Are you tired of reaching less than 5% of your fans with your food truck Facebook Page posts? If so, you need to find new ways to get your food truck updates in your customer’s News Feeds. Today we’ll discuss five ways you can make sure fans don’t miss your Facebook Page updates.

5 Ways To Increase Visibility Of Your Food Truck Facebook Page Posts

Tell your fans to get notifications

Just because people like your page does not mean they will actually see your updates. So, occasionally remind your fans that by choosing the “Get Notifications” option they can make sure they see your food truck Facebook Page posts.

Add video to your posts

Videos uploaded directly to Facebook get better organic reach than all of other post types (text, link, photo), studies show. Adding video to your food truck Facebook posts will help you capitalize on Facebook’s love for video. And the best part is everyone can do it, even if you create video yourself or not.

Share your posts on your personal profile

Do your food truck Facebook Page fans and personal profile friends overlap? If so, share your food truck Page’s posts on your personal profile. If you want to show that you have shared your Page’s update, with your Page credited, you can only do it via text, photo, and video updates. Link updates will merely share the link on your profile, with no credit to your Page.

Boost your posts properly

A Boost Post button appears at the bottom right of each of your Facebook Page posts. But don’t use it. Sure, it’s quick and easy and gets you some more organic reach, but it doesn’t give you a lot of targeting options. It gives you enough to get additional reach with your fans, friends of your fans, and your custom audiences, but it doesn’t give you targeting options beyond that.

Instead, go to your Facebook Ads account. Go to “Create Ad” and choose the “Boost Your Posts” ad objective, your Page, and the post you want to boost. Instead of just boosting your post to reach your food truck fans, you can go beyond to a larger audience that you can define. You will get not only more engagement for your post but also more fans, since your ad will give people the option to like your Page.

Cross-promote on other social networks

Want to increase your food truck Facebook Page’s organic reach outside of Facebook? Try cross-promoting your Facebook Page posts on your other social networks. You will get more engagement for your Facebook page posts, and possibly some new Facebook fans from your other social media channels.

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The Bottom Line

These five tips will increase the visibility of your food truck Facebook Page posts. If you have any additional tips, we’d love to hear them. Share your thoughts in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Facebook | Twitter