By now you have probably seen several food truck Facebook pages and noticed the new timeline format. Many users love the new format while others are having a hard time keeping up with the changes. So why did Facebook make the change mandatory? And is it truly helping the mobile food industry? Let’s look at how you can get the most out of Facebook timeline for your mobile business.

Facebook claimed the new timeline interface will improve consumer interaction with brands. The main reason being that timeline provides a much more enhanced display for photographs and videos. In addition, the new format allows you to use the Facebook timeline to brand your page and be more creative. Facebook claims all these reasons will provide their users with a more engaging experience.

Using Facebook Timeline To Boost Your Food Truck Business

Here are some suggestions on how you can make the most of the new Facebook timeline format for your mobile food business.

  • Make the most out of photos and videos. Business pages using multimedia content are already seeing more engagement with their Facebook platform. The more valuable resources you provide, the more reason you give visitors to stick around on your page.
  • Use the new “start” and “pin” features to highlight content. Starring a photograph doubles its size and expands the width of the timeline. Pinning a post will keep the article at the top of your page. These features help you highlight the content you want visually prominent.
  • Use an editorial calendar to keep content fresh. Fans don’t want to return to your page and see outdated content. Keep your posts and photographs fresh by creating an editorial calendar for your posting information.
  • Private messaging means more customer interaction. Consumers can communicate directly with you through the new timeline private messaging feature. This is a great opportunity to start open lines of communication through Facebook where people are “living” 24/7.
  • Timeline allows you to highlight company milestones. The new format is a great way to track your food truck’s successes and milestones by seeing all the events and posts visually organized by month and year. Use the timeline to promote new food truck events you will be attending and product launches.

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The Bottom Line

Will Facebook timeline replace your company website? In all likelihood, no, but it certainly gives you the opportunity to really enhance your presence via social media. And if Facebook continues to offer and improve the analytics and visual components of timeline, you may see some companies moving away from traditional websites and putting more marketing efforts directly where their customers are every day.

Have you seen a difference since you switched to Facebook timeline? How do you use the social media tool to engage with customers? Share your thoughts on this topic on social media. Facebook | Twitter