Are you a food truck owner who has asked these questions when looking at your social media numbers?

  • “How can I get 10,000 fans on my Food Trucks’s Facebook Page?”
  • “My competitor has 2,500 followers on Twitter – how can I get to that number?”

These are certainly valid questions. Who hasn’t wanted to boost the number of followers or fans they have?

Don’t Buy Followers To Increase Your Social Media Numbers

The problem is that they miss the point of social media marketing. Social media marketing is about building relationships, sharing information and resources, all the while establishing credibility and customers for your food truck brand. Not stressing over your food truck’s social media numbers.

There are services where you can purchase fans and followers. Don’t fall fall for them. What value does that really provide? Most of these accounts are spam-bots who will never step up to your service window or visit your food truck website.

In today’s Internet world, it is fair to say that people see buying followers as an immoral thing to do. People view it as you trying to appear more popular than you are and doing it by dodgy means. People may not know that you’ve bought followers, but going from 30 followers or likes to 30,000 in the space of a couple of days is bound to get people suspicious, and then your integrity and reputation could well be in tatters.

So apart from it not being moral to buy your followers, you have the possibility of having your account suspended or deleted. The number of followers you have really isn’t that important. Make an effort not to play the social media numbers game. Work on building a community of people who are interested in your food truck. You will most certainly reap the benefits if you do.

Focus your energies on the customers and followers that you DO have. These are your best brand ambassadors! Ask your Facebook fans to share your stories and photos. Ask your Twitter followers to “ReTweet” your content. Then acknowledge and thank them when they do.

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The Bottom Line

Stop focusing on your food truck’s social media numbers. Instead, focus on the fans and followers you have. Not on what you don’t have, and you will see your online community grow and thrive.

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