Some of you may have missed it but Facebook announced that food trucks can now upload menus through SinglePlatform from Constant Contact to Facebook pages. SinglePlatform helps mobile food businesses showcase their most important information anywhere local consumers are making decisions online.

As a result, Facebook users can both find and “like” a food truck, in addition to view its menu to help them decide if they want to track them down. Considering that nearly 80 percent of online local-mobile searches result in offline purchases, this is a major benefit to food trucks promoting their mobile food businesses to Facebook’s over 1 billion active users.

food truck menu on facebookFor food trucks that already use SinglePlatform and operate in the U.S. or Canada, their menus featured on SinglePlatform will now automatically appear on their Facebook business page. For others, food trucks can upload their menus in PDF format to their Facebook page to take advantage of this new feature. (Handy guide on how to do it)

With this update, food trucks can take advantage of the size and influence of Facebook’s audience. Use it to attract potential new customers that search for places to dine in the areas you operate. Facebook makes it very easy to find new and existing food trucks.

Posting Your Food Truck Menu On Facebook

Now that you have added your menu to your truck’s Facebook page, here are some tips to further leverage this feature to your mobile food business marketing advantage.

Sending out an email blast inviting fans and customers to check out your food truck menu:

Let your email list subscribers (see, I told you an email list can come in handy) know to check out your menu on Facebook. As if you needed another reason, this gives you an opportunity to connect with them and increase social media engagement on your Facebook page.

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Cross-promotion of your food truck menu on Facebook on other social networks:

Promote the menu on your Facebook page with your other social networks to expand its reach to more audiences. Using a free service like bitly, you can shorten and custom-brand your URL and track your response rates.

Sharing menu updates with customers and fans:

If you have updated your Facebook menu or added a new item, let your customers and fans know about it. Doing this gives you multiple opportunities to stay connected with your Facebook page community.

Starting up conversations about your menu with your Facebook fans:

After your Facebook fans have had the chance to view your food truck menu, ask them what they think about it. Facebook’s polling feature is a useful way to get feedback about your menu. Because of this, this data will come from both potential new and existing customers.

Sharing photos from Facebook on Pinterest and Instagram:

Posting your food truck menu on your Facebook page gives you more reasons to sell it with pictures. Post new food and drink photos from your menu on your Facebook page. Now you can cross-promote them on Pinterest and Instagram.

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The Bottom Line

So how many of you are already using this feature? How many of you will be posting your menu on your Facebook page to boost your social media presence? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Share your ideas on this topic in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Facebook | Twitter