59
Taco SaladSirloin Steak$7.39
Taco SaladGrilled Chicken$6.99
Taco SaladFried Chicken$7.09
Taco SaladRefried Beans$6.59
Fried Chicken and Potato Olés Snacker$4.99
Fried Chicken$6.49

Potato Olés® and Other Sides

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Potato OlésSmall$2.79
Potato OlésMedium$3.39
Potato OlésLarge$3.79
Side Salad$1.99
Refried Beans$1.99
Sour Cream$1.99
Ranch Dressing$0.49
Chipotle Lime Sauce$0.49
Jalapeno Ranch$0.49
House Dressing$0.59

Desserts Menu

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Mexican Donut Bites$2.69

Drinks Menu 

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Mountain DewSmall$2.49
Mountain DewMedium$2.79
Mountain DewLarge$2.99
Dr. PepperSmall$2.49
Dr. PepperMedium$2.79
Dr. PepperLarge$2.99
Diet PepsiSmall$2.49
Diet PepsiMedium$2.79
Diet PepsiLarge$2.99
Diet Mountain DewSmall$2.49
Diet Mountain DewMedium$2.79
Diet Mountain DewLarge$2.99
Tropicana LemonadeSmall$2.49
Tropicana LemonadeMedium$2.79
Tropicana LemonadeLarge$2.99
Ice TeaSmall$2.49
Ice TeaMedium$2.79
Ice TeaLarge$2.99
Sweet TeaSmall$2.49
Sweet TeaMedium$2.79
Sweet TeaLarge$2.99
Low Fat MilkRegular$1.69
Low Fat MilkChocolate$1.69
Orange Juice$2.19

ValuEST Menu

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Spicy Steak & Potato Griller$3.69
Spicy Chicken & Potato Griller$3.00
Nacho Crunch Beef Burrito$2.00
Nacho Crunch Chicken Burrito$3.00
Mini Fried Chicken Taco$2.19
Chicken Snack Quesadilla$1.49
Cheesy Snack Quesadilla$1.00

Kid’s Meals

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Kids Cheesy Quesadilla$4.39
Kids Crispy Taco$4.39
Kids Softshell Taco$4.39
Kids Chicken Tenders$4.99

Combo Meals

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Two Crispy Tacos ComboSeasoned Ground Beef$7.59
Two Crispy Tacos ComboSirloin Steak$9.59
Two Crispy Tacos ComboGrilled Chicken$8.59
Two Crispy Tacos ComboRefried Beans$7.59
Two Softshell Tacos ComboSeasoned Ground Beef$8.59
Two Softshell Tacos ComboSirloin Steak$9.99
Two Softshell Tacos ComboGrilled Chicken$8.99
Two Softshell Tacos ComboRefried Beans$8.59
Super Burrito ComboSeasoned Ground Beef$8.19
Super Burrito ComboSirloin Steak$8.99
Super Burrito ComboGrilled Chicken$8.69
Taco Bravo ComboSeasoned Ground Beef$7.39
Taco Bravo ComboSirloin Steak$8.39
Taco Bravo ComboGrilled Chicken$7.89
Taco Bravo ComboRefried Beans$7.39
Meat & Potato Burrito ComboSeasoned Ground Beef$8.29
Meat & Potato Burrito ComboSirloin Steak$9.99
Meat & Potato Burrito ComboGrilled Chicken$8.69
Meat & Potato Burrito ComboFried Chicken$8.99
Meat & Potato Burrito ComboRefried Beans$7.79
Grilled Burrito ComboGrilled Chicken$8.99
Grilled Burrito ComboSirloin Steak$9.39
Grilled Burrito ComboSeasoned Ground Beef$8.29
Grilled Burrito ComboRefried Beans$6.99
Street Tacos Trio ComboGrilled Chicken$9.49
Street Tacos Trio ComboSirloin Steak$10.99
Meat & Potato Burrito & Softshell Taco Combo$10.59
Stuffed Grilled Taco ComboSeasoned Ground Beef$7.99
Stuffed Grilled Taco ComboSirloin Steak$8.99
Stuffed Grilled Taco ComboGrilled Chicken$8.39
Stuffed Grilled Taco ComboRefried Beans$6.99
The Boss Burrito ComboGrilled Chicken$10.49
The Boss Burrito ComboSirloin Steak$10.99
Fried Chicken Tacos ComboChipotle Lime$10.19
Fried Chicken Tacos ComboJalapeño Ranch$10.19

Six Pack and a Pound

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Six-Pack of Crispy Tacos$14.99
Six-Pack of Softshell Tacos$14.99
Six-Pack of Crispy & Softshell Tacos$14.99

Tacos Menu

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Fried Chicken TacoChipotle Lime$3.29
Fried Chicken TacoJalapeño Ranch$3.29
Stuffed Grilled TacoSeasoned Ground Beef$4.69
Stuffed Grilled TacoSirloin Steak$5.29
Stuffed Grilled TacoGrilled Chicken$4.99
Stuffed Grilled TacoRefried Beans$3.99
Street Tacos TrioGrilled Chicken$5.69
Street Tacos TrioSirloin Steak$6.99
Taco BravoSeasoned Ground Beef$3.59
Taco BravoSirloin Steak$4.69
Taco BravoGrilled Chicken$3.99
Taco BravoRefried Beans$3.59
Crispy TacoSeasoned Ground Beef$1.99
Crispy TacoSirloin Steak$2.79
Crispy TacoGrilled Chicken$2.29
Crispy TacoRefried Beans$1.79

