Do Food Trucks Respond To Your Social Media Comments?

With the mobile food industry continuing to grow we are constantly on the look out to assist both the owner operators as well as the customers of these rolling bistros. From time to time we run polls to gain industry information that truck owners can use to help better their customer service and the options that they provide to the communities that they serve. Other times our polls are set to find out general information “we” want to know.


This week’s poll centers around social media and how food truck owners interact with their followers or fans. We asked this question to food truck owners a few weeks back, now it’s time to find out if food truck followers see it the same way.We want to know, Do Food Trucks Respond to Your Social Media Comments?

[poll id=”35″]

Please share your thoughts so we can compare to the results we have received from food truck owners. If you have any comments, feel free to add them in the comment section below.


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