With over 55 million pictures shared daily and 150 million monthly active users, there’s no denying that Instagram should be part of a food truck’s social media marketing strategy. That’s a huge audience that you can tap into by using Instagram to promote your food truck. Be careful though, if used improperly your Instagram account could actually hurt your mobile food business. That is, unless you avoid the five most common Instagram mistakes.

Top 5 Most Common Instagram Mistakes

Negligent Ownership

Our first of our Instagram mistakes is centered on how much you use it. Instagram is just like any other social media platform. There’s no point in signing up for an account if you’re not active or engaged with your followers. A neglected account just makes you and your truck look lazy. If you haven’t bothered to post a picture in months, some customers might even assume you’re closed.

Repeating Content

There’s nothing wrong with some self-promotion across multiple social media platforms. But if your Instagram account is nothing more than another place to show all of the same pictures you’ve posted on Facebook and Twitter, then what’s the point? Why would anyone follow you if they follow you elsewhere and the content is the same? Be sure you’re offering something different.

Not Editing Yourself

Of course you want to show off the food you are serving, but it’s important to make sure your food actually looks good. It’s way too easy to take poor quality food photos. You want to attract customers, not make them think twice about visiting your truck.

Lack Of Engagement

Just like every social media platform we cover, we are going to stress that you need to be engaging your customers. If customers post pictures that relate to your truck, like them. Follow your customers and other businesses in your community. Actually interact with your customers instead of just posting photos.

Not Having Fun With It

The last of our Instagram mistakes involves the fun a food truck owner must show they are having as a truck owner. Instagram is a great way to show off a side of your business other platforms can’t. Show off what’s happening at the grocery store, at the commissary or inside the truck. Customers want to get a sense of who you really are behind the scenes.

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Instagram can be a great way to engage your current and prospective customers…if you do it right. Remember these tips and you can avoid Instagram mistakes. Follow us on Instagram.