For the average consumer, nothing eases their concerns about purchasing from a food truck than reading reviews from one of their other customers. With the creation of the internet, social proof is the new word of mouth proof needed to sway prospective customers into showing up at your service window. So now that you know that, how do you get more online customer reviews?

It’s great when loyal customers take it upon themselves to give your truck a glowing online review, but did you know that statistically, most of your loyal customers will never leave a written review unless you ask for one?

All too often I hear food truck vendors say that, “If I provide great food and service, people will recommend me to their friends and family.”  While referrals are great, most of the time they only come when they are asked for.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could use that good will and put it online so hundreds of prospective local customers can read the social proof that you truly own an awesome food truck business?

Getting your customers to leave online reviews for your food truck can be difficult, but we’ve put together some steps that will help you attain a much better success rate in generating great online reviews.

4 Steps To Get More Online Customer Reviews

Make requests personal

If you want your customers to take action, take the time to ask them directly, and in a personal way.  By making the interaction one on one and personal you will increase the likelihood of getting a review.

Have a plan

When a customer starts raving to you about what great food you serve and you sense an opportunity, are you prepared?  Can you immediately direct them to take action?   Assemble an email template that direct people to one of several review sites for your food truck business.  When the time is right, you can open the template, write a quick personal note and hit send.

Time it right

If you just served what a customer considers to be the best meal of their lives and they are declaring their undying devotion to you and your menu, thank them and ask for a review.  Tell them you would greatly appreciate it.  People always seem to look to reciprocate when you do something nice for them.

Make it easy

To greatly increase the likelihood to get more online customer reviews, you have to make it super easy for them to leave one.  Nothing is more frustrating for a reviewer than having to jump a bunch of hoops just to register at some review sites.  Many customers will quit the process if it starts to get complicated.

How to make it easier for your customers

  • Yelp.  While Yelp has it’s many detractors, it can be a powerful source of reviews for your food truck business. To make it easy, upload your customer email list (you have one right?) to your email account as contacts. Once you sign into your personal Yelp account, click on the “Invite Friends” tab on the menu bar.  Here Yelp will scan your contact list to see who has an existing Yelp account.  Those customers who have already registered on Yelp are more likely to understand review righting process and won’t have to go through the registration process to write a review.
  • Facebook Fan Pages.  Most people are on Facebook already so this should be easy.  Scan your Fan Page to see who would be a good candidate for a review request.
  • Google Places.  Though many people have Google accounts these days, many still do not.  Look through your contact list and see who is using Gmail and start with them first.

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The Bottom Line

The key to get more online customer reviews is to make the request personal. Ask when it makes sense and to make the whole review process as easy as possible.  Obtaining good customer reviews is a long term benefit for your food truck business. Remember that if you can get just one review a week, you will have more reviews than most of your competitors.

Do you have additional tips on how to get more online customer reviews for food truck owners? Share your thoughts in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Twitter | Facebook