Are you consistently looking for new ways to make your food truck events more social? If you don’t have the resources to manage a social conversation during your food truck event, why not activate a few of your food truck event attendees to do it for you?

Activate Your Food Truck Event Attendees

So how do you get your food truck event attendees to help you promote your events? Here’s a simple way. Invite people who have RSVP’d or expressed interest in your event to come and share their experience via social media. This can be extremely useful if you are charging a cover charge or tickets need to be purchased for entrance.

Imagine the excitement you are providing to a food truck fan that is invited to go to a food truck event for free. The best part is that all they have to do is tweet about their experience while there. Your activated food truck event attendees will become your food truck event’s social journalists. These happy fans can really help stimulate discussion that will make your event stand out from the many others that pop up around the country.

The key is to select people that will be are super excited about the event itself and the opportunity. People will be posting through social media anyways, however this tactic allows you to add a super-fan to the mix that is focused on communicating the offline experience to the online world.

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The Bottom Line

Consumers are hungry to be engaged and involved in the overall event experience. They want to participate, and they are willing to try new things. Offer them multiple opportunities to get involved, drive content around your event, see and hear their voices come to life at the event.  All of this drives a deeper emotional connection between your food truck event attendees with your event.

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