Beginning next week, Mobile Cuisine Magazine will be providing some additional fun for our readers and mobile foodies around the nation. As of today, we have opened up a new Twitter account dedicated to providing those of you who dine on the fare from gourmet food trucks and carts anywhere in the country to share share your thoughts in the form of food reviews.

Most of us would just like to get on with the business of eating. Who has the time to read through a wordy critical review of a food truck or food cart while you are standing in line?  But going to eat from one without a fair idea of how it’s food tastes has its fair share of dangers, one being a wasted meal. But now Twitter has come to the rescue.

MCM will offer our readers with the quickest mobile food reviews in the country – 140 characters to be exact. The best part, is that these reviews will come straight from the foodies themselves. Send your review(s) to and let the critiques begin.

We look forward to sharing your thoughts with our readers here and on Twitter.

Please note: We will be sharing the Twitter handles with each of the reviews we republish here, so be sure you have no issues being quoted before you hit the “Tweet” button.