Recently, Twitter has pulled back the curtain and opened up its archive to the general public. By doing this they have made it possible for it’s millions of users to search through their records of every Tweet that has ever been published and delete archived Tweets.

According to the site’s engineering blog, Twitter’s search engine has indexed and archived nearly half a trillion sent tweets which date back from its launch in 2006.

delete archived tweets

Previously, the entire archive was only available to a few or Twitter’s partners, the Library of Congress and MIT.

Of course, while the general public archive can give food truck vendors a way to look back at previous Tweets and conversations, it also means that your earliest awkward stabs at tweeting can now be seen by just about anyone.

However, there’s nothing for you to worry about since there is a simple way to remove them from the record, if need be.

If you’d like to find out what you’ve posted without scrolling through for hours, you can download your food truck’s Tweet backlog.

This log will provide a live link to each original tweet, which can then be deleted…no matter how embarrassing they are

Other Ways To Delete Archived Tweets

There are many other options to remove large numbers of your Twitter history with apps (some free others paid) like Delete Tweets, Tweet Cleaning and Tweetinator, or similar services that require you to sign in with your Twitter account, such as Twit Wipe and Tweet Eraser.

Are you curious to find out how your early Tweets looked?

If you do proceed and delete archived Tweets or find anything interesting while digging though your old Tweets, please feel free to share your experience in the comment section below, Tweet us or share them on our Facebook page.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what you find.