When it comes to social media, food truck owners are very savvy, but from time to time we find information that can help these culinary entrepreneurs expand their knowledge even more. It is commonly known that Twitter is the primary social media site that food truck owners use to share their upcoming locations, but did you know that Facebook is the largest social media site in terms of monthly active users (last published as 845 million). A recent comScore’s study showed that Facebook also dominates in other ways.

The first area is that Facebook is the premier player among all web properties in terms of the time its users spend on site which ultimately translates into user engagement.

The second area is when compared with other social media platforms, Facebook has achieved an even more impressive percentage of mindshare. Facebook captures 14.6% of Internet users’ time compared to a combined 2% for all other social networking sites. Facebook also captures 16% of all page views.

Twitter and LinkedIn is the second and third most visited social networking sites while MySpace is in rapid decline and Google+ and Pinterest are moving up the charts. (It should be noted that social sites like Twitter and Google+ likely get significant engagement through mobile devices, third-party apps and other forms of content.)

To highlight the engagement issue even more, comScore shows that Facebook keeps the average user onsite for 7 hours each month. Tumblr and Pinterest have also successfully engaged their users by keeping them onsite for more than an hour each.

The key lesson that should be taken by this data is:

If your goal is to engage your customers through social networks, you would be wise to invest more time on Facebook (and keep your eye on Pinterest, and maybe even Tumblr).