Mobile food vendors are often far too busy to use Twitter while the operating their truck or cart.  We thought we would share some of Twitter’s internal short codes to help speed up their Twitter use to fit more time in for social media throughout the day.  Shorthand codes work within the Twitter the interface, anywhere you can update, or over text messaging. These commands aren’t case sensitive, which is especially useful when you are using Twitter on your cell phone.



Task Command
Direct message username This is a message!
DM username This is also a message.
Follow people F <username>
follow username
Reply @username What you just said was really smart!
Favorite a tweet fav username
Note: If you’re receiving updates on your mobile phone, sendingfav by itself will add to your Favorites tab on your Home screen the last update you received.
Nudge (remind a user to update after he’s been silent for 24 hours or more) nudge username
Stats (get your followers and following count) stats
Get the last update from a user get username
Get a short user profile for a user whois username
Silence updates to your mobile phone (from your mobile phone) Quit
Silence updates from a specific user off username
leave username
Turn on updates to your mobile phone (from your mobile phone) on
Turn on updates for a specific user (from your mobile phone) on username
follow username
Invite a user to Twitter invite [email protected]
invite 312 555 1212 (text-enabled phone number, such as a mobile phone)