Burritos Menu

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Meat & Potato BurritoSeasoned Ground Beef$4.79
Meat & Potato BurritoSirloin Steak$6.39
Meat & Potato BurritoGrilled Chicken$5.39
Meat & Potato BurritoFried Chicken$5.79
Meat & Potato BurritoRefried Beans$4.69
Grilled BurritoGrilled Chicken$5.19
Grilled BurritoSirloin Steak$5.69
Grilled BurritoSeasoned Ground Beef$4.69
Grilled BurritoRefried Beans$4.29
Super BurritoSeasoned Ground Beef$4.79
Super BurritoSirloin Steak$5.79
Super BurritoGrilled Chicken$5.39
BurritoRefried Beans$2.49
BurritoSeasoned Ground Beef$3.49
BurritoSeasoned Ground Beef & Refried Bean Combination$3.49
The Boss BurritoGrilled Chicken$7.19
The Boss BurritoSirloin Steak$7.69
The Boss BowlGrilled Chicken$7.29
The Boss BowlSirloin Steak$7.79

Quesadillas Menu

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Four Cheese Quesadilla - Steak$5.39
Four Cheese Quesadilla - Chicken$4.99
Four Cheese Quesadilla - Cheese$3.59

FAQs about the Taco John’s Menu

What menu items have been discontinued at Taco John’s?

There aren’t many discontinued menu items at Taco John’s that I could find. The churros briefly disappeared from the menu but promptly returned after the outcry from loyal customers.

One item that has been removed is the Nachos Navidad menu item that was basically a plate of tortilla chips covered in cheese, guacamole, sour cream, black olives, ground beef, refried beans, and tomatoes. This menu item was promoted heavily during the holidays during the late 1990s, but is no longer available.

Are there any discounts you can claim at Taco John’s? 

Want to claim a free small order of Potato Ole’s? Who wouldn’t? When you sign up for the Bigger Bolder Rewards loyalty program through the website or mobile app you’ll get a coupon for a free small order of these trademark potatoes. Reader note: Make sure to use this coupon within 30 days or it will expire. 

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Like so many other loyalty programs, Bigger Bolder Rewards gets you free food after hitting specific spend thresholds. You will earn 10 points for every $1 you spend at any of their stores. When you spend $20 (worth 200 points), you are eligible for a food reward. Your account comes loaded with 100 points just for signing up. Aside from that, membership gets you up to date with their latest news, promotions, deals and the occasional coupon.

If you only want to get coupons, sign up for the Taco John’s E-Club. This is positioned as an email list that for customers who want the latest coupons and deals delivered to their inbox. Previous coupons distributed through this list include a free churro or Mexican donut bites with any purchase. 

Bigger Bolder Rewards program

Bigger Bolder Rewards program.

Taco John’s does not have any company-wide policy on senior and student discounts.

What are the most popular menu items at Taco John’s?

It’s no surprise that Taco John’s a popular item is the humungous Boss Burrito. It’s a protein monster stuffed end-to-end in one of the chain’s famous crispy taco shells. Its weight alone exceeds 1 pound and is a combination of black beans, steak or grilled chicken, and cilantro-lime rice. If this burrito doesn’t fill you up, a side of Potato Ole’s will. 

Other Popular Taco John’s Menu Items

  • Street Taco
  • Cheesy Bacon Ranch Loaded Potato Ole’s
  • Super Burrito
  • Spicy Chorizo Breakfast Burrito
  • Potato Olés
  • Hard Shell Beef Tacos

Is there a secret menu at Taco John’s?

Taco John’s does not have a secret menu. 

Are there any Taco John’s menu items for specialty diets? 

Taco John's menu

Taco John’s ValuEST Menu starting at $1, $2, and $3.

Sadly, there are no menus or menu items from Taco John’s that cater specifically to specialty diets. What they do have are healthy, low-calorie recipes that weight watchers can definitely try out.

If you’ll be dining with someone that has common food allergies to peanuts, shellfish, tree nuts, or anything else be sure to refer to the allergen guide provided by Taco John’s.

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Low-Calorie Food Options at Taco John’s

  1. Crispy Taco—Beef: 170 calories
  2. Bean Burrito: 360 calories
  3. Jr. Breakfast Burrito—Bacon: 190 calories
  4. Potato Olés: 480 calories
  5. Cheesy Quesadilla: 450 calories
  6. Taco Bravo: 330 calories
  7. Chicken and Potato Burrito: 480 calories
  8. Taco Burger: 280 calories
  9. Mexican Donut Bites: 290 calories
  10. Crunchy Chicken without Sauce: 370 calories

Who is the target audience of Taco John’s menu?

Lately, Taco John’s digital marketing efforts are targeted towards the blooming new generation of teens and young adults. While their main target market is loyal customers over the years who are into Mexican food at an affordable price, they are looking to innovate their menu to accommodate the younger demographic.

One of my favorite advertisements ever at Taco John’s has to be the companies version of “Feliz Navidad” that was played non-stop during the holidays during my childhood. If you’re too young to remember it, here’s a link to the 1998 television commercial below that promotes the Nachos Navidad menu item. Good luck getting this jingle out of your head.