Like it or Unlike it, Facebook impacts the decisions of millions of event goers. In this article, we’ll cover some marketing techniques to boost your upcoming food truck event sales through Facebook.

There is no escaping it. Your food truck event sales strategy cannot miss out on the opportunities that Facebook offers. It’s time to ditch that direct mail campaign in favor of a wave of social media.

Boost your food truck event sales using Facebook

Run a Competition

This is one of the most popular food truck event sales advice you’ll find on the web. The primary reason is because it is actually effective. Bear in mind the competition needs to be relevant but should only be done when your community has a strong and engaged user base. If you haven’t updated event your page in weeks, running a competition could just freak fans out.

Sell Tickets on Your Page

This tactic has become the standard. Any ticketing service coming out with a press release saying that they now allow to sell tickets on Facebook are about a couple of years late.

If your preferred event registration system does not have Facebook integration to sell tickets, it’s time to ditch it. A Facebook page is often a powerful way to get potential attendees to know you.

Fans-Only Offers

OK, so they aren’t called fans anymore. But getting liked is increasingly tougher. Everybody has a page.

Yet few really understand what’s behind a like and how to get it. One of the most recurring tips we give  is that you need to give a reason to users to like you. A special price to your event is usually a valid reason. Just remember to keep it exclusive to your Facebook audience.

Use Facebook Ads

One piece of advice we try to explain to event planners is not to even start a campaign on social media without an advertising budget. If you want fast return, it’s usually very difficult to create it organically. Facebook Ads are a valuable ally to give depth to your efforts. This is specially true if your event is small or new.

Group Buying

Group buying offers should be used with caution and only in few scenarios. Truth is that you need to be really good at math to implement a group buying campaign. If you did do your calculations and concluded that group buying is a valuable option, Facebook is a great place to roll that out.

Gifting Tickets

Buying a food truck event ticket for your significant other can make them happy, especially if they are foodies. Having the ability to buy virtual goods such as tickets as presents is a nice option, and if it all happens on Facebook – purchase, virtual gift wrapping and deliver – even better.

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The Bottom Line

Just remember, if you are a food truck event organizer, Facebook is your friend when it comes to boosting your event ticket sales. We hope these food truck event sales tips have been valuable, if they have, don’t forget to click the “Like” button at Facebook

How have you used Facebook to build the crowds at your food truck events? Share your thoughts on this topic in the comment section or our food truck forum.