Most mobile food vendors have learned rather quickly, social media can be your friend. It helps you build your food truck brand recognition. It can even grow your business before your first customer has a chance to taste your food. One of the strongest branding tools accessible to everyone right now is Facebook and understanding why and how to increasing your Facebook presence can and will help you maximize your business presence on the web.

First of all, it is important to take into consideration the simple fact that search engines rate and rank every website on the World Wide Web based on its content, and this applies to social media pages as well, including Facebook.

Maximizing Your Food Truck’s Facebook Presence

Use these pointers to help you apply best SEO practices to your food truck Facebook page. Let them will help generate interest and grow your mobile food enterprise.

  • Use keywords. You should begin by identifying your most powerful and effective keywords which tie into your location, your truck and your cuisine, and then integrate them into your content on Facebook. Make sure you do not overdo this step; this could get you blacklisted if you get carried away, but do make a point of optimizing your Facebook content with a few great, relevant keywords.
  • Take advantage of multimedia. Add a funny or informative video of you at a food truck event or even one with you in the kitchen explaining how to prepare one of your most popular delicacies. Almost everyone now has high speed internet, so not having a video because you fear many users won’t be able to view it should not be a concern to you. Make sure you tag the video with your keywords and presto, you are on your way to becoming an SEO guru.
  • Link your website. Do not forget that one of the benefits of having a business Facebook presence is the complete reciprocity. Because Facebook actually hosts your page instead of your own website, you can literally double the coverage by linking the two. Link your Facebook page to your food truck website’s Home page, and vice versa. This will go a long way toward increasing traffic to your website and your brand.

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The Bottom Line

With Facebook presently maintaining a population equal to it being the third largest country in the world, any food truck should be making sure they have a strong Facebook presence. By making the most of your social media marketing efforts on Facebook and employing good SEO practices, you will be helping to build your brand, establish your reputation, generate traffic to your website, as well as keeping an ear to the ground for what is being said about you and your food.

Facebook is an essential marketing tool that  can drive results for your food truck. Build your Facebook presence and start creating content and engaging with your audience on a consistent basis, and you will reap the rewards; And if you don’t, you know your competition will.

If you have any additional tips for other vendors trying to better their Facebook presence, add your thoughts in the comment section or on social media. Facebook | Twitter